Another Suzhou production broad-spectrum anti-tumor drug is approved

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Another Suzhou production broad-spectrum anti-tumor drug is approved

2021-12-04 12:04:01 80 ℃

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On December 1st, Purizuman mono-injection liquid, which was independently developed by Dongli Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (intended to use English Pusintin®) TAB008 to obtain a national drug supervision authority (NMPA) to be approved for the treatment of advanced, metastasis Or recurrent non-squalled non-small cell lung cancer and metastatic colorectal cancer. Park Newin® is the first antibody drug that is approved by the East Pharmaceutical.

Beaxumab is a monoclonal antibody cell growth factor monoclonal antibody (anti-VEGFMAB), which can be specifically combined with VEGF, block VEGF, which combine its receptor, thereby reducing new blood vessel generation, inducing existing blood vessel degradation Inhibit tumor growth. As a broad-spectrum anti-tumor drug, Beaxumi mono-injection has become a variety of malignant tumor treatment guidelines global recommendation standard. Since entering the market, its efficacy and safety have obtained a wide range of practices. At present, Beaxumi mono-injection has entered the national medical insurance catalog. According to Froster Sharian report, Beaxletumab will increase to 6.4 billion yuan in 2023 in 2030, increase to 9.9 billion in 2030. Yuan, the market prospect is extremely broad.

Parkinin® is an Avastin® Biological Similarity Drugs, based on the "Biological Similarity Evaluation and Staff Principles of Status". The drug has been rigorous with the original Bevva gabbar, and the comprehensive multi-headed opponent study, including pharmaceutically similarity research, non-clinical similarity research and clinical comparison research, etc., the results of the study, Park Xintin® and the original research PK characteristics, clinical equivalents, safety, and immunogenicity are similar.

The original research has been approved from 8 indications in China. In my country, 6 indications have been approved, including: metastatic colorectal cancer (MCRC), non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), gliobial skeletarns (GBM), liver Cellular carcinoma (HCC), ovarian cancer (OC), cervical cancer (CC). According to the NMPA Medicine Review Center, "The Principles of Profile Technical Guidelines", Park Xintin® will be extracted from all the indications approved in China.

Parkinin® uses the perfusion of autonomous development of the East, and commercial production in batch mixing culture technology. The technology has been verified to simplify process flows in the third phase of clinical drug production, which greatly enhances the cost advantage of Parkinin®. Dr. Liu Jun, chief executive of Dongwei Pharmaceutical, said that it is very happy to see Park Newin® successfully listed, providing more tumor patients in my country with high quality and affordable treatment options. This is an important milestone in the East China Pharmaceutical, and it has also verified the superiority of the company's one-stop innovation drug development and production platform. In the future, we will rely on commercial production advantages, guarantee quality, shorten cycle, reduce costs, accelerate innovation results, improve drug availability, and give national pharmaceutical results benefits more patients.

The East China Pharmaceutical is focused on innovative anti-tumor drug and therapy development and commercialization, which is committed to building a leading brand of tumors trusted by patients and their families, medical professionals.

In recent years, the park leads the future development of "No.1 Industry", gathering innovative resource elements, cultivating industrial leading enterprises, and industrial development maintains high-speed growth. This year, the comprehensive competitiveness and industrial competitiveness of the park in the park has been ranked first in the country. Nearly 2,000 bio-pharmaceutical enterprises have gathered in bio-pharmaceutical enterprises, with an output value of more than 100 billion yuan. Info, the bio-pharmaceutical industry system of innovative talents, innovative main gathering, innovative ecology is perfect, innovative results. Next, the park will focus on the international leadership, gather global innovation resources, and actively create better industrial ecological and innovative ecology, and fully promote the high quality development of biomedical industry.

Editor: Wu Hao