[Excellent doctor] What are the harm of intestinal trees to the human body?

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[Excellent doctor] What are the harm of intestinal trees to the human body?

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Because is the feces in the body, that is, the accumulation of feces that have not yet been discharged in the body. Because of the medical concept, the theory of hubbank borrowed and stealing the concept and theory of Chinese and Western medicine, there is no scientific basis, and many specializes in exclusively stimulating laxative, and long-term clothes are harmful to the body. What are the hazards of intestinal trees to the human body? What are the benefits of the vendor? Let's look at it.

Directory 1. What are the harm of intestinal homes to the human body? There are also obvious effects.

1 What are the hazards of the intestinal host to the human body?

(1) Because of the harm of intestines

In the long-term accumulation of soilements and toxins, there will be multiple intestinal diseases, including colitis, colorectal ulcers, colon diverticitis, or even rectal cancer, colon cancer and other malignant diseases. Food residue is too long in the large intestine, and the moisture will gradually absorb the dry, hard, it will score the large intestine, rectal and excretion, produce the wound, the toxins produced by food residue, through the wounds every day. It is very dangerous

(2) The hazard of the huk to liver function

The liver human body detoxification factory, but due to the long-term stay in the intestine for a long time, the toxins flow back to the human body via the blood, this undoubtedly greatly aggravated the burden on the liver, causing liver function to reduce hepatocytes. Apoptosis and denaturation, any development of cirrhosis. Secondly, when the liver function is seriously damaged, the ammonia absorbed from the soile will not be metabolized by the liver, and the high concentration of ammonia penetrates the blood-brain barrier, inhibiting the excitability of the cerebral cortex, so that the patient has decreased the patient's external stimuli. And there is a situation of lethargy, faint sleep, and even a deep coma.

(3) The hazard of the brain on the brain

Food residue retained in the intestinal debris produces a large amount of hazardous substances, such as methane, ammonia, etc. The performance is the decline in memory, not concentrated, slow thinking, insomnia, irritability, etc.

The feces that accumulate in the intestine will become more harder as the water is constantly absorbed, constipation, resulting in defecation and labor, which is very dangerous in patients with cardiovascular disease, because sudden increased abdominal pressure and sympathetic Neuro excitement may lead to As syndrome, namely cardinal syncope. The bowel movement is not smooth, and it is also possible to cause veins at the anus, leading to the occurrence of acne. For patients with acne, the hard feces may also scavenge the veins of the tone of acne, resulting in bleeding. Anal fission occurs in the severity of acne; hemorrhoid atrophy becomes a retroreal carcinoma, such as re-resurrection.

27 tea is very obvious

Relocation, sauce, but beans, black beans, it is considered to have a good lifted effect, because it is rich in dietary fiber, it can make a lubrication of the stomach, soften and feces, so that the bowel movement is more smooth. In addition, black beans can also improve blood circulation, keep skin moist, dry in autumn, there are many black bean tea, which can prevent constipation and skin dry, itching due to dryness in the body.

Relocation of the intestines can drink glutinous tea, the tea is often used in ancient medicated production and prescription, which can activate the kidney function, promote the water discharge of the hoarding in the body, eliminate edema and moisture. For a part of the moisture metabolism, it is easy to constipation, or the people who can't be caught up, drinking the tea to prevent dry and easy to dryness.

Relocation of the intestines can drink Oolong Tea is a semi-fermented tea, which can inhibit fat absorption, promote fat decomposition, drinking oolong tea has a similar medicate role, especially after eating greasy food, drinking oolong tea is better, not only It can have the effect of scraping oil, and can effectively prevent the human body to absorb excess fat.

Relocation, sausage, can drink, clear people who are sluggish, (especially obese diet), during dieting, diet), can be easily accumulated in the body, causing constipation. Therefore, drinking Cassia tea can promote the discharge of the accommodation and rushing.

It is a healthy drink that is a healthy drink for people in the past few years. Because of its strong antioxidant catechol and vitamin C, it can also promote the vital free radicals but also Hormones secreted against tension, people who often internet access can drink more. However, a small amount of coffee contained in green tea will stimulate the central nervousness, which is exciting, so it is best to drink during the day, so as not to affect sleep.

Relocation of the intestines can be made of black tea black tea is made of fermentation, producing a Pinol component during the fermentation process, which can prevent fat accumulation. Black tea can generally be used as a weight loss tea, because it can be lifted, and you can remove the intestinal stack. It is best to drink a good broth. If you want to be used as a weight loss tea, you can keep 1.5 liters a day, drink a cup after a meal, and you will continue.

