What services can I provide in pharmacy clinics?

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What services can I provide in pharmacy clinics?

2022-01-13 18:08:21 40 ℃

New pharmacy model! What is a pharmacy clinic? What services do it provide for patients? Today, I will answer you, don't forget to come in and see.

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Pharmaceutical outpatients refers to a pharmaceutical institution with pharmacists with pharmaceutical expertise to provide medication, medication, medication, medication programs, medication education, follow-up guidance, etc. a series of specialized services.

Pharmacy clinic mainly includes two forms, which are pharmacist independent clinics and pharmacists - physicians joint clinics.

As long as you have questions about the medication, you can go to the pharmacy clinic for consultation. Especially for chronic diseases, 5 kinds of drugs, suspect that drug adverse reactions, liver and kidney function is not full, and pregnant women, children, etc., more need to go to pharmacy clinics to use medicine.

The service content of the pharmacy clinic includes collecting patient information, drug treatment evaluation, treatment plan adjustment, and formulating drug treatment related action plans, patient education and follow-up of six sections. Among them, drug treatment evaluation and medication protocol adjustment is the core of service, can analyze the treatment drug from adapted, effectiveness, safety, compliance, etc., combined with patient individual, the disease, the drug used to propose an individual Recommendation, guaranteeing rational medication of patients.

Summary, the main body of pharmacy clinics is pharmacist, focus on individual medication services as the core!

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