Do 2 years, failure for 2 years, find yourself can't be pregnant, I cried and ask my husband divorce

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Do 2 years, failure for 2 years, find yourself can't be pregnant, I cried and ask my husband divorce

2021-12-05 12:05:57 21 ℃

2021, the first working day after New Year's Day.

When the sun rose in the New Year, people rushed to start a new job, I also lie on the operating table, waiting for the last two frozen embryos. Transplantation.

It's two years to do two years of test tube babies. This is my fifth transplantation.

Perhaps this time, there will be a miraculous new life, rooted in my uterus, grow, maybe there is no.

And I am like a person who has already made a full-minded person waiting for the fate.

In fact, I have always thought that I would be pregnant, and I am more difficult than others.

I divorced from my little parents, and my mother is working outside. High school, because of learning pressure, menstruation stopped for two years, did not see the doctor.

Mother believes that you have not come to menstruation. This is also ashamed to hear, plus my high school boarding, only two days a month, I have no money in my hand, I have not went to the hospital for examination.

After the college entrance examination, the menstruation that was stopped for two years suddenly arrived. Since then, every menstruation is like "big bleeding", can't stop, can't stop.

The first "big bleeding", the menstrual flow for ten days, the mother took me to the county hospital.

That is my first time I have to do gynecological examination, hurt to tears, but being reprimanded by my mother, say "Taide". At the time, I felt that I was humiliated and hid in the toilet secretly crying.

That doctor, although let the bleeding temporarily stop, but there is no problem that I have solved my problem.

After college, the menstruation is more arrogant, and I always "raid" me in a variety of important occasions.

For example, on the performance of the Celebration Celebration, suddenly feel the following hot, like the diaper, the bloody outer pants are soaked, then dropped on the shoe. I flee it, hid into the bathroom, until the blood is less, I dare to come out.

At first, I also called my mother to call, but she couldn't help me, and later I didn't tell her.

The more dragged the situation, the more he was bleed almost every day in the last semester, and he was afraid that it was a menstrual life to be a non-stop.

I tried to express the same as everyone, I don't want to be "abnormal", I don't dare to go to see a doctor, so the month has become my biggest secret and worry.

The summer vacation of the big two liters, I cited my mother to take me to Shanghai to see a doctor. We told a number of hospitals and finally diagnosed: adolescent functional uterine bleeding.

The doctor gave me an artificial hormone. I finally had a normal menstruation, but I had more than 20 pounds in half a year. The original smooth face was full of acne.

Because I am afraid, I stopped the medicine.

After stopping the drug, the weight slowly returned to normal, and the acne also disappeared. Menstruation has begun to be irregular, but there is no more bleeding as before.

Later, I read the postgraduate, pay my boy, and got married after four years.

I thought that everything in life became slowly, and when I was a little "menstruation" seems to have become an adolescent episode.

But I didn't expect that marriage to the third year, I and my husband still had a failure. In order to have children, I have a doctor everywhere, take medicine, and the hospital's inspection results are always normal, but I can't do it.

In the end, we decided to choose a test tube.

In the year of doing test tubes, many people ask me: Do you do tubal pain?

I think, pain, but compared to the body, psychological suffering more.

The rough process for doing test tubes is: need to promote ovulation, taking eggs, waiting for embryo cultivation, etc., you can transplant, wait for "draw."

This seemingly simple process, from June 2019 to August 2020, I have been repeating in my life.

I remember the first test tube, only 3 eggs, I am particularly worried that because there is less, there is no qualified embryo, which cannot be transplanted.

The whole person lost the soul, insomnia is very serious, sometimes it will suddenly cry.

Fortunately, the result of the cultivation of embryo is very good. I am very pleasant to go to the hospital to make transplantation, and the surgery is over 20 minutes.

Going home, I lay in the back of the car, the uterus has a feeling of needle.

At that time, I also joked with the old public public public, saying that this baby is really powerful, and now I take the little hoe root. Can take a blood test after half a month, no pregnancy.

Whether it is anxiety or joy, it is all empty.

Later 2 promotion of eggs, 3 transplants, but also failed, the reason was unknown.

The doctor said that my inner film is very good, the quality of the blastocyst is also good. So can only be interpreted as, probability problem.

In desperation, I changed new doctors and programs. Because the influence of the epidemic can not go to the hospital, even learn to take the needle at home, successfully unlock the single-handed injection ability.

The needle is hit, the sin is also affected, and I hope to check B super, but it shows that the ovulation has failed, and even the egg is not taking.

After the examination, I sat in the hospital hall in numbness, and the sight began to become blurred. This habit of such results, but still wet eyes.

The twilight came, I left the hospital, watching the people in the evening peak, I only felt a confused front road ...

Because I can't do it, I am particularly afraid to get along with my in a long time.

Every holiday, always staying a husband, a person who has gave birth to the mother, I will live back to my parents.

In my own home, my mother has been very regretted that I didn't take me a good doctor, but I didn't remind me.

However, it is not reminded that there is no pressure. In fact, I am worried than they.

