Cholesterol is most afraid of 2 dishes, not onions and fungus, if you love to eat, blood vessels are clean

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Cholesterol is most afraid of 2 dishes, not onions and fungus, if you love to eat, blood vessels are clean

2021-12-05 12:05:43 17 ℃

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Speaking of cholesterol, many middle-aged people may have to hit. That's right, the cholesterol is high, which is the main cause of middle-aged and elderly diseases, especially vascular disease. But in fact, there are many people, and cholesterol is high, in fact, they are "'' '". why would you said this?

First, 3 bad habits do not change, cholesterol will soar every day

1, unhealthy diet

Modern people's living standards, generally relatively high, big fish, big meat, every day, many families are also '' Eat ''. However, it is economically responsible and does not represent the body can accept. These foods, often eat long-term, not only the taste will look more greasy, and the fat and cholesterol content of such food are high, often eating, it will inevitably bring burden to the vascular metabolism, causing high serum cholesterol.

2, bad living habits

There are some bad habits, such as smoking, drinking, can cause blood viscosity to become high. There is also a relatively easily ignored, just don't like to drink water, in fact, it is also easy to lead to a major cause of high viscosity of blood. Therefore, it is necessary to add more water, it is also necessary.

3, negative emotions

Negative emotional stimulation can also cause the moisture loss in the body's blood to lose too fast, causing blood viscosity, so you should pay more attention to your emotions, timely release pressure.

The blood viscous is high, and it is necessary to say that there is a hundred damage to our body, so we must pay attention to it. If you usually have a few habits of the above, you must change it in time to help dredge Your own blood vessels. At the same time, we must also avoid the causes that may lead to high blood viscous and maintain blood vessels.

Second, cholesterol is most afraid of 2 '' vegetables '', not onions and fungus, if you love to eat, blood vessels are clean

Speaking of maintaining blood vessels and cholesterol, many people may compare onions and fungus. It is undeniable that these foods often eat at usually, and the blood vessels of people do have certain maintenance, but they have to be more in place, these two foods are not best.

1, Ji Song

Agaricus blazen contains rich nutrients such as nucleic acids, linolenic acids, often ingesting these active substances, and can inhibit lipid peroxidation and cholesterol formation, and avoid excess liposide substances gradually accumulate in the intravascular inner wall, thereby reducing low density lipoproteins. Decreasing the role of removal of vascular waste and expanded blood vessels.

2, asparagus

Asparagus has the reputation of '' '' '' '' '' ''. Unsaturated fatty acids, can remove free radicals, reduce serum cholesterol content, reduce capillary crispy, and enhance vasoconical toughness. It also maintains vascular permeability, reduces clogging conditions and vascular brittleness.

According to the "Military Famous", if the asparagus, Agaricus blazei is mixed with a variety of ingredients such as soybeans, seabuckthics, and the asparagus fluid, which is beneficial to reduce cholesterol, reduce blood vessel fragility, and protect the blood vessel formulation. In this basis, modern people use modern technology to extract and ferment the food fluid through probiotics, but can not only retain the nutrients of the food itself, but also more human body absorption, so it is more suitable for choosierid to adjust the cholesterol.

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Walnuts can't eat with these four types of food, otherwise it will be harmful to the body.

Tell you: Middle-aged and elderly people eat less peanuts to eat more food, better than drinking bone soup every day.

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