Tianjin doctor: ketone diet is terrible, I was subverted, the patient's fatty liver indicator was disclosed

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Tianjin doctor: ketone diet is terrible, I was subverted, the patient's fatty liver indicator was disclosed

2022-01-14 06:04:34 23 ℃

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Q: What should I do if I have fatty liver?

A: Less oil, less salt, exercise more?

However, recent cases have subverted Dr. Liu, the first central hospital of Tianjin.

After seeing the data of this patient, Directue: ketone diet is too bull, it is terrible, let's take a look at this video first.


Ketone diet is a diet that does not eat rice slices, mainly eating meat and vegetables.

This patient is so eating, fatty liver is magical, and the skinny dragon has also been fortunate to interview this patient. In the back of the article, there is his story introduction.

In fact, there are many friends to give me feedback, and the fatty liver disappeared.

Before sharing the story, we will first review the study of ostrich diet and fatty liver.

After reading it, everyone knows: Why is there a fatty liver disappeared?

Ketone reversal liver

We have shared many studies before, analyzing the relationship between low carbone and fatty liver, the most famous is this Cell study. ↓

→ 2 weeks of low carbon diet, reverse the fatty liver

In January 2018, the study of the Royal Swedish Institute of Technology (KTH) was found in Cell:

Researchers found 10 subjects with obesity and high-fat liver, and insisted on 14-day low carbon diet, improved fatty liver effect was amazing. Related reading → 2 surrounded, "reverse the fatty liver" fastest way, CELL latest research

Very low density lipoprotein (VLDL) decreased by 56.7% and triglycerides by 48.4%.

At the same time, reducing carbohydrate consumption can reduce inflammatory markers, improve intestines, increase folic acid levels, and the like.

→ Diabetic ketone 2 years, liver indicator improvement

This is the medical examination indicator of American diabetes research institutions, one-year raw ketone, and studies have found that the cardiac indicators of the abworm group have greatly improved.

At the same time, the study also found that the liver function indicators of the threat were improved, Alt, AST, and ALP decreased.

In addition, Virta2 research issued, liver function markers, fatty liver index and liver damage index were improved.

Seeing this, many people may say that this is abroad, the Chinese body quality is different, let's take a look at this China's research.

→ Foshan research, flexible ketone improves fatty liver

This is the "flexible ketone diet shared by Dr. Wu Li Xian, deputy director of Foshan First People's Hospital, and Xu Huijuan.

30 subjects, 6 weeks after subjects, patient weight, waist hip, body fat, internal organs, blood lipid index, uric acid, liver fat content, glycated hemoglobin have significant decline, 7 patients The fatty liver has achieved reversal.

Related Reading → Foshan First People's Hospital: Discover a simple way to reverse fatty liver .....

→ Study on other low carbon diet and fatty liver

6 months of low-carbon hyperlipid (ketone diet), fat improvement, inflammation and fibrosis have been significantly improved.

14 obese men, 12 weeks low-carbon high-fat diet, 21.4% of patients with fatty liver completely subsided, 92.86% of patients improved fatty liver.

50 obesity patients, 10 days before surgery (15 g of carbon water) (carbon water 15 grams / day), and finally averaged 30% liver fat. .

The last randomized controlled study, compared the effect of low-carbon diet and low-fat diet on liver fat content, and the study found that low-carbon diet group and liver fat content decreased.

There are so many data, I hope there is a small partner with fatty liver, you can try a low carbon diet or a more stringent ketone diet.

Slim Dragon Access Tianjin

Because I know this teacher Wang Hao, I contact this patient, the patient introduces her own abnum experience.

Patient: 58 years old, left kidney, left kidney function, want to pass conservative treatment, lift liver function.

Later, I found the director of the kidney Wang Hao. The first time I heard the strange words of "ketone diet" from her.

Director Wang recommended some books and related websites, including "slim dragon", began to practice less rice, slowly quit "staple food", and it is very difficult.

It used to be two meals a day, and finally, I often read the video of Dr. Boge, become a daily meal now, mainly with chicken and duck fish, vegetables! If there is still a staple food, it is "small (fruit) tomatoes.

The most critical is: not hungry! This is the first principle of ketone diet.

Don't eat rice slices, don't hungry, don't eat, don't exercise, don't be in the haze;

Stay away from junk food, close to organic and nature, when the weather is excellent, run 5,6 kilometers, breathe fresh air, help my airway, allergic asthma.

I dropped from 160 pounds to the current 138-140 catties.

It turns out that hypertension, more than 600 hypersuronic acid, more than 100 creatinine, and fatty liver, now it is basically normal!Here is the index of the most recent check.Seeing the changes in the patient, he made Tianjin Liu did hear himself.

Key slim dragon

We have written many articles before, the main cause of fatty liver: alcohol, fructose, and too much carbohydrate.

Excessive food intake, storage too much liver fat, resulting in fatty liver.

There are too many fructose to eat too much, so the fruit should also eat less.

Many non-alcoholic fatty livers are eating too much rice sour.

It is reversible from healthy fat to fatty liver, and finally the cirrhosis is not good.

Therefore, reversing fatty liver should be early, if the problem of fatty liver is found, change the diet structure as soon as possible.

Try a low-carbon diet that eat rice slices, less night, drink less, protect your liver.