The human body "fine, gas, god" switch special effects, open nine, through the full body meridians

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The human body "fine, gas, god" switch special effects, open nine, through the full body meridians

2022-01-13 12:05:27 55 ℃

The old people in life are often seen in life, and they are not very fatches. They are energetic; they have just arrived at 55 years old, they will be frustrated, and their teeth are falling off. Experts believe that this is a big relationship with whether the human meridian is always smooth, and the meridian is not born, and the aging speed slows longer.

The key to the meridian is that the meridian gate is not open!

The starting point of the meridian gate, the traditional Chinese medicine is collectively referred to as root knots. "Complex" is located at a higher position, chest and abdomen. These meridian gates have an important role in maintaining longevity of human health.

The meridian gate is blocked, and the meridians will not pass, which will cause yin and yang - imbalance, blood and blood, blood, blood can't act, will accelerate the aging, the hundred diseases are born. Therefore, traditional medicine believes that ensuring meridian is smooth, and the root of disease, prolonging, and longevity.

Due to the increase in age, the elderly people's vitality will be reduced, and the blood loss, the lack of the lack of liquid, and the meridian gate appears "rust" or "blockage". In addition, bad habits will also affect the smooth flow of the meridian gate. If you sleep for more than 9 hours a day, read the book to watch TV for a long time, keep a posture, very small exercise every day, eat cold food, long-lived moisture environment.

Each meridian has its own gate, there is a different manifestation when different brakes are blocked. The big intestinal gate will not pass, it will cause the face to increase, constipation, diarrhea, etc. on his face. If the gate of the heart is not, it will cause the face to be inadvertent, palpitations, palpitation, chest tightness, and eliminating performance. If the meridian gate is blocked, the whole body machine and the blood operation will seriously retreat, so that the condition is aggravated and delayed, evolving into chronic diseases, affecting the life of people.

Prevent meridian gates

In daily life, pay attention to avoid eating cold, avoid a long time to wet, avoid sedate. In addition, it is also possible to open the blocking gate by massage, hot iron. It often stimulates the meridian gate, and there is no disease. It can be used to prevent health care; in sub-health status, adjust and eliminate potential diseases; the middle-aged and elderly people who are ill, often stimulate the meridian gate, can produce auxiliary treatment .

The spleen and stomach gate is in the first toe (foot Taiyin spleen) and the second toe foot end (Yangming stomach).

The spleen and stomach is the top day of the day, the source of qi and blood, this gate is smooth, and there is a source of blood and blood, and all diseases are not born. The block plugs will appear weak, loss of appetite, bloating, diarrhea, indigestion, stomach pain, anti-acid, stomach, noisy, etc.

Cast method: Take 30 pieces of yellow beans, flat on the bed, then use the first and second toes, 1 capsule, take 10 minutes, and then change the other foot exercise. These two gates of sputum and stomach are directly stimulating, helping to open the gate and play the role of spleen and stomach and prevent spleen and stomach disease.

The strong kidney gate is in the front of a three-sized depression (foot Shaoyin kidney), with strong renal solid, strong body, and prolonging life.

The kidney is the innate basis, this gate is not, there will be soft waist and knees, no night urine, hair premature white, tinnitus and other symptoms.

Casting method: Barefoot stands on clean mats, separated from the side and shoulders. At the same time, the foot hes also gripped, lasting for 5 seconds, then relax for 5 seconds, then he joked 10 times, so repeated 10 times, adhere to practice before night. Pay attention to caution when gripping, the body is unstable and can be exercised. Relax through ten toes, and the kidney of the foot is stimulated by the kidney gate. It can be strong in kidney, more urine, frequent urine, frequent urination, urgency, low back pain, tinnitus.

Pulmonary gate in the outer end of the clavicle (hand and less yin lung)

This gate is in the middle of the chest, and it is also a rendezvous office of less and less than a smart. The clogging will lead to a cold, cough, short, self-sweating, bloating, and intracellular disease.

Casting method: Put your hands to your palm, then cross the two side clavicle, ironing for 5 seconds. After the hand is cool, then heat and continue to be ironed for 5 seconds, do 8 times, exercise every morning and evening. Through the hot ironing bone, it can be used to replenish the blood, long-term adherence, can improve the old slow branches, asthma, body deficiency, cold, stomach sagging.

The liver gate is in the heart (foot 阴 阴 经), this gate is smooth, the liver is smooth, the whole body is rumored, the bile excretion is normal, the whole body is strong. If it is not true, it will lead to the nail, the bones are not healthy, and the ribs are painful, and it is easy to be angry.

Carting method: Holding hands in the heart, gently rubbing the heart with a thumb root (big fish), 3 minutes each time, 2 times a day. The friction center can open the liver through the meridian gate, stimulate the liver and fluid blood, and have a therapeutic effect on the intercostal neuritis, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis.

