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Forgetful use party - 神

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[Composition] 神 (去 木) 1 two, cooked dry yellow (wine, 9 steam 9 sun, baked) 1 two, white peony 1 two, Chuanxiong 1 two, Angelica (washing, go to reed, thin, bake Dry) 1 two, white peony (peeled) 1 two, orange (fried) 1 two, Yuanzhi (go to heart, washing,, fried yellow) 1 two, ginseng (go to reed) 1 two.

[Usage] is scattered, divided into 3 times, and add 3 jujubes, Shuijianbi.

[Indications] Forgetful.

[Famous] "Ben Lord": 神 气 平Yin; ginseng gangli Gansu, into the spleen and stomach;, return, pagama, land, is a four-story soup, the blood medicine is also. This is a thrive, the heart is blood, the blood, the blood is both raised, the soul is shocked, and then the slightness of the lamp is clear, the sum of jujube is scratched, and the high-year horse is shocked. Natural spirit is more ill.

[Card Analysis] The heart of the heart and the brain is the government of Yuan God, the memory reduction is related to the heart. The basic pathology of all diseases reflects the yield of gas and blood, and there is no exception. This party is not enough to be warm, and the blood deficiency is not enough to subsist the pathology of the fifiles. It also has the pathological changes of moisture, and the pathological changes of the brain.

[Pathogen] qi and blood two virtual, wet turbid.

[Governing law] Completion and evacuation, happy to pay close attention.

[Fang Yi] blood loss, should be insufficient. When the party is used to participate in the power, the yuan is charged, then the brain is temperate; the land is bleeding, the bleeding is feet, then the brain has a tutoring; when the winter is blood, Yinjin is ignorant, then the brain is ignorant. The heart is getting angry with blood, and the thinking is agile and remembered. The turbidity is blinded, and it is also looked with a wet turbid, and open it. Therefore, use the Yuanzhihuki to disclose, pass his mind; Shichangpu aromathest wet, open the gods; 苓 sellers, moisture down; long bones, settlement, do not make it, the heart is not a small small, then Shen Simin And memories are graduated. Six medicine is used, becoming a compatibility form of complement and diarrhea, and it is possible to use it.

[Important ingredient analysis] 神 and 苓

Many people will confuse the 苓 and 神, in fact, their differences are still relatively large.

苓 is generally growing on pine and pine roots. If this bacteria holds the pine roots, the pine roots that are hugged together into the medicine together, and the god can be called 神. There is no hug.

神 is the core of 苓, is also part of the root.

神, 神 神, 神, 神 水 的, "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" , Epilepsy, urinating, etc., modern studies have also confirmed that they have significant sedative effects.

The two must be used, and the spleen is good, the water is swollen, and it is also easy to go to the heart, and the heart of the heart.

神 can be used singly, and often use the blood and ampothalic medication with sour jujube, Baizi, ginseng, and angelica.

If you cooperate with flowers, you will be happy, you will be sleepy, and you can wake up.

Acacia is grateful, can be worried, in addition to annoying, 神, 养 养, 二 药 相, 气 药, 气血 气, 气 养 神 解 解achievement.

This party reflects the combination of tonis, and makes it up to make up the blood and blood, and the diarrhea is the moisture of the gas. Jin Jin has become wettred, and it is also a condensed point. The blood is bound to Yinjin, this is a natural reason, which is natural, but also can supplement blood in Yinjin, but also dilute the pulse of the exotic. Not contradictory. This party and the hole Shengzhong Dan, Ding Zhi Pills are also cured. Ding Zhi Pill certificate is insufficient, wet turbulence; pillow is inherently insufficient, wet turbidation; this party is qi and blood, wettam; the tripartite is a wettam, but the gas is The blood has a loss in different mechanisms. The tripartite structure is quite approximate. Ding Zhi Pills participate in gas, pillow Medal Dan with turtle blood, this party uses ginseng, land yellowing, qi and blood, complementary drugs are different. Because the turbidity is the common mechanism of the three-party certificate, it is used to use the Yuanzhi, Shichangpu phlegm and humidity, and the Ding Zhizhi Pill is more equivalent to the moisture downward. Summarize the experience of the ancients, Yuanzhi, Shichangpu, and 苓 is a common drug for the treatment of humidity.

[Application] Forgetful and sorrowful, the tongue is sluggish, and the tongue is conspicuous.


神 散 天地, far away glowerous dragon bones,

Forgetful forget the virtual humidity, the replenishment can be followed.