High quality sleep 4 big standard, do you take a few?People who sleep, I suggest you sleep sole tonight.

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High quality sleep 4 big standard, do you take a few?People who sleep, I suggest you sleep sole tonight.

2021-12-05 12:05:51 21 ℃

Contemporary young people: I don't want to sleep at night, sleep during the day, energetic at night, sleep during the day, my face is bad in one day, the hair is thinner than one day, the dark circles and acne are increasing, can't go.

According to statistics, because of the influence of the epidemic, my country's overall sleep time has been delayed by 2 to 3 hours. There have been more than 300 million people with sleep disorders, and 3/4 people sleep after 11 o'clock, and more than 80% of primary and secondary school students sleep. When the time is not up to standard, it is already an extremely common problem that sleep disorders is already a very common problem.

High quality sleep 4 big standard, do you take a few?

The first standard, can fall asleep within half an hour after starting sleep, no matter how hard it takes to sleep, play the computer, or just busy, anyway, it will not turn over to sleep.

The second standard, wake up for a night without more than 1 time, and wakes up time to control within 5 minutes, there will be no longer a time to fall asleep;

The third standard can be reappeared within 20 minutes after waking up. For example, after being awakened, after getting up, it will be asleep again, this is normal;

The fourth standard, the sleep efficiency in the bed reaches 85%, sleep efficiency = sleep time / in bed, greater than 85% is considered.

There is a risk of staying up late, Chinese medicine has something to say

We often say that night, sleep, generally refers to sleep after 11 o'clock in the evening. People often keep awake during this time.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the harm of staying up late to the human body can not be ignored, involving heart-liver spleen and spleen.

[Heart] will cause the heart discomfort, many people staying up late, each time after staying up late, I feel flustered, palpitations, heart-jumping, always feel the next second, I can induce heart disease.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the heart is blood, and the heart is blood loss. It has the loss of the heart, so we often have a state in the day.

[Liver] Although many Western medicine opposes "staying up late to affect liver detoxification", it is really damage to the liver for a long time.

Recently, a study was published in the magazine magazine magazine and magazine rolls of Medical Association, according to about 840,000 sleep conditions, found that the "night owl" suffering from depression is normal sleep crowd. Two times, that is, for a long time, it is easy to depose.

Ingenious, in Chinese medicine, the liver is the liver, a person is full of pleasure, depression is uneasy, it is easy to cause liver and depth, liver deposit, long, long, it will easily cause liver disease, more depressed.

[Spleen] Spleen is maintained, people who stay up late, exuded, and it is easy to cause temper and arrest, hinder spleen.

If the bloodstream is insufficient, the transmission is weak, the whole person will become physically weak, there is no blood color, the blood is insufficient, the body is inexplicably edema, and it is easy to insomnia.

[Kidney] Long-term staying night, easy to lose kidney yin, causing kidney deficiency, further aggravating insomnia.

Therefore, from Chinese medicine, staying up late, there is no harm to various organs, and after the organ is damaged, it will also act in insomnia, form a vicious circle, so we need timely stop, refuse to stay up late.

People who sleep, I suggest you sleep sole tonight.

Refused to sleep before going to bed

What is the sense of sleep?

Most people's sleeping ceremony is the same, that is, they must play mobile phones, including playing games must last a piece, must brush half an hour Weibo, must see two novels, anyway, it is used to use it. Sleeping time, spend on your sleep.

However, playing mobile phones before going to bed, not only inhibiting human melatonin production, reducing sleep time, but also causes chronic strain in shoulder and neck, and even induces cervical spondylosis, cervical anti-bow.

So, don't play mobile phones before going to bed, don't play, give you the following suggestions -

1. Don't lie down on the side, more hurt, don't hurt the single eyes, don't flip high, you can't play it, try to keep half-sitting, straight waist, mobile phone and eyes;

2. Turn down the screen brightness, enlarge the font, it is best to open the bed lamp, reduce the stimulation of the mobile phone light to the human body;

3. Control time, preferably within one hour, if the fixed alarm clock is alarm, the effect will be better.

In general, you want to do high quality sleep, you need to meet the four standards, and you want to achieve these standards, we need enough self-made power. People who have sleepless, I suggest that I will give up the useless ritual, one thought I just want to sleep, I will find that sleep disorders or blame after a few times.