I often insomnia stay up late, I want to sleep, how to save?

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I often insomnia stay up late, I want to sleep, how to save?

2022-01-14 00:08:00 20 ℃

It is said that "sleeping a good" has become one of the most "luxury" things. With the rapid development of the social economy, the contemporary people have already opened the previous "sunset, sunrise", and do a dozen streets. People's sleep time is less and less, more and more late, becoming the nightstream became a normal state, insomnia became the town of the town.

Xiao Ming, can't you sleep soon? I will sleep immediately. After reading this episode, let's sleep first, don't manage the Austrian;

It's quite tired to work, why not sleep? Oh, it's hard to get off work, I still don't play games, easily and easily;

Today, I have to drive out the contract tomorrow, there is no way, I have to stay up late ...

There is a delayed sleep, but also pressure type, pressure type is because in order to achieve or complete a certain thing, but have to delay sleep, that is, overtime staying up late, and another kind of staying up late for the reason, just like The above, during the day, it is busy, there is no time, once the class, I want to use a lot of things in this time, let myself play, psychologists call this "retaliatory fall asleep ", And at night, can't control yourself, you may be because the pressure is too large during the day, the will power consumes too much, no matter what reason, modern young people's sleep problems have greatly affected their health. For example, the skin's aging, the memory of memory, the reaction force is delayed, obesity even affects heart health. Therefore, solving the problem is the key, how to solve? The key is still by yourself! Let's see what self-help methods:

First, the changes in psychology, thinking

First of all, don't put the words "preset" in advance, don't be afraid of insomnia, so before you sleep, you will say it in advance "today to insomnia". If you don't sleep, don't go to bed, you can read a book, read There will be sleepy.

Second, you can change the opposite idea. Under normal circumstances, think about how to sleep, you can change your ideas, lying in bed can think of yourself to make you special clear, silent, awake point, awake point ...

When you want to keep awake, it's turbid, you can't open your eyes and want to sleep.

Second, give yourself hypnosis

You can choose a hypnotic song that is suitable for your own, you don't need you to understand it, just need to help yourself.

Change sleep time, try not to stay up late, get better night, you may wake up, after 11 o'clock from Traditional Chinese Medicine, the human yang begins to develop, so I will sleep again, maybe it will be some difficult, try to make some early .

Establish all external interference factors, including indoor environmental food factors, psychological factors, such as indoor bedding, temperature, humidity, light is suitable, dinner can't eat too much, too greasy, too spicy and stimulating, and avoiding Night, In addition, don't think about it, such as some whispering or missing a person, if there is any psychological trauma, you can't get it, you can find a doctor.