Summary of epidemic prevention policies around the country, do you need to be a nucleic acid in the New Year?

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Summary of epidemic prevention policies around the country, do you need to be a nucleic acid in the New Year?

2022-01-15 06:04:24 18 ℃

Today, "Spring Festival returns to the epidemic prevention requirements" rushing on Weibo hot search and causing everyone's discussion.

Image Source: from Weibo

Near the Spring Festival, the people who work outside, the people who seek school are cut, but the sporadic epidemic in all parts will appear, and it is very worried.

Can you go home in the Spring Festival this year? If you want to go home, how to travel to make yourself more safe? Will not be restricted by destination, and will not increase the risk of infection because all the way?

What is the risk level of my location, destination, belonging to?

Can I go out to play? What do you need to prepare?

Do I need to isolate or return it? How long is it isolated?

These things you need, Ding Zhi Garden · Ding Di doctor's epidemic map are helping you pay attention.

In the epidemic map, there is a "travel policy" function: real-time tracking of epidemic dynamics, statistics on travel policies and risk areas of the current localities, so that you must travel more peace of mind. The step is not stopped, and the cloves are accompanied.

You can click on the picture below to enter the "Epidemic Map · Travel Policy" to view the latest travel policy, check the travel information from all over the world.

If you want to pass the epidemic map directly, you can do this:

1. Through the Truth of the Ding Dushen WeChat, or click on the picture below, enter the "Epidemic Map" doctor of the Ding Zhi Garden · Clove.

2. Click "Travel Policy" in the epidemic map, enter the query page

3. Enter your departure and destination to learn about the latest travel policies and risk zones.

4. What are the protection means for different transportation? We also prepare you.

Many travel policies are based on the local risk level of the visitors. What is the risk level of various cities across the country? What is the risk level of my urban risk?

Ding Zhi Garden · Ding Wei doctor's "Epidemic map"!

Not only that, in the map "Epidemic Hotspot" module, "the latest news" rolls updates in real time, no matter what important information.

The epidemic change is impermanent, and the Ding Di Garden. Doctor is always with you.

I wish you all a smooth job, happy life, peace and health.


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