First medical experiment report from France on Pu'er tea

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First medical experiment report from France on Pu'er tea

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Discover the first medical experiment report of Pu'er tea

Xiao Xiao Nan

Original text published "Pu'er" magazine

October 2016

After 2000, Pu'er tea is known for the Chinese people's cognition, Pu'er tea enthusiasts to Pu'er tea can be described as a number of families, but it may be difficult to imagine the first discipline of Pu'er tea effect. San Antoni, Paris, France. Department of Medicine, France, Japanese tea from Yunnan, has also been sold as an important lip-lowering health drink in a large-scale pharmacy in France.

In fact, this first medical experiment report has opened the scientific system research on Pu'er tea. At the same time, the scientific research of Pu'er tea in China has also been promoted, and it has also achieved remarkable results. Pu'er tea from Yunnan is undoubtedly a healthy gift from the rainforest and dedication to the world.

Every time I talked about the health effect of Pu'er tea, everyone would not be compiled by Pu'er Cooked Tea "Put France", which was 1979 in San Antoni Medical College, Paris, France, Emir Carrobie Dr. Yunnan Tea Clinical experiments made. This experiment was conducted by Mr. Gan Hapur, who was in Yunnan (Shijiao Cai), and Mr. Gan Hapur, who was entrusted. After the experiment results, the news conference was held at the French high-profile, and was frequently exposed by French media (referred to as the industry Emir Experiment Report ").

This is the first international clinical health experiment of China Pu'er Tea. The results of the experiment shocked the international food world at the time. It made Yunnan tea (Pu'er cooked tea) praised frequently in Europe, which laid the future. Decades of the cornerstone of Pu'er tea effect research, with the meaning of the epoch.

The Emier Experiment Report has concluded that "overall The impact of the level is unquestionable, from statistics, this result is very exciting; the effect of the total fat and cholesterol levels is weakened. We hope that this study is not changed in the past eating habits Conditions without therapeutic additives.

In view of this, we strongly recommend the addition of Yunnan Japanese tea to the diet of the high-fat level, as an adjuvant of other essential therapies. It is also necessary to complete this initial study with a greater sample quantity, but we hope that the attention of the peers will pay attention to this simple and no harmful treatment. "

Emier Experiment Report Original (Part)

Since the "Pu'er" magazine, many times have repeatedly looking for "Emir Experiment Report", for various reasons,

The report file is hidden in time and space. Until 2015, the report was found in this journal. After translating into Chinese, the exclusive full-text publication, the dust seal for many years of Emir experiment reported the first disclosure of the domestic media, causing tea Not small response and vibration.

Many readers and tea passengers have repeatedly ask me a question. Since the research object is Yunnan (down off) tea (Pu'er type cooked tea) Pu'er tea. In fact, in the same year, this experiment also conducted in synchronization of the First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical College (Yunda Hospital), Yunda Hospital's experimental report has been published in domestic media, but did not cause any resound in China at the time, This is related to the social environment at the time.

The function of Pu'er tea is to solve the greasy, shaped, and the three high. It is obviously not suitable for a large number of drinking needs in that era. The Emir experiment reported the period of the air, it was exactly the same year in the 1970s, and the rich European food structure is mostly based on high calories, high fat, high protein food, is "three high" diseases. period. Mr. Ganthinde knows that Europeans belong to the empiriat. For the magical effects of Pu'er tea, it is necessary to prove that the San Anthiri Medical College, Paris, France, two French Higher Medical Sciences, France The authoritative institution has conducted a clinical study experiment of Yunnan Tea (Pu'er Corishing Tea), and the Director of the Clinical Teaching, the leader of the Mirrobie, the experiment chosen the high blood lipid group between the ages of 18 and 60, and did the control group experiment. A group of drinking Yunnan tea, a group of taking the lipid-lipid special effect medicine is confirmed, and the blood lipids of the two people will be detected after one month.

The experimental results show that the lipid-fat effect of Yunnan tea is good, and this result is shocked by many medical experts and nutrition experts in France.

By the mid-1980s, the University of Lyon, France, from the theoretical level, the comprehensive and physicochemical analysis of Yunnan tea, a monograph, explained in detail, the chemical composition of Yunnan tea, believed that Yunnan tea to the cholesterol and triglyceride of Yunnan tea , Blood uric acid, etc. has varying degrees of inhibitory effects, which are included in the French medical big dictionary.

The sales of Yunnan Tea has increased, from 1977, from 2 tons to 8 tons, 20 tons, 80 tons ... Every year, it has grown each year, until 1991, it has exceeded 200 tons.

Mr. Gan Hapur has also become an exclusive agent of Yunnan Tea in Europe in 1979, and established Europe's largest food distribution company "French Distribogorg" in Europe, in Europe, in Europe.From the end of the 1970s, in France, Yunnan Tea is not sold in the tea shop, but in the pharmacy or health care products counter, high blood lipids to the hospital for medical treatment, the doctor's prescription is often: "Yunnan tea, two."The pharmacy bought.But in China, before 2000, in addition to Tibet, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan, there are very few people in China to know that Pu'er tea, the drink Pu'er tea, even the Pu'er Carava Yunnan is drinking "Green", mostPeople don't know what Pu'er tea is, and the Pu'er tea is basically foreign, which is rarely consumed locally.As for the gradual revival of Pu'er tea after the millennium, it has been vigorous nearly 20 years, and will not be described here.