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Simple and practical folk external treatment - collection

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- The following is the text -

Methods of "rolling eggs" are circulated on society, and the effect feedback. There are many people who have been pioneering, but they also have questions. People who refute "unscientific" are not arguing that "the science is not scientific", because scientific and non-measurement of the only standard of truth but is one of the methods of verifying the truth.

The glow treatment is not only simple and effective, non-toxic side effects, and cheap, its efficacy is valid from ancient times to now, sometimes, sometimes it is "magic".

With regard to glow therapy, readers have been mentioned before, so I will give you a special introduction today.

The author has a friend, especially lazy!

The child is sick, I can't tell her three sentences, I will be freely refused, and I am too complicated.

I don't want to make this kind of super unpaired, lazy mother.

It is forced to have helpless, I have to say "glow therapy" best suits you!

It is estimated that she can most persistent because of lazy, she can most!

In the past three years, only this method, the child has been solved, because less sick, physical fitness is enhanced, rhinitis is also inexplicably good!

The 蛋 蛋 法 法 法 法 蛋 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 是 爱 是 一 是 一 一

So much, what is the problem?

1, newborn jaundice

2, cold fever, throat pain, rhinitis;

3, eczema, urticaria, dermatitis, all kinds of small rash;

4, abdominal pain, diarrhea;

5, palace cold, gynecological inflammation;

6. Torque and other trauma swelling pain;

7, qi in the body.

In summary, all kinds of conditions caused by cold, rheumatoid, wet heat, cold and wet, etc., from cold, eczema, diarrhea, arthritis, gynecological inflammation, or even blood disease, tumor, etc. can be treated!

What is the glow therapy?

What is the reason?

"Rolling egg" has a variety of explanations, but a large extent, from the perspective of the so-called modern "Western medicine", here can only be huh ... Since the ancients are Use the intelligent way to use Chinese medicine to find the creative therapy, naturally understand the perspective of TCM itself ~

The ancients thought that the eggs were a "small world", the egg yolk is like the earth, the egg white is like the sky, the small egg isas, can evolve a complete life. The meridian skills public account suggests that the ancients are smartly use this "natural power" to adjust the body's imbalance.

The ovals, the gas is clear, and its sex is slightly cold; yolk, its tempered. Fine and deficiencies, make up the gas, so the ovant can be cleaned, the gas is hot, the eyes are red, and the throat pain. Inadvertence, filling, so ovantine, governing blood, governance, sows. - "Compendium of Materia Medica"

This is explained this in this Mao:

The egguminous (egg white) is like the sky, its calm, its sex is slightly cold, the clearness of the sky, there is golden elephant, good swelling and throat, clearing the lungs. Its is living, sore sore, governing yellow, sweeping pain, washing;

Egg yolk (egg yolk) is like the ground, its gas, its tempered, chicken yellow, warm, sputum Vegetation, good medicine for completion;

The chicken eggs are also white and used.

Fine unsatisfied, so that the eggs can be cleared, the gas is hot, the eyes are red, and the throat is ill;

The unexpected people make up the taste, so the ovals are blood, and the treatment of dysentery, the birth of the disease;

The eggs of the heavens and the earth are qi blood, and the inheritance is listed.

Let's talk about the simplest version:

Prepare n eggs (the soil eggs are best, 2 or more turntable), then cook the eggs according to normal boiling eggs, pay attention not to boil.

This method is divided into heat rolls and cold rolling. The hot rolling method is to use cooked and hot eggs, in the head and affected area of ​​the patient, and the treatment is repeated. The eggs used need to be pre-treated, with drugs with cold-disciatable drugs (such as onions, ginger, mi), and fry together.

Hot rolling steps:

Put it into the water into the water, put 2-3 eggs into the Aiye water, do not use the eggs that have just been taken from the refrigerator because it is easy to boil. (The cooked egg is used for a one-time, there is no temperature to roll to no temperature).

