36 years old BYD staff died in the rental house, the last month of life was exposed!I am too sour, and his leave will ring the alarm.

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36 years old BYD staff died in the rental house, the last month of life was exposed!I am too sour, and his leave will ring the alarm.

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In 30, there is a small age in an old age. This age person, the back is really too much, so many people don't dare to stop.

The 36-year-old BYD employee Wang Xin (pseudonym) is one of the thousands of tired army for thousands of people.

In 2009, Wang Xin entered the Communi, for more than ten years, has been working hard, just to make life more better.

However, fate has not been working hard to work hard.

On November 5, 2021, Wang Xin was found in the rental house.

How can a good end of the good end?

After Wang Xin died, his relatives were transferred from the mobile phone card record.

The record shows that in October, he has a long time in 26 days, around 12 hours, all in October, his work is around 280 hours.

From October 28 to November 3, it has been continuously 7 nights, of which 6 of them are working around 12 hours.

The card record shows that Wang Jianglong (pseudonym) is only 1 and No. 3 in October.

He is like a machine, it is still running around day and night.

However, the machine also has a bad day.

A high-intensity work and reversed work for a month, and he finally can't hold it.

In the rental house, he died alone, even the opportunity to shout the life of life.

Some people joked that the world of adults is not easy, and it is easy to die.

It seems a ridiculous one, but it is a portrayal of real life.

In this era of internal volume, Wang Xin is only a micro-shadow of thousands of "social animals". "After" is a many people's normal, sudden death has become a generous thing.

On October 15, 202, Changsha, a real estate person, due to the company's high-intensity work, in the job position, only 27 years old;

On July 3, 2021, a civilian police in Henan Province were overtime, which was overworked, leading to sudden death, only 25 years old;

On the evening of January 3, 2021, a lot of employees at the age of 23 were suddenly died in the morning.

On October 18, 2019, a female cartoon in Shanghai suddenly died in his rental house, and he often stayed up late before his death, only 26 years old;

On November 1, 2019, a healthy doctor of the anesthesiology department of Ruijin Hospital was found in a continuous working for 16 and a half hours, and I was discovered that the heart stopped, I was 30 years old;


All sudden death is preceding for a long time.

Long-term fatigue

Will make your body scrapped in advance

The frozen three feet is not a cold, sudden death, although it is a moment, but it is the result of long-term accumulation.

It is one of the culprits that have been induced by sudden death for a long time.

I have a good question, how long have you not take a good rest, don't sleep a good idea?

In this competitive society, work overtime work has become a normal normal.

Even if it is tired, it is hard to carry, and the body is collapsed.

The human body is over-fatigue, which is easy to cause angiometric disorders, or the coronary artery sustained sputum, vascular stenosis, insufficient blood supply, resulting in sudden death.

Even if you are fortunate to escape, the body will get worse, it is easy to get sick and even cancer.

When the human body is overwork, the protein, amino acid, trace elements, etc. in the body are easily exhausted, leading to nerve, endocrine disorders, and reducing immunity.

In addition, excessive fatigue can also cause the human body to decrease the removal capability of "fatigue toxin" substances (amphino acid, lactic acid, urea, etc.), accumulated in the body, and damage to the immune system.

Once the body's immunity is lowered, the bacterial virus is prone to the body, causing a hundred diseases, and even trigger cancer.

10 signals, indicating that your body is overloaded.

Before "killing", the body will actually give you a chance to save you.

It will release some small signals to prompt you, the body has exceeded it.

At this point, if the horse is adjusted, it may hide.

So, if your body has the following symptoms, you must pay attention to you have already worked.

At this time, don't be stubborn, be sure to rest!

No clear cause of muscle weak or joint pain

The poor sleep quality, it is easy to have insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, more dreams, early wakes, etc., there will be fatigue after waking up.

Frequent expansion, dizziness or headache, tinnitus, tender head, etc., there is no result.

Attention is not concentrated, the memory is lowered, which will cause fatigue because the brain can cause the brain due to lack of supplying oxygen supply.

It is getting fatter, and it is easy to appear "over fat".

Decline, menstruation, because excessive fatigue can cause endocrine disorders.

The shoulder back is not suitable, and the chest has a tight feeling.

Dry, pain or throat.

Emotional fluctuations, irritability, irritability, pessimism, difficult to control their emotions.

I often feel that I feel unfair, I can't afford my spirit, sometimes back pain.

Especially after the high-intensity work, be sure to have the following three symptoms, which is probably the signal of sudden death!

1, the chest has a sense of pressure, chest tightness, severe suffocation, unbearable.

2, the body suddenly appeared unexplained pain, such as unstable angina, shoulder neck pain, stomach burning, repeated short time hurt, severe headache, etc .;

3, black with your heart in front of you.

High incidence of sudden death, this life-saving law, everyone should learn when sudden death occurs, time is life.

First Aid is in a race against death, therefore, there must be a word - fast!

Proper first aid within four minutes, the patient may still be saved.

Because once people stop heartbeat, oxygen to the brain can only sustain four minutes, if you can not restore the heart beat, the brain cells die.

Cardiac arrest 4 to 6 minutes, irreversible damage to brain tissue; over 10 minutes, i.e., induced brain death.

So, once I found it was sudden death, do not hesitate to immediately carry out first aid:

Call 120.

While doing CPR, while sent to fetch AED.

AED, full name "AED", can automatically identify an abnormal heart rhythm, defibrillation is administered first-aid equipment.

AED, through the "power of a power" of the heart, allowing it to resume normal beating.

High success rate, a gold AED's in 4 minutes, cardiac arrest survival rate can reach 50% to 70%.

In some of the city high-speed railway stations, subway stations, airports and other public places, it will be equipped with AED.

It is a long way

If there is no on-site conditions or no AED AED, CPR is immediately effective.

How to do CPR?

Detailed text version

Chest compressions

Site: median sternotomy, i.e., the midpoint of a double nipple.

Frequency: 100 to 120 times per minute.

Depth: compression depth of 5 ~ 6cm.

Open the airway

The patient's head back, lift the chin to open the airway.

Artificial respiration

Pinch the patient's nares, a deep breath, lips patients with lips tight, stable blowing a gas into the patient's mouth.

After every 30 chest compressions, 2 breaths do, and so forth, until the heart rate recovery.