White spots can not be dragged, do you know such harm?

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White spots can not be dragged, do you know such harm?

2022-01-13 12:05:16 53 ℃

Vitiligo does not hurt, it does not be infected, can you not treat?

You think that the white spots are only affected, but in fact, the hidden harm you don't know!

Only a vitiligo size of rice is not treated, should you not treat? Anyway, you can cover it with clothes, don't you treat it?

this is not right! There are vitiligo, we must go to professional formal hospital treatment as soon as possible.

White spot can not "drag"

After the patient finds suspected vitiligo, it cannot be delayed, and quickly go to the hospital for examination, treatment. Early is a good time to treat vitiligo, because as the time is growing, the damage of melanocytes is more serious. The base of melanocytes is too small, wants to split, the proliferation reaches normal level, and it is very difficult. Early white spot is lighter, relatively easy in treatment, so patients should seize the timely treatment of time. At this time, don't have a lucky psychology. White spots will not be self-healing, timely treatment is the best choice.

Who is hazardous?

Many people think that vitiligo is only white in the skin. It doesn't hurt, just makes the appearance are damaged, and there is no big impact on the body, and I have not reached the extent that the treatment needs. In fact, the appearance of vitiligo is because of the lack of melanin in the human body, and once the skin is missing, it will affect the health and life of the patient.

What complications will be caused without treatment?


Thyroid disease

These thyroid diseases are mainly autoimmune thyroid disease, including diffuse thyroid with thyroidism, chronic lymphoid thyroiditis and primary haired thyroid dysfunction. For both concurrent mechanisms, most scholars believe that they have a common genetic immunological basis, which can be caused.



Vitiligo concurrently a lot of breath. Studies have shown that vitiligo can accompany the whole bare or in the scalp or beard, which is mainly seen in progress and generalized vitiligo, and vitiligo patients have a lot of white hair in young people.



Many clinical observations and related materials have shown that vitiligo and malignant melanoma have a certain correlation. Vitiligo concurrent melanoma almost all melanoma occurred before, and vitiligo occurred. Its evidence may have vitiligon-like white spots in malignant melanoma, and the individual prognosis of vita-free whiteprints is better, and vitiligo can induce vitiligo. In addition, there are reports of vitiligo concurrent squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and gastric cancer.



The incidence of vitiligo concurrent diabetes is 1% to 71%, mainly insulin-dependent diabetes, and the positive rate of tympyle cell antibody in vitiligo patients is also higher than that of general population. Patients with diabetes with vitiligo often have the susceptibility of autoimmune diseases, or have a family aggregate pathogenesis.

Most people think that vitiligo does not treat more harm to physical health, however, vitiligo is the invisible killer who lies around people, white spots are a warning of the body.

Therefore, patients with vitiligo can't have any luck. If you find it, you must go to the hospital in a timely treatment, so as not to spread to the whole body, affect the future life and work. I have discovered that early diagnosis, early treatment is the solution to the correct response!