Daxie District Vaccine Summit Ken International Vaccine Innovation Center Shenzhen is completed

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Daxie District Vaccine Summit Ken International Vaccine Innovation Center Shenzhen is completed

2021-12-05 00:03:26 62 ℃

French Ambassador to China Luo Liang video resisted Hesheng Mountain photo

Zhongxin Net Shenzhen December 4th (Reporter Tang Guijiang) Dawan District International Vaccine Innovation Center was completed in the Shenzhen Pingshan District Biomedical Innovation Industry Park and held a ceremony. The center is China's first international vaccine innovation center. On the opening of the innovation center, the 2nd Dayan District (Shenzhen) vaccine summit also kicked off at the same time.

The French Ambassador to China Luo Liang sent a congratulatory message, deputy director of the National Health and Health, Li Bin, deputy director of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, and Lu Jiang, Party Secretary of the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Party Party Committee, etc.

Li Bin, deputy director of the National Health and Health Committee, Li Bin, president of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, delivered a speech

"Public health cooperation, especially the vaccine cooperation is one of the priorities of the development of the law." Luo Liang said in a greeting, this newly completed international vaccine innovation center will promote all stakeholders in the Daban District to strengthen dialogue. , Collaborative results, contributing to contributing to the public health field.

"Daxan District as a pilot area of ​​national economic and technology and industrial innovation, shoulders an important mission of trying innovation, exploring innovative paths. The construction of international vaccine innovation center in Daxan District reflects vaccine innovation cooperation, which is a public science of vaccine knowledge. Education, vaccine industry technology innovation and entrepreneurial interaction provide a platform for relying on the platform. "Li Bin said in the opening ceremony.

Zhang Heping, the head of Sainov Baste, China

Experts believe that as the International Vaccine Innovation Center, it carries a double significance to the full-link innovation and upgrading of China's vaccine industry, and to establish China and the global vaccine.

According to the site, the 5G smart vaccination outpatient and unattended in the innovation center are jointly created by 13 innovative ecological alliance partners, combined with the development and production, cold chain logistics, electronic labeling of the vaccine entering the pastoral clinic. Dys into the vaccination to enter the vaccination, smart premise, no man-inoculation, telemedicine, etc. Full scene.

Dawan District International Vaccine Innovation Center is completed in Yueping Mountain

"The Innovation Center will carry more commercial incubation and innovative technology incubation function, support innovative technology and results display, corporate road performance, investment docking, talent training, etc., to promote vaccine innovation and entrepreneurship Development. "Zhang Heping, who is responsible for the head of Sino-Phores, establishes an ecology with a vaccine innovation center, forming an innovative alliance, and upgrading the soft and hard infrastructure of public health.

According to reports, the innovation center will also serve the public to help realize the Great Gala District Association. As the first entity vaccine museum in the country, the innovation center will be fully open to the public, to promote the public's scientific understanding of the vaccine, promote the introduction and vaccination of innovative vaccines, and meet the health needs of the Bay Areas.

"We expect the innovation center to become a new idea of ​​international vaccine, newly explored strategies and incubators, and more in-depth testing spaces and accelerators in the world, achieving more benefits of all the people's health." Zhang Heping said that the completion of the innovation center is Another milestone developed in China.

After the completion ceremony, the second Dawan District (Shenzhen) vaccine summit in the theme of "Innovation and Integration, Sharing Health" is also officially opened. About 1000 representatives from the disease control, Dawan District, international agencies, industry enterprises, schools, and media participate in the combination of online lines, jointly explore the year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", how to strengthen cooperation at the global level Further improve the disease prevention and control level, and help to achieve "Health China 2030". (over)