Can high blood pressure friends eat eggs?Can you drink alcohol?How to avoid it?

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Can high blood pressure friends eat eggs?Can you drink alcohol?How to avoid it?

2022-01-15 06:04:42 19 ℃

Is there a high blood pressure around you? Then do you know what problems they need? Today, I will give you a typical 2 examples.

Everyone thinks that eggs are closely related to high cholesterol, heart disease, because patients with hypertension should not eat high cholesterol food, so everyone believes that patients with hypertension, heart disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease should not eat eggs, focus Come, in fact, this is a mistake.

Data research shows that eggs have a certain protective effect on the heart, but also reduce blood pressure. When the egg enters the gastric enzyme, the same protein is the same as the antihypertensive principle, so high blood pressure patients can eat eggs, But pay attention to usage, in addition, eat one every day is no problem. Secondly, drinking, wine culture is also in China, can't be opened in China. Many friends who have been in the next grade want to drink a little every day. I often listen to people that proper drinking will help to be healthy, this statement is completely Incorrect.

Can the patient can drink? The key is that we must know that the main three elements of high blood pressure rise, 1) eat more salt; 2) obesity; 3) Drinking; So high blood pressure patients try not to drink, high blood pressure patients have a lot of drinking, it is very likely There is a short-term blood pressure rise. If the long-term drinking is very likely that blood pressure is difficult to control, the complications of hypertension come out, such as brain hyperflash, myocardial infarction, etc., while alcohol contains a lot of heat, it will increase the weight such as obesity. These are the reasons for high blood pressure. Alcohol will also affect the effect of many antihypertensive drugs, so patients with hypertension should be kept away from alcohol. In particular, patients with hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease must be alcohol.