The various aging time of the body organ, pay attention to three points, aging may be slower

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The various aging time of the body organ, pay attention to three points, aging may be slower

2022-01-15 06:04:47 12 ℃

When people are born, they will slowly grow up, and after meeting age, they will enter the state of aging, which is the temperament of people. But why some people are slower, and some people are fast, and the various aging times of the body organs are different. Master a few methods can effectively delay aging.

1, the heart of the human body

Most of the hearts of the heart slowly enter the aging state in 40 years old, and the elasticity of the vessel wall will decrease, and the blood delivered to the whole body will also be lowered, so it is easy to accumulate.

2, the kidney of the human body

The kidney of the human body is basically in the age of 50, and the ability of urine will be significantly worse, and there may be prostate hyperplasia.

3, the intestines of the human body

The intestines of the human body are basically in the state of 55 years old. A medical person in Germany said that once the body's age exceeds 55 years old, the harmful bacteria discharge in the intestine will be affected. So it is prone to various types of intestinal diseases, and most common is constipation.

4, the human sense of smell

The human body's sense of smell is basically started from 60 years old. It is necessary to know a lot of taste buds on the person's tongue, and will gradually reduce it when entering the aging state. After 60 years of age, general sense of olfactory will fall slowly, which is also a normal aging process.

5, the sound of the human body

After 65 years old, the soft tissue of the throat will also enter the weakened state, which will cause the throat quality and sound. For example, some of the female tones will be lowered, hoarse voice, and the male is the opposite, it will become tone.

6, the bladder of the human body

Generally, the bladder of the general body will slowly enter the weakened state after 65 years old, of course, this is not 100% affirmation. Generally after 65 years old, the human body has also begun to enter the menopausal state, because of the decline in estrogen, so that the urethral tissue will slowly become thin. The bladder of the elderly is generally no way to compare the adult.

1, live to learn old

In fact, no matter what kind of age, you should still keep the curiosity of things. Only if you can keep your brain active, you can have a young attitude, it is impossible to be abandoned by the era.

2, correctly face the disease

When entering the old age, it is normal to suffer from disease. Don't think that you will have trouble to children. In fact, there are many diseases, as long as you can treat or control your condition in time, but instead of active treatment after the disease, this may affect life.

3, enrich social

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The elderly are actually like a child, I am worried about the space of themselves, then I want to solve it, I will find some hobbies that make myself interested, and it is also very critical. Or, go out, can effectively achieve the effect of expanding your friends, you can easily dispel the lonely mentality, but also have the effect of delaying aging, this is actually the right way.


No one can really do the longevity, accompanied by the gradual increase in age, it is easy to appear organ aging, which is the normal situation of people, but can delay the official aging in some correct methods. Don't think that you have no such mentality in your old age, the easier it will lead to changes in the body. If you want to effectively delay aging, you should fundamentally understand the aging, this is very important, only adjustment Good mentality can effectively meet the future.