Eating: Why do you control it more?Emotions are manipulating you!

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Eating: Why do you control it more?Emotions are manipulating you!

2022-01-13 18:07:47 37 ℃

You must have such experiences. When you are in a bad mood, you will especially prefer some high-calorie junk food, such as dessert, cola, etc. Those things have more, you may not feel delicious, but that kind of eating, swallowing, stomach is full of feelings, let you feel full, safe.

Studies have shown that when people are in greater anxiety and depression, the brain will stimulate the body to secrete stomach, and people don't consciously diet or fat. Because the "stomach hungry" caused by anxiety, you have pressed it with eating, but you think that you are not anxious and very "enjoy".

But the problem is that anxiety is not fundamentally solved. Eating is just a kind of venting and uncontrollable self-indulgence, after which the consequences of overeating will become a new round of negative emotional sources! In order to deal with negative emotions, you can only choose to eat more!

So, how do you break the vicious circle of overeating?

First tell everyone a story of a patient's patient!

Xiaolin's grieving source is like a lot of girls, so starts to go to the gym, dieting, and lose weight in order to maintain a better body.

In the first half of the year, Xiaolin insisted, but the beginning of a nightmare.

For a long time, I will make Xiaolin can't suppress appetite. Xiaolin's food is increasing, and Doun only eats junk food. She began constipation, hair, insomnia, palpitations ..... Xiaolin's temper is getting western and uncertain, ancient blame, interpersonal relationship is ruined.

After each overeatment is over, Xiaolin will swear to lose weight. However, just like many of the symptoms, things will only be separated from control.

Because of the overeatment, Xiaolin is immersed in deep and regrets for a long time. Every overeating occurs, with strong frustration, will hate themselves, show depression, guilt and obvious grief.

Xiaolin feels pain, the more you want to eat, the more you eat, the more painful. From the initial body problem, go to the next depression!

In this way, Xiaolin can't get out of the vicious circle of dieting - overeating - dieting - grunge.

Strike is almost destroyed with Xiaolin's entire life! She is not willing to go to work, I don't want to socialize, I don't want to communicate with my parents. She feels that she is a thorough loser.

The negative emotions caused by ephesion have completely swallowed Xiaolin, she started from being disabled, took a knife to cut out a piece of mouth on the arm. This is Xiaolin's punishment to himself, and Xiaolin is the beginning of salvation.

In the case of isolation and no aid, Xiaolin, who suffered earthmia, finally started to save.

Xiaolin knows that his own mysteria is a large degree of psychological problems, so it began to work with self-treatment from the psychological level. She bought some foreign books related to the ephesysia, and visited various relevant materials and cases online, intending to use cognitive behavioral therapy to treat themselves.

However, all of this is a futile, Xiaolin's self-control system and self-regulating energy have been destroyed. She is difficult to self-help, and can only be repaired with external force.

Under your friend's recommendations, Xiaolin began to accept psychotherapy, and took a long time of anti-anxiety and antidepressants, it gradually came out from the shadow of the earthmia.

With the help of a psychological counselor, the psychologist conducted systematic treatment for Xiaolin.

The counselor is divided into two major sectors to Xiaolin's psychological counseling. First, the emotional adjustment, the other is to change the awareness.

1, regulate emotions

It is necessary to adjust emotions because emotions and behaviors are interacting, and research shows that after experiencing negative emotions, it will generally use a large number of eating fungus to mitigate negative emotions. But overeating does not truly solve fundamental problems. Instead, milling may cause negative emotions to fall into a stronger negative emotion after aerial behavior.

The main reason for Xiaolin's greed is due to the role of negative emotions. The maintenance control of the diet, the expectations of the body, and the desire to food, under the influence of the mood, the self-controlled force decreased under the influence of the perception, and the impulse emotion is transferred to an impact. In the end, the impulse of these impulses will become a mandatory behavior.

2, adjust the cognition

Increase new cognition: Striolet is because of emotion or pressure, it can reduce troubles, so that the wrong handling method for emotional pressure treatment is formed, the dependence and low-key power for food.

Change the original cognition: think that you don't need to be too temperament of food, eat your own happiness.

With the help of the counselor, Xiao Lin fell off the evil cycle of dieting. She realized that reducing appetite, cultivating self-control is the key to changing, and in the process of changing, Xiaolin's emotions are slowly soothing, no longer extremely negative, self-confidence slowly recover.

After the appetite is controlled, Xiaolin starts a healthy diet and exercise. The body and mood have recovered!

Xiaolin is fortunate, eventually can be cured. However, there are many patients with ephesometrics in self-restraint and self-indulgence, they are suffering!

In the final analysis, eating can only be a kind of venting and a false sense of security, whether it is to lose weight or depression, or the emotional problem caused by overeating, in fact, it is an individual's negative and extremely confident that the self.

Food can only bring you temporary happiness, and you need to examine things that really make you happy.

Those who you can't control, will finally destroy you! Please stop in time, heal yourself soon!