Reliable, you can drink honey tea tea, you can drink honey tea. Let's put a tea cup, add water, add the right amount of honey. Drinking this tea is tempted to tear, moistening the function of lungs, and can cure constipation, spleen and stomach, pharyngitis.

3 benefits

It is possible to avoid the so-called so-called sole that the skin appears in the skin is also the old manure in people's body. The longer it is, the more difficult it is to discharge it. The human body will cause stack of feces in the body, toxin accumulation, resulting in disorders in the body's endocrine. And it will also cause skin spots or dullness. Timely cleaning of the benefits of the human body in a timely manner, discharging toxins, and reducing the formation of skin stains is one of the many benefits. It can avoid constipation in a timely manner to clean up the benefits of the human body in time, due to long-term stacked manure, will cause constipation. Therefore, you must discharge your stay in time to avoid constipation. Constipation will lead to various diseases, anal fissures, or some other diseases, so in order to be healthy, it is necessary to take timely exclusion.

It is possible to avoid menstruation to women because the accumulation of hub will affect the endocrine of the body, resulting in the occurrence of menstruation. This will cause serious threat to women's health. Therefore, it is possible to clean up the benefits of the host to the human body in time, avoid menstruation, and ensure that health is the greatest benefit.

It is also possible to avoid the long-term stack of oral diseases for long-term stack of oral diseases. In particular, it will lead to odor, and even oral inflammation. Due to long-term stacking, it can cause toxins in the body and the formation of gas. As such, it will cause odor, even more serious oral diseases.

It is possible to avoid obesity damage to the benefits of the human body in time. It is possible to clear the cabin in time, and it will have a certain effect on obesity. Long-term accommodation causes the accumulation of fat in the body, thus causing physical obesity. Obesity can lead to various diseases, so you must clean up your stay in time and avoid threatening your health.

Relics can eliminate the length of the length of the abdomen, the greater the length of the body, then the greater the health threat of the body. Especially in the accumulation of various poisonous gases, the occurrence of abdominal distension occurs. It is most important to eliminate orthodontics, discharge, and toxins.

It is possible to prevent the occurrence of constipation in the deposit of the quality of the quality of life. This will cause rectal fatigue and the anus shrinkage. This will lead to the decline in sexual desire, affecting the quality of sexual life between husband and wife.

45 kinds of foods are easy to help you

1, konjac

The first is the konjac, the konjac has "to go into the intestinal sand" since ancient times, which contains the dietary fiber of konjac polysaccharide, it is not easy to absorb and digest the body, and through the intestines, it will absorb water, which is adhered to the intestinal wall It can be attached to the accommodation together, discharged with the accommodation, so there is the effect of a row!

2, cabbage

Then you want to introduce the cabbage, you know that the cabbage in vegetables is high-fiber vegetables, which can stimulate the intestines, and to eliminate the role of the accommodation, and it also contains a lot of vitamins, you can play beauty!

3, sweet potato

Furthermore, what is going to say is sweet potato, and the sweet potato will find white mucus on the incision, and this mucus has the effect of preventing secrets, with a good row of rows and rises!

4, seaweed

Finally, it is to mention that algae, seaweed products are also a dietary fiber, which can enable constipation, like seaweed, is rich in unusually soft dietary fiber, is "Qing Daofu" in the human intestine, there is It is conducive to the excretion of harmful substances in the body to prevent rectal cancer and constipation!

5, banana

Almost forgot the banana, the functions of bananas don't have to say more, you must have a ripe banana will contain rich dietary fiber and sugar, one to two to two can have a good lanting function. . However, if you like to eat hard, unusual bananas, you may not play the role of your stay, and the banana may play against. of.

5 Is it scientific with salt water?

Drinking light salt water can play a certain role in a certain place.

Brine began to activate salivary gland, release amylase. This first step is very important in the digestion process. In the stomach, natural salts stimulate hydrochloric acid and oral enzymes, which can help decompose food. It also stimulates the secretion of intestines and liver, helping to digest. Moreover, it can stimulate the peristalsis of the stomach, promote blood circulation, and excrete toxins. This is also the role of drinking salt water, because the accomplisgest is very hard in the intestines, saline can stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, but also promote the manure to be softened to discharge.

How to drink salt water


I have to eat light a little one day before the intestines, don't eat big fish, don't eat indigestible fibers, and feel happy. Prepare a pot of water, about six bottles of mineral water, put two spoonful of salt (a spoon is flat enough), stir evenly. Ten o'clock, sleep, good alarm clock, set at five o'clock, to ensure that the next morning can get it.


At 6 am, the best time of body detox begins to drink the first cup of salt: prepared the brine who is ready to boil over the morning, 600ml (equivalent to a bottle of mineral water), warm, salt taste and A little salty soup is almost.