The throat gates are depressed above the neck (foot Shaoyin kidney), which gathers the kidney; the original pulse, the Yinye Tsihydramine fluid, and the throat is grouped. If it is not performed, it will cause pharynx induction, pharyngeal pain, throat redness, and pharyngeal foreign body feelings.

Carting method: Sitting in the bed on the bed every morning, very chest back, slowly looking up, upright, then doing swallowing, continuous swallowing 3 times, put the head slowly, closed-eyed seconds, continuous Do 3 times. Helps to dredger gave, mitigation with acute and chronic pharyngitis, esophagitis, etc.

Bright eyelids in the corner depression of the corner (foot sun bladder)

The gate is smooth, which makes the blood supply of the sunshabitude, but not only make the eyes bright and clear, but also prevent eye aging. If it is not smooth, it is easy to cause older eyes, cataract, glaucoma. Cast method is cleaned, the two eyes closed, put the right thumb and forefinger in the inner corner of the eyes; pinched 8 times in the clockwise direction, then knockout 8 times counterclockwise, 1 time every day, can persist for a long time.

The Cong E-E-E-Talry is in front of the two ear, there is a clear groove (Foot Shaoyangjing) when the mouth is opened.

This gate is in noise, tinnitus, mood, deafness, etc.

Cast method mouth micro, the middle fingers are attached to the groove in front of the two ear, and then gently slightly jitter, 2 minutes each time, once a day. Jitter can not only turn on the gate, but also have prevention and treatment of tinnitus, deafness, skewing.

First, "Top" Baihui.

First use the middle pointing in the "Baihui", reach the palm, and the palm of the "Baihui", and I want the "Baihui" (Congyi Baihui) to pat "Baihui", the top of the tongue "!" Top is open.

(Close the method of the Baihui: China refers to the "Baihui", the idea will be cloudy, tap hundred will, the lips are closed, "the blank!" Sound, the hundred will be closed.)

The second, "means" Tianmu.

"It is said that the position of the hall, that is, the position of the Holden, located between the babbrows. Use the middle finger to bounce the heart. Deep sucking a breath, suffocating, bounce, bounce with exhaling, means opening.

The third, "God" jade pillow.

After the jade pillow, after the brain, the depression of the pillow bones after the brain (from the Baihui hole to the next, the first depression is), it is pair of heaven, the meaning and the gods are in the middle of the heart. Total "Mud Pill Palace". (Jade Pillow "" Jade Povers ").

The middle refers to the top of the jade pillow, and the food is reflected in the middle finger, the mouth opens, the food is finger, the belly, the mouth, "Ah!" Sound, God opened.

The fourth, the palace.

膻中 中 中 中 中 中 中 丹, 两 两 两 两 线 线 线 线 线. 中. 两 线The middle finger is gently point in the 膻, push up the up (head direction), "膻中" open.

The fifth, hine (clamping).

The hine (jail) is the joint of the back of the two arms, that is, the empty sky in the middle of the two shoulders, opposite the 膻 (not the foreign pole "Huaji Ridge").

Open way: Use one hand without a name to press the other hand palm Llaiser, do a curved stretch back action, you want to "hine", shout "Hey!", The ridge is open.

Sixth, life.

Small finger (kidney) point Press in the navel, doing abdominal deep breathing, gas into Dantian. After absorbing the gas, blow it in the mouth, and there will be a deep feeling at the life.

Seventh, Qihai (Lower Dantian).

气海 窍 (下 丹 田) The umbilicus is 2 inch, and Xia Dangtian is the storage of the human body. (Qihai is not a "gas sea point").

Eighth, the tail.

The tail should be 2 inch under the life, the mandade, is facing the "gas sea" of the next Dantian. It is not a "long strong hole" (lower tail).

气 海 窍 和 和 开 方法 方法 方法: The thumb refers to the "gas sea", anti-abdomen breathing (excessively excessive), inhalation of the abdomen to the end, exhale to the outer drum, mind (mind) "气海 窍" and "Tail"

The ninth, there will be yin.

"Will Yingui", pay attention to the Renmai "meeting" in the middle of the second yin. It will be between the two yins, and "will be yin" is in front of the anus (between the cavity and the anus), so it is also called "yin".

The middle finger is pressed by the Hundred People, and the index finger is close to the back side of the Baihui. When you get inhale, you will lift it, taking an anal; when you exhale, you will follow the next squat, and you will open it.


"Baida will" closer will be able to charge. (Close the method of the Baihui: China refers to the "Baihui", the idea will be cloudy, tap hundred will, the lips are closed, "the blank!" Sound, the hundred will be closed.)

Slim practice, first open the nine. Nine-to-open, not only absorb the essence of universe, but also eliminates other sludge of the body. The key, "means", "hand to", "body to", it is important to do it with your heart. Expensive. "Nine" opens after working with manual treatment, points, massage and other natural therapy, condition conditioning, diseaseless maintenance, cultivation, and body fitness.

I feel like it is a good job.