"Weight Loss Daren Case" 5 months after weight treatment, blood sugar no longer has to take medicine

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"Weight Loss Daren Case" 5 months after weight treatment, blood sugar no longer has to take medicine

2022-01-13 18:07:32 35 ℃

On Monday, I was a review day of Jinan's weight loss, and it was also a daily clinic day of Professor Wang Cunchuan and Director Dong Zhiyong. Today, come to share with you "Cum Southern Decree Cases".

From Hunan, the brother (a pseudonym), 31 years old, aggressive aggressive reached 316.2 catties, body mass index (BMI) 52.3, belonging to super obesity. Remember 5 months ago, he came to Wang Cunchuan to teach the department, very sad, telling his life:

The "big card" weight loss product training camp on the market, the fitness equipment is all trying to, each time a slight effectiveness is coming, the weight is fast, and finally, the end of the failure, the more fat!

Until last July, the Bing brothers were inadvertently brushed on the video of Professor Wang Cunchuan in the shake platform. This is his first time to understand weight-bearing surgery, then he brushed Wang Zhouchuan, holding the video, holding the last come to Jin South. The First Affiliated Hospital of the University received weight loss surgery, and let us help him record his precious weight loss experience.

Transformation experience

On July 7, 2021, Professor Wang Cunchuan made a precision laparoscopic sleeve stomach.

Weight change

Body index change

(Preoperative glycated hemoglobin elevated)

(5 months after surgery, blood red protein is normal)

(Preoperative blood lipids)

(5 months after surgery is normal)

The Bing brother told us that his maximum changes have been made: the whole person is more comfortable. Before you lose weight, you may have a chat for three minutes before you start dozing off. Now it's not astholling.

Professor Wang Cunchuan Review:

According to the patient's preoperative postoperative examination report, the patient has reduced the excess weight of 91.2 catties after surgery, and the preoperative glycated hemoglobin is 9.1g / L, which can be seen that the patient has high blood sugar, 5 months after surgery The glycated hemoglobin drops to 5.3 g / L, which has reached the normal range. Preoperative blood lipids rose to 4.6 mmol / L, it also controlled to normal range 5 months, and according to the patient's self-report, he completely got rid of sleep after surgery, which is a very good impact on the body. .

Congratulations to this patient, I hope he will continue to work hard.

(Photographed with Chen Xiaomei to take a group photo)

(Professor Wang Cunchuan, Professor Wang Cun, Director Dong Zhiyong

Charging the house concerned)

Finally, the soldiers said the most thanks to the people who are the most thanks of Professor Wang Cunchuan and Director Dong Zhiyong, who gave the goddess experience, and I also hope that the fat friends who are hesitating will not hesitate, enjoy the thin life soon!