Middle-aged women's traps "hormone energy stickers", how many are not reliable?

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Middle-aged women's traps "hormone energy stickers", how many are not reliable?

2022-01-13 12:04:46 34 ℃

- This is the 2309th day of accompanying 300,000+ sisters.

On Monday, there were patients who told me that she was recommended by friends in March for a few months, and she passed the energy stickers imported by Germany. She was a menstruation in late May, and her doctor My friend reminds her that she has been in use with hormones, she dares to post, I came out. We gave her an uterus B-ultrasound and sex hormone examination. As a result, the estrogen was high, the endometrium thickness was 9mm, so that she did not use medicine, first observe the menstrual conditions.

There have been several menopause patients who have filed me, and they are friends around them, and colleagues recommend them to them, one of them also spent thousands of dollars to buy. There is also a patient who said that the sales of energy stickers built a group. The name is the same as the name of our health exchange group. It is also called the flower. When she was pulled into the group, I thought it was our group, and she also cut the screen. Send me, I can't find it today, maybe it is not saved in the outpatient.

It seems that energy stickers are still very red, and there are a lot of people. Today I specially in Baidu, I know and I went up and searched it. I found the patient's imported hormonal stickers, there is a large wave of advertisements.

Then I saw two well-known shopping sites and found that there was a shopping website to sell, there are two products, one is Hexal, one is DermeStril, all Germany.

According to the information displayed on the website, the components of the two products are estrogen / female, progesterone. Hexal has 7 specifications, all of which are patch; DermeStril has 4 specifications, 3 is a patch, 1 is a gel.

In the product details field, two products are written "Blue Hat Logo: Health Food (Food & Health", indicating that health care products; applicable people are writing "children", should be information errors, female, progesterone products Applicable people cannot be children.

I went to a few big online pharmacy to see, there is a pharmacy selling, this pharmacy is the pharmacy of the shopping website above, other pharmacies are not sold.

Can I have magical health effects it claim?

Energy attached to online promotion is: activating ovaries, repairing cells, discharging ovaries and uterine toxins (what toxins and uterine, which can make women are 20 years old. Some posts are more outrageous, saying that energy patch can detoxify, adjust blood, balance yin and yang, use the blood of Chinese medicine, yin and yang.

In fact, the components of the two energy stickers are female, progesterone, patch and gel, and progesterone absorbed through the skin, essentially supplemented female, progesterone, and the female, progesterone medicines used in us, is The same (but there is more expensive).

Our females, progesterone drugs have oral, also have a patch and gel, a patch called an estradiol sustained release patch, gel is an estradiol gel.

Energy mounting of menopause and postmenopausal women is supplemented by females, pregnancy, and is not so magical.

Legend of hormone energy stickers, safe?

In obstetrics, female, progesterone is used to treat menstrual disorders, menopausal hormones supplements, and injective, how to use, how much dose, usage and medication time need to be determined according to the disease, and more complement hormones is strict Indications, contraindications, medication programs require individualization, must be used by doctors, to ensure the best results and maximum medication safety after the doctor's guidance and monitoring can be guaranteed.

Is it safe to use energy? This is to be used from products and two aspects.

1. Products: female, progesterone drugs, regardless of domestic, or imported, is a drug! And energy stickers are not! Its logo on the shopping website is a health care product (my country's drug supervision department stipulates that health products cannot contain drug components). In addition, formal imported health products should have a Chinese label, and the energy-free packaging on the website is not seen, and I don't know if the patient is bought.

2, use: online post promotional energy stickers can be used in women before menopause, postmenopausal. The front is said to be female, progesterone should be used according to the condition, the menopause is supplemented by the female, progesterone, and the young woman, if the menstruation is normal, then female, progesterone is balanced, do not need to use female, progesterone to maintain It has used it to disturb normal menstruation, causing menstrual disorders. Mental women supplement females, proceactic surgeons have strict indications and contraindications, need surgeons to use the appropriate medication programs after assessment, and regularly follow the diagnosis, unauthorized use of hormone products.

Why do you want to be prescribed by a doctor, but you can't buy it yourself?

First of all, female, progesterone is not a health care product (my country's food and drug supervision department stipulates that health products are not allowed to add hormones), it is the treatment of drugs, the treatment of drugs, the adaptation and contraindications of the drug, that is, before use, you must first understand two point:

(1) Do you want to use? ~ Adaptable to use it.

(2) Can you use it? ~ There is a contraindication that cannot be used. This is not your own or selling energy.

Second, how is it? Different ages, people with different physical conditions, different physical conditions, the programs, types, dosages and pathways are not the same, this is not your own or selling energy.

Further, use female, progesterone is a regular follow-up, monitoring. How is the effect? Is there a side reaction? Is the body indicator change? Can you continue to use? Do you need to adjust the plan? Wait, these are not yourself or selling energy stickers. This reminder must see!

Nowadays, there is a lot of women with energy, I have received a good consultation in WeChat. There are also patients in the clinic that there are friends recommending them to use energy, so I wrote this again today, and I have repeatedly reminded female friends again:

1, don't use it! Unauthorism, just use energy post or similar hormones, the so-called "health care" product, the risk is big! Not safe!

2, supplementary female, progesterone is the most effective measures for the treatment of menopausal symptoms, prevent the most effective measures of postmenopausal osteoporosis, urinary pathway, but must find professional gynecological / gynecological endocrine doctors to diagnose, medication! The so-called "health care" product containing hormones is not much, don't use it! ! !

3, menopausal supplementation treatment is to alleviate menopausal symptoms, slowing the effective means of women's aging, but must be used under the guidance and monitoring of doctors.

4, young menstrual women do not need to make up hormones, menopause to supplement hormones, please go to the hospital for medical treatment.

5. Use imported health products to look for regular channel imports, registered with our national food and drug regulatory authorities, products with Chinese labels, do not use ingredients, or health products containing hormonal components.

I hope that so much yellow font can make you awake, get rid of traps, and rationally see the problems encountered in the menopause, and actively find the right treatment.

Author: 璋花 | Source: Zhong Hanghua Health Home, Authorized Reprinted

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