28-year-old live girl suddenly died in the room, the truth is amazing!

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28-year-old live girl suddenly died in the room, the truth is amazing!

2022-01-14 06:04:22 20 ℃

Special reminder: Who is the potential goal of cerebral hemorrhage?

These people should pay attention to:

Hypertensive patients, diabetic patients, hyperlipidemia patients,

Smoking drink, obese, sedentary,

High-strength workers, long-term stay

Will you be the goal of brain bleeding?

Say your lifestyle in the comment area

When you feel that it has been stared by "brain bleeding"

Don't be over-panic first

Doctors give 9 recommendations for preventing cerebral hemorrhage

Come join "Save the brain" action!

In addition, if you have a sudden cerebral hemorrhage

Usually symptoms may be:

The sudden headache, nausea and vomiting, convulsion epilepsy

When you have these signs, you must pay special attention!

Review expert: Sun Feng | Deputy Chief Physician, Department of Neurology, Harbin Medical University


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