"Water rushing egg" drop sesame oil, drink for half a year, what benefits do you gain?After reading the knowledge

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"Water rushing egg" drop sesame oil, drink for half a year, what benefits do you gain?After reading the knowledge

2022-01-15 06:04:36 10 ℃

The nutritional value of eggs is very high, eating eggs can add protein to the body, improve the body's immunity, so many people will eat an egg every day.

I believe that many people have been drinking water in the bowl when she is young, and the raw egg is played in a bowl, add boiling water to stir, then add a little salt and sesame oil, it is simply delicious.

Now "boiling water rushing eggs" has become a past style, but the original taste is still attracting many people, so drinking water rushing eggs, what are the benefits of the body?

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Protect the liver

After getting up in the morning, you need to add nutrients to your body in time. If you can drink a bowl of boiling water, you can better promote digestion and absorption, and improve low blood sugar and reduce liver.

After entering the winter, the weather is very dry. Many people have an upholstery. The amino acids and lecithin contained in the eggs are good for physical health and can help care for the liver and protect the health of the liver.

Improve immunity

With the growth of age, all organs in the body will aging, and physical fitness is getting worse, so many elderly people are prone to some chronic diseases.

If you drink a bowl of boiling water every day, then drop two drops of sesame oil, you can improve the body's immunity, improve the human quality, improve immunity, and the body is not easy to get sick.

Protect the stomach

The boiling water is more likely to be absorbed by gastrointestinal gastrointestinal stomach, so the burden of the gastrointestinal gas, and the lecithin contained in the egg can form a thin hydrophobic layer in the stomach to protect the gastric mucosa.

Relieve constipation

There are some people in life that there is constipation. It is very difficult to defend, I want to improve constipation, I can stick to the boiling water every day, then drop a few drops of sesame oil, help season. Helps to stimulate gastric acid secretion, accelerate the gastric peristalsis, improve the intestinal power, and relieve constipation.

Help brain development

Eating eggs can play brain, because egg yolks contain very rich choline components, can promote the development of the human brain, improve memory and reaction. So if you can stick to a bowl of boiling water every day, you can help brain.


The nutrients in the eggs are very rich. For those who lose weight, eating eggs can avoid diet and lose weight. If you can insist on drinking a bowl of boiling water every day, you can also promote metabolism and promote parenteral creeping.

People who lose weight will insist on drinking water, but can reduce the burden of organs of organs, but also enhance the sense of protection, reduce the intake of other foods, which helps lose weight.

People with poor liver and kidney

There are some people like to eat sugar heart eggs. I feel that the sugar heart has more nutritious. In fact, this idea is wrong. If the egg is not completely cooked, there will be some bacteria, which is not conducive to the health of the liver and kidney.

If you are healthy, occasionally eat 1 ~ 2 new sugar eggs may not have a big impact, but there is a problem with the liver and kidneys, it may lead to physical discomfort, so this group is best to eat less eggs.

Pregnant woman just produced

After the birth of the child, the pregnant woman needs to add a lot of nutrients to the body, although the nutrients in the egg are very rich, but it is not suitable for pregnant women who have just produced.

The protein among the eggs is not easy to digest. For pregnant women who have just produced, the digestive ability is relatively weak. If you eat eggs, you will cause parenteral digestion, so this kind of population should eat less eggs, and if the physical strength is restored, it is not too late.