Are you still put the banana in the refrigerator?No wonder banana is fast, many people still don't know

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Are you still put the banana in the refrigerator?No wonder banana is fast, many people still don't know

2022-01-13 18:08:11 31 ℃

Bananas will not be unfamiliar. With the improvement of living standards, the relationship between the region is increasing, the banana is also in the tropics, and the nutrients of bananas are very rich, now basically A fruit for preparing. But how to store bananas has a hot problem in life, today let Xiaobian give everyone a explanation.

First, why the banana puts the refrigerator why black

Banana grows in the tropics, belongs to tropical fruits, naturally presented light and mild environment. For most northers tend to ignore this, think that the refrigerator is a well-weln magic fashion. Store the fresh banana bought, and the banana is getting black. The temperature in the refrigerator does not want to match the growth habits of bananas, and the low temperature will make bananas to create frozen damage, banana preservation is usually 8 ~ 23 degrees Celsius, most suitable at 15 degrees Celsius. Because the banana will secrete ethylene, when it is in a refrigerator of the refrigerator, it will accelerate the decomposition of bananas, and the banana will get more black.

In addition, the banana refrigeration will damage the peel cells, which further accelerates the degree of oxidation of bananas, and the banana will secrete the enzyme oxidation epidermis into the pulp, and the flesh is gradually turned to brown under the fermentation of tunins and eventually turns black. Banana is usually taken at seven-eight cooked extent, then sells to customers, and the banana epidermis that the general customer bought will have a ripening agent. If the banana pee is not cleaned in time, even if it is placed in a refrigerator, banana skin will also Further oxidation and is ripe. The refrigerator is also a very sealed environment, so the banana will be faster, so put it in the refrigerator, it will only make the banana become more black. Moreover, 香 can produce bacterial infections and local mildew. If black bananas eat more, they will produce acute appendicitis, so for the healthy ice banana to put into the refrigerator is the most correct choice.

Second, how to store bananas

Banana skin should pay attention to avoid bumps, and the banana touched is very easy to become black. So when the banana bought back, the most common method is to clean the bananas, because the banana epidermis bought contains a ripe agent, which is easy to accelerate the maturity of bananas. After cleaning, it is necessary to store the banana handle to the dry water in the upper 15 ° C, so that the banana stored is not easy to become black, and it is convenient to eat. There is also a question, it is also necessary to pay attention, that is, bananas are put together with other fruits, especially cooked apples and pears such as subtropical fruits, cooked fruits will release the ripestage to accelerate bananas. In addition, bananas will avoid heat in winter.

Finally, there is a common method, even if you wrap the banana handle with a newspaper or tin foil paper, make the banana reduce the degree of oxidation, and release ethylene. The most important thing is to put bananas to reduce bananas and desktops to contact area, and a large amount of area is close to the table. This is also very paying attention to it.

Banana is rich in a variety of vitamins, can be so smooth, and banana skin contains boarpothelin to treat skin pruritus, which can effectively inhibit bacteria's breeding, and to sterilize the effect. At the same time, the banana is sweet and cold, and the heat is hot. So bananas are more and more people love, how to store bananas is also being paid attention to. I believe that today's explanation is more beneficial. More exciting content Xiaobian next time you render.