After the cooking is cooked (generally 15 minutes), one takes out the housing, the peeling egg is packed with gauze, put the silverware, holding the edge of the gauze with the hand, rolled back and forth in the corresponding part Not hot. The temperature of the egg should be based on age, the elderly and the child temperature should be low. Eggs can be raised in any part of the skin. Roll to local skin red, a bit slightly red (blushing feeling) sweating can. The ripe egg remember is not too big.

Silver is in the body, poisonous, humid evil, etc., silver jewelery only needs to be packaged with eggs. The rollover method is not suitable for the case of the loose pus, and it can be used without a broken skin.

Rolling hot rolling --- medicinal egg:

Wind cold: can add ginger, Ai Ye, purple, onion, windproof.

Wind hot: can be made of sheet, forsythia, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, green tea; the above drugs can be used alone, or 2-3 species;

Rheumatism: can be promoted to live, alone, Eucommia, road pass, safflower, etc.

Eczema: Can add atractylodes, calamus, Ai Ye, windproof and other drugs to be dumped, and 苓, 苓 补 (Because 补 脾 药 can also be damp). The strap is damaged, and the blood is added, and the peach kernels are booming.

Pediatric food, fever caused by food: can increase in hawthorn, chicken, and dislocation.

Black eye: can add safflower, Ai Leaf ...

If you can't accurately determine that the disease is cold or wind, it is inhabitation. Don't hobb eggs.

Scenes that can be used:

1, the child has a cold: sneezing, runny nose, slight cough

Hollow method: a, scroll in the large vertebral acupoint area; b, scroll in the hall area with eggs; C, if the child has a headache, you can scroll through the "wind pool" under the back of the brain. . Each acupoint is generally 3 to 5 points.

If the child does not cooperate, then use the eggs to roll the Dusel and the bladder, and roll a game when doing the game, and it is good.

2, child's stomach pain: such as children ate watermelon, ice cream, blow air conditioning, saying that the stomach pain is uncomfortable.

Rollover method: rolling with the abdomen around the navel, roughly 10 ~ 15 minutes, 2 eggs turn, egg cooling.

3, the child diarrhea: stool, bubble, water sample, not stinky, diarrhea.

Rollover method: roll through the abdomen around the navel of the egg, roughly 10 ~ 15 minutes.

4, eyes fatigue: children learn to use

Rollover method: use eggs to roll in Huguang and the eyes, but also to prevent myopia, and I don't want to roll.

5, jaundice care: pay attention to temperature, baby's skin delicate

Rollover method: Use the whole egg in the child from the head to the foot, rolling over the morning, there is a night in the afternoon.

6, rhinitis: refreshing, always sneezing

Ways: forehead, Hook, on both sides of the nose, item (back neck), back bladder.

7, eczema: baby repeated eczema

Rollover method: in the area of ​​the baby's long eczema, gently egg, pay attention to the temperature of the baby to accept the range.

8, shocked: Baby has been crying at night (non-food recovery)

Rolling method: When the knock begins, starting from the top of the front, then the front is rolling from the upper body from the upper body, then the back body rolls from the upper body, and finally receives from the foot. (Pay attention to the temperature, the egg is cold to change.)

Because silver has "safe five dirty, fixed gods, except evil spirits", so it is time to use silver.

Cooking eggs, what information is to add?

1. In the case of a cold, you can add some of the cold drugs, such as cold cold, you can add 15 grams of Ai Ye, two or three ginger, and the onion belt must be taken. Being a cold diarrhea, you can add dry ginger.

2. If you have a hot situation, you can add gold and silver, forsythia, and dandelions to cook the eggs.

3, encounter wet situations, you can add musk, atractylodes, tannood.

If you can't get it clear, you don't have to add anything, the egg itself is a good medicine.


The eggs that rolbrose can't eat!

The ancients have asked to embed the eggs to the soil, do not discard casually, so that people who are treated will be more beneficial. After completing, don't go out to blow, it is best not to take a bath, stay at home for a day, some people may be more difficult to see or have a body, but cook the mountain medicine red jujube porridge.

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