How to relieve the gout attack?

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How to relieve the gout attack?

2022-01-13 18:07:53 33 ℃

With lifestyle, the changes in the diet structure, there are more and more people who suffer from pain, and they are getting more and more young.

Gardship is painful, mainly in the pain of joint, often violates 1 joint, mostly in the big toe, followed by the foot, foothold and ankle; there will be a partial swelling, red heat, tenderness, tenderness Dare to act.

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Common reasons leading to gout


Hyperuricemia is a metabolic disease caused by sputum metabolism or uric acid excretion disorders.

The gout is derived from hyperurice. When the uric acid crystallization in the blood deposes the articulating film, the gout occurs in the symbolic inflammation.

However, it is not to say that there is a high uric acid will definitely lead to gout. Check the uric acid level when the acute episode of gout arthritis occurs, but some incentives lead, such as drinking, strenuous exercise, and cold.

Mitigate the way gout


The most important way to relieve gout is two: diet control and drug treatment.

Diet control is also the treatment of uric acid, expert advice:

Drink more water;

Stay away from all wine;

Eat less animal internal organs and seafood;

Do not drink sugar beverages.

For less than some people, eliminate incentives and change lifestyle can avoid gout attacks. But more people still need to rely on medications to control gout.

Drugs for treating gout are more than just a piece of stop pain at the time of episodes, but more importantly, the most suitable drug treatment solution is developed according to the individual conditions, and the medication is adjusted according to the changing condition.

Many patients will ask if there is a special medicine for treating gout, and the answer is probably to let everyone down, and there is no so-called special medicine. The current medical means cannot cure gout.

Therefore, everyone can not believe in health products or drugs that can cure gout, formal treatment is the best way to control gout and stay away from gout.

So what should I use when gout acute occlusion? This week, Dr. Jiquan invited Huang Yanlai, a rheumatist at Zhejiang Hospital, Zhejiang University Medical College, Huang Yanlai, talking about and "gout".

January 13th (Thursday) 18:30

Zhejiang Hospital Rheological Department attending physician Huang Yan

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Doctor Huang Yan took place in Zhejiang Hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University Medical College. Engaged in rheumatoid immunology, teaching, research work for 5 years, good at gout, hyperuricemia, ankylosing spondylitis, dry syndrome, systemic lupus erythematus, rheumatic polymyxal pain, osteoporosis and other rheumatic diseases Diagnosis and treatment, published in the number of papers at home and abroad.

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Zhejiang Hospital Rheological Department attending physician Huang Yan

What should I do if the gout acute episode?

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