Fear of the dish, winter is a good time in winter?Hand!

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Fear of the dish, winter is a good time in winter?Hand!

2022-01-13 18:07:42 27 ℃

Yangguang.com, January 13, according to the Voice of China Broadcasting and Television, China's Voice "News Hattle" reported that these two days, a well-known hot pot shop was exposed to dishes, and the matter has also attracted people's health and safety of catering enterprises. s concern.螂 like warm, have a water, rich in food, where there is a hidden gap and a hole, so the preparation area such as the kitchen is a "hardest hit area" that is gathered.

Recently, Beijing and other places have carried out winter household pests and disease activities with a focus. Why is you going to destroy in winter? Will winter cockroaches will never die naturally? Is the adhesive paper changed, better?

"Fugui Cutao" can be hungry

More than 5,000 species of cockroaches, including more than 30 kinds of hazardous cockroaches. Cockles can carry a variety of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses and fungi, can also carry nematometa, through pollution food, various diseases dominated by intestinal infectious diseases. Their excrement, corpse debris, etc., or asthma, rhinitis allergens.

In my country, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, etc., the most common in the home is German small.

Zhang Yong, deputy director of the disinfection and harmful biological prevention system of Beijing CDC, Beijing, Germany, is a superiority, accounting for about 90%, and the residents will occasionally find a big head than Germany. Some Americas is big.

They can pass the very small gaps, and take the initiative to spread in various pipes and climb into people. In addition, it is also possible to follow the shopping bag from the vegetable market passive into the home. There is a source of food, and the hole gaps of water are the ideal sitting.

It is said that the summer is the most embarrassing in the summer, and it is not necessary to consider the 蟑, wait for them to die.

This idea, it is really a small look.

Don't forget that we give it the outer number, you can call "Xiaoqiang".

Dragonfly is a witness in the dinosaur era.

The cockroaches at home are not too small, and there is a seam to stay, and it is not good to eat at home.

Take Germany, it is an eating insect. It is like cleansing food, and it is like rotten food, sputum, hair, etc., which can survive for 1 month under the conditions of water. Even the clothing, books, etc. can be a food, cockroaches, even can eat the bodies of the companion, excrement, or silkworms.

Zhang Yong introduced: "They prefer, the favorite is' fragrant, sweet, oil 'food, the earliest time, also called the cricket" rich insect'. "

Why do you want to destroy in winter?

It is possible to be "rich", you can hungry, in autumn and winter, cockroach will not "can't go." At this point, not only do it, regardless of it, you should also grasp the time.

First of all, this season, 螂 also wants warm and warm, so it is better to find them to get gathered in the heat source, some are targeted.

In winter, you will not only have this.

Yang Weifang, chief physician for the disinfection and media bio-prevention office of Jiangsu Province, China. The reduction in population is a measure that controls the annual density. "

In this case, what are you waiting for?

Is the sticky papers throw?

The cockroach can be used in a cockroachera bait, a cockroach toxic bait, a special instrument and a pharmaceutical cockroach fumigation technology and adhesive paper. The glue bait, fumigant, and poison bait belong to the chemical cockpit method, and the adhesive paper belongs to the physical cockstime.

And all these premise is that the source of "life" is broken.

Zhang Yong emphasized that the cockroach is not simply using some cockroaches or pesticides to play or prevent the effect of 螂 at home to breed: "The most important task, our professional term is called 'environmental prevention.". The first thing to do is to make it very clean and clean. In addition, various hole gaps should be blocked - blocking holes. "

Moreover, it is necessary to fight for the "团灭".

The principle of use of the bait is to attract the bait with pesticides. After eating, it will not be died immediately, and the poisoning will twitch and vomit. Then, use cockroaches to eat companion feces, the habit of vomiting and corpses, will appear in the phenomenon of "Dragonfly".

Similarly, when using sticky paper, Zhang Yong also reminded that if you only stick to a small amount, you can do not throw away the sticky paper, and there is a gathering habit, continue to use, and better effect. It can be taken to attract more cockroaches, cover the sticky paper, and then treat the adhesive paper.

Because the female barefare may carry a layered clamp, it can be propagated soon. When paying attention to the safety of fire, it is best to use incineration method.

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