Lianshi injection liquid retreat, experts: Qingfeng detoxification Chinese medicine injection is a trend

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Lianshi injection liquid retreat, experts: Qingfeng detoxification Chinese medicine injection is a trend

2022-01-13 12:05:05 58 ℃

On January 11, the State Food and Drug Administration issued an announcement and decided to stop the lotus injection in my country from now on. Sales, use and cancel the drug registration certificate. Products have been listed on sale, and the drug listing license holders are responsible for recalling, recalling products are supervised by the provincial drug supervision and management departments or otherwise harmless treatment according to law.

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"Although it has been discussing the safety of traditional Chinese medicine injection, it has rarely use lotus injection in clinical, but it is suddenly a sudden existence." Zhang Ya, deputy director of Beijing Hospital Pharmaceutical Department, Tell the Health Times reporter Lianshi injection also does have a lot of side effects, especially the damage to renal function, and may also cause side effects such as dizziness, gastrointestinal reactions, alducance response.

Regarding the reassembly, the National Food and Drug Administration is given in the announcement is that according to the relevant provisions of Article 83 of the Pharmaceutical Administration Law of the People's Republic of China, the State Drug Administration organized the listing of lotus injection. After evaluation, the above decision was made after evaluation. According to the reporter, the company currently producing the drug includes Wuxi Jihaoshan He Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shenwei Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Jiuxu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

In 2016, Chen Guosheng, experts from Tianhe District Hospital of Tianhe District, Guangzhou, published in "Today's Pharmacy", "126 cases of Lianshi injection of medicine, the source of kidney damage," Lianshi injection main ingredients are wearing hearts Inner or derivative formulation, has a heat detoxification, antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect, but as it is widely used in clinical applications, the drug source adverse reactions (ADR) are increasing. "

Health Times reporters noted that the previous lotus injection has been named many times.

On April 12, 2005, the issuance of adverse reactions in the Food and Drug Administration of Food and Drug Administration notified that in March 1988, in March 2005, the national drug adverse reaction monitoring center case report related to a case report of lotus injection injection 50 The adverse reactions are expressed as acute renal dysfunction, rash, dizziness, gastrointestinal reactions, alducance response, etc. Among them, 17 patients were damaged, and 1 cases of liver function were abnormal. In 2006, the Food and Drug Administration of Food and Drug Administration once again revised its drug instructions, indicating that patients with children, children, pregnant women, lactation women and kidney disease should be used with caution. In the National Medical Insurance Contributation 2017, lotus bold injection is limited to the use of secondary and above medical institutions.

"The clinical clinical clinical clinical injection in clearing heat detoxification is less, because its risk is not high, and the lotus injection has many alternative drugs in clearing the heat and detoxification, so it is also understandable. "Zhang Yaong explained that all traditional Chinese medicine injection may be unlikely, but the traditional Chinese medicine injection of traditional Chinese medicine in detoxification may be an inevitable trend.

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