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Winter prevention of cold cross

2022-01-13 12:04:36 40 ℃

Entering winter, the temperature is most likely to be cold, there is a fever, runny, etc. Now introduce 10 small coups to prevent winter colds to help you stay away from your cold.

Winter weather is cold, many people will choose hot water in the morning. In fact, in the morning, a slightly cold water is not only makes people become awake, and the spirit is excited, but also the cold air suddenly invaded. This is because cold water washing faces can improve the human cold resistance, stimulate and improve the blood circulation of the face, and enhance the adaptability of the nasal mucosa on cold air.


In addition, you can also use hot water or hot ginger soaked in the evening for 15 to 20 minutes, which can promote blood circulation and improve the body's immunity. Water in the foot can be immersed in an ankle or more, and it can also add some salts, vinegar, and constantly add hot water, soak to the foot, slightly red, avoid too high temperature. This method has a significant effect on mild cold, headache, and cough.

Every morning, you can use light salt water in a late, you can remove oral bacteria. In the early days of the cold, there is a certain effect with a rich salt water. Such as throat and itch, can use a thick salt water mouth, every 10 minutes, it will be relieved after several times, the symptoms will be alleviated.

The sputum is located at the lower end of the neck, and the 7th cervical spine is in the depression. It can prevent colds in Daji scraping or cupping, and there is also a certain effect on conditioning cervical spondylosis.

The big fish is located in the palm of the human hand, the bottom of the thumb, and the part of the palm is obvious. The two hands are alternately smashed with each other, with both hands heating, can promote blood circulation, dredging blood, and has a good benefit to prevent colds, sneezing, sneezing, flowing nasal congestion, cough, etc. .

Open the window ventilation ventilation can effectively reduce the indoor bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. But in winter, if the window is in the wind, it may reduce the indoor temperature, but will cause cold, so it is necessary to determine whether the ventilation and ventilation time is long according to the indoor air, the temperature is specific.

Drinking usually drinking ginger can play the role of cold and cold, people with wind and cold can also drink some chrysanthemum tea to clear the wind.

Eat less sodium salt, improve the content of lysozyme in saliva, protect the oral cavity, the throat mucosa epithelial cell, allowing it to secrete more immunoglobulin A and interferon to deal with the cold virus. Therefore, the amount of salt of each day is controlled within 5 g, which is beneficial to prevention and treatment.

The call is indicated that the buzz like a bee can open the opening between the sinus and the nasal cavity, so that the breathing is easier and helps discharging the nasal mucus. Sit down in the comfortable position, use the nose to deeply, make a buzzing, make the nasal, chest, and heads. The snoring can extend the exhalation, or relieve anxiety and relax.

Wear winter cold, but don't wear too much, guarantee that the cold and heat dissipation can be normal. If you sweat, don't take it right away, avoid being cold.

Press the star point in the head, before the hair is straight in the first inch; the incense hole is in the face, the nose, the nasal lips, according to the two-handed independence, and there is a joint point, The effect of dispelling cold and refreshing. The wind pool is located at the lower edge of the pillow after the neck. It is located at a depression of approximately two fingers in the back of the ear. The thumb of the thumb lives, and the finger is used to force dozens of times. Role. The shoulder hole is in the middle of the neck to the middle of the shoulder, the muscles are rich in places, two thumbs, food, medium and three fingers take the opposite shoulder yelle, take 10 times, can play a cold-cleaning Role, effectively relieve cold cold cold disease.

Note: Please follow the doctor's advice for specific treatment and medication!

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