Why will people get cancer?How to prevent terrible cancer?Understand

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Why will people get cancer?How to prevent terrible cancer?Understand

2021-12-05 12:05:32 34 ℃

If the people can always be alive and healthy, with the development of natural, getting old, how wonderful! Although this kind of life will face death, but after all, there is no disease, no pain. Many people grow old, still falling prey to disease, looking at the patient's pain, unable to look at family members of patients, each one is tragic painting portrays lingering in my mind.

Among them, the most human suffering should the number of cancers, and cancers why has become a nightmare for us, so that more and more people lost their lives, often said "ten cancer nine dead, there is not a cancer", such an outcome is difficult let people feel fear, but even if you fear it, it is not compassion, it is still unwilling to let go of you. Why cancer has become the people not the last step of the ridge? According to authoritative reports, Australian researchers found that bee venom can kill cancer cells. In addition, it also found that fat and protein extracted nanoparticles can also kill cancer cells, and so on, people found a lot of ways to kill cancer cells in the exploration area.

But cancer is still shovel without a net, except can not afford, this is why? Speaking of which originated from cancer, although we all parts of the body can cause cancer, but its root is mostly consequences After cell mutations caused. Our bodies there are two special genes, proto-oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes. You two opposites exist. Proto-oncogene that is disobedient troublemaker, is also an important factor likely to induce cancer. It is a tumor suppressor gene repair system, mainly to help repair genes work.

Some would say that, we have all the proto-oncogene in vivo cleared, there is no chance of cancer is not it? Far from simple as you think, our body also can not do without this rascal, in addition to its mischief, and sometimes will sensible lovely. Because the cells of our body in the metabolism of every day, when cell death, the proto-oncogene will help in cell replication split into new cells, to the normal operation of the body, but also can not do without cell regeneration!

Repair and tumor suppressor genes is not always so strong, with the increased workload repair, tumor suppressor genes are likely to be inadequate, similar to work only to solve a problem, certainly perfect, but at the same time to the 20 questions, you will surely be overwhelmed, there is no way exhaustive. Tumor suppressor gene in the face of numerous genes in need of repair, it is easy to become overwhelmed, after ignoring a gene mutation, cancer on her door.

In life, pay attention to a healthy diet or environmental influences, exposure to carcinogens, plus reduce the body's immune, proto-oncogene is not repaired in time, it is easy to have a bad cells, that is cancer. This time is usually early cancer, but the immune system is strong, coupled with the restoration of tumor suppressor genes, cancer cells will also be eliminated. But there is a possibility that lack of immunity, tumor suppressor gene also failed to repair is successful, escaped a cancer cell, it will become voracious predators, began to split copy, slowly accumulating more cancer cells in vivo, it was found in this time, it becomes the form of a tumor or the presence of a tumor. Not only that, it will happen ...... metastatic spread slowly this time, the body will slowly eroded by cancer cells, so much erosion of human cancer cells, will give rise to a lot of suffering, so that people overwhelmed with sorrow .

Of course, we will see here is fear, maybe a moment, a tumor suppressor gene in vivo omission, really a cancer. Haha, in fact, not so scary. The only principle is this cancer. As long as we pay more attention to their own lives a healthy life, to develop routines and eating habits of health law, away from carcinogens, improve the body's immune system, fight for cancer at the time of birth, it was a strong immune system in the body defeat.

Common life carcinogens processed meat, fish, nuts, moldy food. There are also high levels of contaminants in the environment noted, with particular attention to formaldehyde, benzene and other chemicals.

Cancer is also terrible terrible to say, but as long as we do yourself, make yourself healthy life every day, maintain an optimistic attitude, pipe shut Do not eat high-salt and high oil unhealthy food, stride leg, exercise regularly exercise, sleep at night soundly. Many ways to improve diet, exercise, sleep and the immune system, allowing the body to maintain a healthy vitality, optimistic attitude, do not be afraid of cancer, because it will not get you in! All difficulties are easily crossed, I will not feel helpless life, really happy life to the old, not only that, their own health at the same time, let people around and went into action! The fight against cancer virus will become so simple!