[Bone Pass] Open the shoulders, the cervical vertebrae is never hurtful!

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[Bone Pass] Open the shoulders, the cervical vertebrae is never hurtful!

2022-01-13 12:05:40 74 ℃

Maybe you don't know, the neck is a big part of the reason is that it is the shoulder nervous. Since I have a long time, bending on the hump back, the shoulder buckle, leading to the shoulders, the neck is involved. So, to open the shoulder, release the pressure, and relax your neck! The following movements, activate the shoulder joint, start the muscle around the shoulder.

1, stretch with one hand

The stretch shoulders help start the ribs, shoulders, elbows and hands. This simple stretching begins with the relax arm and raises the ribs and shoulders on the same side and the handstands, and the arm extends. Relax, repeat action

2, hands cross stretch

This style can be used to exercise to reverse the forearm from both hands starting before the chest, the palm is lifted outwardly, the arm is overhead, then returns to the first action repeated several times

3, single-hand straight stretch shoulder joint

The hands of the hands stretched one hand, grab the other hand, the arm first stretched out and stretched the straight arm to the shoulder. These two movements will let you have neck elongation, the feeling of chest open.

4, overhead triangle

The arm stretching exceeds the top of the head You can use this opportunity to stretch your triceps to grasp the arm of the curved elbow, in the internal pressure, press down

5, the arm is crossing the top

It can activate the shoulder elbow elbow, the wrist is interspersed, the arm is slowly stretched into the outer cross arm.

6, shoulder horizontal stretch

This shoulder stretch is a bit like a lock throat starts from one arm to exteration, elbow stretches with one hand to grasp the other arm, stretch the arm, stretch shoulders and curved arms

7, shoulder

Bending elbow, cross-arms, hands grabbing shoulders, doing hugging posture tensile elbow to change another hand, repeating action

8, elbow straight hug

Stretching the elbow, other action is the same as the previous shoulders, you will find that the chest muscles are starting this helps to stretch your scapula

9, eagle style stretching shoulders

The two devices in front are to prepare for this formula, can be more able to open the shoulder front arm vertical (from the front) to inclined the arm to rotate the higher side of the arm

10, safety cap

This shoulder extension exercise shoulder external torso arm raised his head, curved elbow elbow combined with the front elbow to press each other, the front arm is placed back to the back pressure, separating both hands

11, Penguin

When this is standing, you can also make a hand on the side waist or buttocks, and the elbow can use another hand to support the elbow to the internal pressure. This helps to stretch the shoulder blade and the arm, so that the clavicle is rotated forward. You can also At the same time, do this body type with shoulder muscles to turn elbow

12, stretch after the arm

Broad arm stretching on the back, a hand grabs the stranded arm rotates the other side of the shoulders alternately doing the two movements of the elbow and bending elbow

13, arm bundle

Retreat the left arm, and the right hand of the back of the hand-elbow hand-held back, then pull the left hand forward

14, back stretch

The arm is rotated inwardly after the arm, and the arm rotates the arm to stretch out.

15, behind the two hands intersect

Hands in the back of the back, straight outward, pay attention to the last two maps of the shoulder position, the two shoulder type, open, three shoulders are rotated forward

16, the opposite of the hands

The hands are placed in the scapula, the finger tip is squeezed to move the hand to the side of the back from the left side to the right, round-back alternate 17, high penguin

With the penguin similar hand, put the chin or cheekbones, elbow, use the other hand to turn the elbow into the inner tensile

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