In fact, after I know that I have difficulty in fertility, I will have a great determination: I have to minimize birth problems to my husband. So even if you have made so many test tubes, he doesn't know how to make an appointment, how to check the report, don't know how much it is spent, and even remember to go to the hospital from the subway.

I am afraid that he has great economic pressure, and it is also actively hopped, and all kinds of private life will make money.

A weekend that overtime to the night, one by one waiting for the doctor, while putting the computer on her day, I am silently pulling it ...

Why is it so tired?

As far as I said, fertility issues are the mountains I have not yet turned over, or if you turn over or give up, anything I can accept.

And where the divorce is not a kind of relief, no longer a wife, for the mother, from this long life road, I am alone.

There are even other people to persuade me, let me "let go" my husband.

I can face the divorce of me crying, my husband just said:

If people who spend a lifetime are not you, life is too failed, and this life will not believe in love.

I am in love with my husband in love nearly ten years, from differently loved to the present, never quarrel.

Every time you meet, he will hold my hand tight.

No matter how big things are small, he is the first to tell me, no matter what good things, you have to leave me.

He also said that he will protect me like a little boy in the "big fish sea".

He even relieves me:

If we don't have children, it is not a bad thing, our quality of life will be higher, and there are more efforts to take care of both parents. They can also enjoy their old age, do not have to bring their children for us.

Whether it is the pressure of the in-law, there is still no child's life, he is willing to face me.

For him, even if there is no child, we will be happy, not to feel sorry for parents.

But I still want to do my best to do my best on the road of my wife.

Because I believe in love, I want to stick again.

I haven't given up. After 2021 New Year's Day, I finished my fifth transplantation.

In the morning of 10 days, when I tried to use early pregnancy test strips, I saw the parallel bars for the first time, and I was so angry with my heart ...

I finally pregnant!

But this is still completely successful, but also two yin super inspections, all pass, can graduate from the trial tube, like ordinary pregnant mothers, start normal birth check, waiting for the baby to be born.

The first time is super, because the subway is too high, it is possible to check the movement when the doctor is checked, I just went home and found it. I found: bleeding.

That is the day I have been the most torment in my life. I didn't expect the most fear of bleeding in the years. After I have been pregnant after I have been pregnant, I have found the door.

Feared and helpless, but I haven't been an adolescence that is unobstructed. I only know the little girl crying.

I calm down and think: If you rush to the hospital, bumpy all the way, it may be more dangerous. So I decided to check the treatment plan for first megaphors, then take medicine, flat, waiting for blood.

At that time, there was quiet and terrible, I could only feel the blood of the lower body, I deeply sucked a breath, and the tears were still can't stand it down. The body also couldn't sway.

But I tell yourself:

I can only cry for three minutes, so I will become a mother, I have to be strong for my baby.

My husband heard the news and arrived home and stayed with me. The next day, blood successfully stopped.

(However, here should specifically explain that if he is bleeding during pregnancy, the conditional pregnant mother should be sure to do urgently, don't delay.)

The second time is over, my husband accompanys it, check the passing.

I finally ended my long test tube journey, I could start carefully waiting for my baby.

Later, I have experienced a sudden bleeding, 30-34 weeks, even almost a blood, and everything is fine when checking.

I finally relieved, bleeding is not what I can control, only no longer afraid and escape, I will accept and face it, in order to better deal with it, I can really become a brave, tough mother.


Not long ago, I produced a healthy male baby in a caesarean, and the mother and child were safe.

I wrote my story down. Some words want to tell me the same age, or more young girls than me:

If you have adolescence or menstruation, don't be afraid, active treatment, do not drag the small disease into a major illness.

If you find your own difficulties, don't give up hope, don't give up academic, love and marriage, go find people who are willing to face you, accompany your life.

Finally, I hope that the girls who struggled in the dilemma can come out and get happiness.

It is very difficult for life, but every road will always have micro-light, let us see hope.

Doctor Review

The hard test tube of this female friend is very representative.

Test tube babies are an ultimate solution for assist in reproductive technology, also known as "in vitro fertilization - embryonic transplantation technology."

In terms of fallopian tube, ovulation, men's factors, etc., unable to be naturally pregnant and artificial insemination still unsuccessful couples, helping them to solve pregnancy by test tube babies.

In terms of female infertility, ovulation disorders are very common reasons. Female menstruation depends on the regular ovulation, the menstrual period of each month is fixed, on the 14th day after ovulation.

If the entire cycle of follicle is growing, the time of the discharge is late, the menstruation is postponed later.Therefore, the delay of menstruation reflects the ovulation delay, even no ovulation.The female friend has a long-term performance from adolescence, indicating that there is an ovulation problem since then, and it has been difficult to get pregnant after going to get married.

Fortunately, she did not delay too much time, and timely he helped reproductive technology. He did hard, and finally he was pregnant by the help of the test tube baby.

Every pair of pregnant couples by test tubes, their access, have fewer writings.

Struts, warm and warm.I hope all the infertility couples in the world can dream soon!

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