Why is a body strong person suddenly diagnoses cancer, the body weak people will not?

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Why is a body strong person suddenly diagnoses cancer, the body weak people will not?

2022-01-13 18:08:27 35 ℃

Xiao Zhang's father-in-law, the body is better, in addition to being a little bone hyperplasia, other problems are not. Leg foot, appetite is normal. Instead, the mother-in-law is always dragging.

My mother-in-law has to have diabetes in 40 years. It is also accompanied by three high. It usually eats medicine. It is often insomnia, and there is no big surgery for two or three times. I am sighing every day. I feel uncomfortable.

In the winter, Xiao Zhang suddenly received a call from my mother-in-law in the middle of the night, and said that the father-in-law suddenly had. Xiaosheng's husband runs in the past, in this half hour, the father-in-law suddenly died. The ambulance arrived and has been rescued. Whether it is a relative or neighbor, it is really unacceptable. Everyone feels that there is at least 10 years.

In this case, Xiao Wang also encountered, when I rented a house two years ago, I met a pair of elderly couples. The old man was happy every day, with her grandchild strolling outside. The old woman is white and white, with high blood pressure, take medicine every day. The temper is still violent, often heard from her voice in the house. When I met on the past two years, my father had died, the wife, the wife, did not change in two years ago.

Usually look healthy, more spiritual people, but it seems to be more destacious, and it seems that there is a disease and is the late stage of cancer. I have left the people. Why is this?

According to the data released by WHO, 20% of people around the world will suffer from cancer. In 2020, 10 million people died in cancer in the world. Moreover, as global population growth and increased life expectancy, cancer will become increasingly common.

Some people say that people will have cancer whenever they live. You may think this is in a nonsense, let's take a look at how the cancer cells come, maybe you will re-think.

In fact, cancer cells have been normal cells. There are hundreds of thousands of cells in the human body. Under normal circumstances, it will die when cell aging or damage is damaged, and then replaced by new cells.

However, due to some special reasons, the cells that should be aging, damage or death do not work according to the class, but continue to survive in vivo, it will form excess neonatal cells. They continue to split, ultimately may lead to malignant tumors.

As long as people have been alive, the cells will have been divided, and the probability of producing cancer cells will increase.

In fact, there is such a lottery winning, some people buy it, and some people will buy hundreds of times. Different, no matter whether your body is good, everyone must hold a few lottery tickets.

Only the number of lottery tickets can only reduce the probability of the winning prize. Healthy life, avoiding risks, timely prevention is an effective way to reduce the probability of winning.

We are all taboo cancer. Although the body is strong, immunity is also strong. However, when the major disease is facing cancer, it is unable to rely on a simple powerful immunity. After cancer, cancer cells will cause harm to the human body.

First, they will rob the nutrition.

Like normal cells, cancer cells also need to consume nutrients. However, the "appetite" of cancer cells is even more, and nutrients needed. When nutrients are limited in vivo, cancer cells will be robbed with normal cells, leading to malnutrition, and the body is gradually weak, and the weight is greatly reduced in a short period of time, and even causing organ failure.

Not light robbing nutrition, cancer cells will also destroy blood vessels.

When the team of cancer cells grow to a certain extent, it will oppress the surrounding organs and blood vessels. When severe, blood vessel rupture can cause large bleeding, endanger life. At the same time, cancer cells will also fall off, and the blood circulation is transferred to the various organs of the body, there is a large scale.

Then I found some "brothers and sisters" to make destruction together.

After the metastasis and diffusion of cancer cells, patients with low immunity can easily cause dysfunction of other organs to produce a series of complications. For example, cancer cells are transferred to the bones, which will cause severe bone pain; cancer cells transfer to blood vessels, can cause thrombosis, trigger hypertension, coronary heart disease, etc., aggravated the condition.

There are also some side effects in the treatment.

In the course of cancer treatment, especially radiotherapy and chemotherapy, different degrees of side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, hair loss, rash, bone marrow inhibition, liver and kidney toxicity, etc., further weaken immunity, increase the difficulty of treatment.

Everyone may have cancer in their lives, so reserve cancer knowledge, do the utmost effort to reduce the risk of cancer is particularly important.

In 2019, Jejie Academician and Professor Chen Wanqing issued China's 23 main carcinogenic risks and proportions in China. According to the paper analysis, if the prevention and control of these 23 kinds of carcinogenic factors, 45.2% of cancer deaths in China can be avoided.

According to different types, research papers divided 23 kinds of carcinogenic risks into five factors.

Behavioral factors: smoking, second-hand smoke, drinking, lack of exercise.

Food factors: fruit, vegetables, dietary fibers and calcium intake; red meat, deep processing meat and pickles have too much eaten.

Metabolic factors: weight overweight, diabetes.

Environmental factors: PM2.5 pollution, ultraviolet radiation.

Infection factors: Helicobacter pylori, hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, HIV, human herpes virus 8, etc. Many of these factors are avoidable.

Therefore, the occurrence of cancer is affected by a variety of factors, and the body is strong and cannot be a reason to be free.Instead, it may be good because of the physical quality, but ignore the hospital's timed physical examination.There is no timely exclusion of hidden dangers, and the roots are getting more and more serious in the case of uninformed.Regardless of the body's strong or weak, we can't underestimate cancer, we must take the initiative to attack, prevent problems.

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