The nuts, step-down, slippery, and prolonging life of the year

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The nuts, step-down, slippery, and prolonging life of the year

2022-01-14 00:09:32 25 ℃

This year's gift, what to go home, of course, to send health, this year, send nuts. Nuts should look at the quality, see raw materials, so we share the benefits. (More nuts are good than a squirrel, a taste nuts)

Nuts is a refreshing food, and it is also a health gift, but also a fashionable goods.

The editorial ink is previously planned, green emperor food in the famous food company. It is also because it has this channel resource in the food company. I have a certain public number of traffic, I want to give fans to make a welfare, sell a wave of new year, do quality, good price nuts, dry goods. I have never wanting to feedback very well.

I will introduce you to what kind of nuts:

(Real shot: purple cashew 150g / can)

(500g of bag)

The purple leather cashew is also called the tiger skin cashew, which only adds salt, and there is no anything.

However, the taste is very good, the entrance is a bit salty, and it is sweet after eating. This is also the best word of reputation. So in the first place.

Cashew nature, flat, blood pressure, Yi Yan, prolonging life, diuretic cooling efficacy.

Certain vitamins and trace elements in cashers have a good softening angiogenic effect, which is beneficial to protect blood vessels and prevent cardiovascular diseases. It contains rich grease, can be lifted, moisturizing and beauty, aging. Currently consumption of cashews can improve the disease resistance of the body and promote sexual desire. (From encyclopedia)

(Real shot: very colorful pistachius 230g / can)

(500g of bag)

"The color" means that there is no bleaching. Many happy and very happy in the market are very cheap, and it is very clean, which is usually used with Chen New Year's goods bleaching. This natural color is eating a peace of mind, fresh.

Happy fruit is called "the fruit of the heart"

[Heart "bodyguard"] is rich in arginine, but it can not only relieve the occurrence of arteriosclerosis, which helps reduce blood lipids, but also reduce the risk of heart attack, reduce cholesterol, relieve acute mental pressure reactions.

[Protective Vision] Ponched fruit purple fruit, containing anthocyanins, which is a natural antioxidant material, and the green nuts contain rich lutein, but it can not only antioxidize, but also Protecting the retina is also very beneficial.

[Let the body slim] eat 28 grams of heart fruit every day, probably 49, not only don't worry, but also help to control your weight. This is because the feeling of fullness is usually takes 20 minutes. Eat the heart can extend the consumption time through the peeling shell, which makes people feel full and satisfied, helping to reduce the amount of food and control. (From encyclopedia)

Pine nickname (extra large)

The pine is a relatively expensive nut, but the win is more! Narrow!

At present, the market is very high, and even a little outrageous. Our price estimate is comparable to civilians.

Songzi, have been highly respected by Chinese doctors and nutrition scholars. Pine, sexy, sweet. With kidney, nourishment, raw gravitary, glutinus, moistening lungs and cough, nourishing yin and lungs, beauty anti-fail, prolonging life and other functions. Therefore, the pine is also known as longevity. (From encyclopedia)

[Real shot] NP shell almond (Ba Du) 210g]

Baudu is relatively light, one can can only load 210g, the price is more affordable, before the experience, especially girls like, my daughter also likes.

BaudonDs is a nutrient-intensive health snack containing protein, dietary fiber, vitamin E, carotene, and does not contain cholesterol, and is accepted and loved by consumers in China as a snack.

Baudu has a clear lungs, tanguar, dispelling cold, wind, diarrhea, usually used as cough and sputum, is tanguger, asthma, can also treat gastritis and acid-base poisoning. Baudamum is a traditional ush traditional fitness tonic. (From encyclopedia)

Real shot: a can of watermelon 220g

1. The watermelon seed contains rich protein, fatty acids, B vitamins, vitamin E, potassium, iron, selenium and other nutrients, and the role of clearing lungs, there is auxiliary efficacy for cough and phlegm and hemophagyism;

2. Watermelon is rich in oil, there is a stomach, the role of the flying, and there is no kind of seedlings such as the smelters of the sizes when there is no appetite or constipation;

3. Contains unsaturated fatty acids, there are effects to reduce blood pressure, and help prevent arteriosclerosis, is a snack that is suitable for patients with hypertension;

4. Watermelon seed containing fatty oil, protein, vitamin B2, phenantan, starch, crude fiber, α-amino-β- (pyrazoly-N) propionic acid. Also contain urea, α-galactose, β-galactose and sucrose. Also includes a saponin-like composition, a buck, and can relieve the symptoms of acute cystitis;

5. Watermelon seeds, generous, non-toxic; with lung, laminos, hemostasis, stomach, etc.

(Real shot: Bigen 1 can 230g)

Bigen: (US mountain walnut) is also called longevity

Efficacy: Bigenu kidney, supplement, moist, moisture skin, black hair. (From encyclopedia)

Health: Bigen has the effect of preventing arteriosclerosis, reducing cholesterol; in addition, it can also be used to treat non-insulin-dependent diabetes; there is an analgesic in patients with cancer, increase red blood cells and protect the liver (from encyclopedia)

Hawaiian fruit, also called Australia walnut, there is "the Queen" of the Queen "!

Health: Regulate blood lipids and puzzle, very suitable for nourishing foods for older or bloody fathers.

Single-unsaturated fatty acids, so it not only regulates blood lipid blood sugar, but can effectively reduce the content of serum total cholesterol and low density lipoprotein cholesterol in plasma. (From the encyclopedia) fragrance red raisins, a rare variety, extremely low output, and have a fragrant flavor, the entrance has an approximate rose, and there is a tendon. The color is red and red, the particles are large, and it is one of the best grape varieties in Xinjiang. Because it is the tribute to the Xiangxi and the emperor and the real-life, there is a name. This raisin is made of kshite horse, red grape, screening, drying. It is the nobles in the raisins.

people suitble:

1, neurasthenia, excessive fatigue office workers;

2, breathing gas short crowd;

3, frequent dizziness, palpitations, fatigue patients with hypoglycemia;

4, constipation people, etc.

In addition to the red raisins, there are two green big raisins and black black gallon raisins, this is more common, usually very popular dried fruit, used as a refreshment, make a cake, do dessert, cookies. Health effect is more well known. Pregnant women, old people, children like it very much, and don't get angry, and nutrition. The most critical is also cheap.

1. The iron and calcium content in the raisins are very rich. It is the nourishment of children, women and body weak anemia, can make up blood, warm kidney, help improve anemia, platelet reduction;

2. Raisin contains a large amount of glucose, has a nutrient effect on myocardium, which helps to recover with patients with coronary heart disease;

3. Raisins also contain a variety of minerals and vitamins, amino acids, and common foods have better supplements, or women's disease.

Basically, the dried fruit, I have introduced it over and over, because it is to do it, the raw materials used are better. It is also possible to go to the big city to compare, it can be guaranteed that the quality of the supply is better than the big business, and the price is cheap. The article will finalize the price list.

Before the nut gift box is also very good, many people are used to give gifts, send nuts very good, send health, warm, send love.

This year's gift box has two specifications, one is 8 pieces, one is 6. The content can be assembled at will. It can also be combined in our combination. Let's take a look at our gift box.

(This is six cans)

This is a pound of bag.

This is a canned price list

If a gift box is given, you can use the cans in the can, such as:

You can give gifts you can choose to match themselves in the gift box. The amount can also have additional discounts.

You can place an order directly in our store.

At present, the above prices can be shipped nationwide (except remote areas)