Long-term smoking, beware of pulmonary lesions!There are 6 abnormalities in the body, or the dismissal letter sent by the lung

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Long-term smoking, beware of pulmonary lesions!There are 6 abnormalities in the body, or the dismissal letter sent by the lung

2022-01-15 12:07:57 9 ℃

It is unfamiliar with lung cancer. This disease is a malignant disease in my country and the world's incidence and the highest mortality, mainly related to air pollution living habits, especially the long-term smoking group, and is more likely to suffer from pulmonary disease.

Because of an element such as tar, nicotine, lead, mercury, these substances have carcinogenicity. If long-term smoking can lead to a lung accumulation of smoking toxic, causing abnormal alveolar expansion, and induces pulmonary cancer.

Therefore, for a long-term smoking group, if these symptoms appear on the body, it is highly vigilant, go to the hospital in time, because it is probably the upper body of lung cancer.

First, the sound is hoarse

Clinical survey showed that one of the most common features of lung cancer is the sound of hoarse, and there is no change in signs. The appearance of this result is not only closely related to pharyngitis and upper respiratory infection disease. If it is overwhelming, there will be hoarse The problem.

But there will be improved after treatment, and the sound hoarse caused by lung cancer will continue to exist, and there is a growing performance.

Second, cough bleeding

If you always have coughing, even coughing from blood, there is also an arrival of lung cancer.

Because the lungs are infected with harmful substances, the tumor will continue to grow over time. It may also oppress the tumor cells during coughing, and the case of cracking, and then bleeding, then the patient will have a cough and cough and cough.

Third, weight loss

In the absence of physical health and diet, the human body does not have a problem that weighs inexplicable.

Once a cancer cell occurs once the lungs, during its growth, the nutrients in the body will continue to absorb the nutrients in the body, first lead to deterioration of the patient's appetite, thereby there will be a malnutrition problem, and then add cancer cells constantly Invasion, the patient's weight will decrease significantly.

Four, lips purple

For a long-term smoking group, you will wish to observe the lips, if you have a purple manifestation, it is highly vigilant, it is likely to be damaged by the lungs.

Especially when there is a lung cancer, it will lead to the lungs and stasis resistance. The blood vessel pressure of pulmonary blood is less. From this point, blood pressure will also decrease, and there will eventually have problems with insufficient blood supply, so that the patient's lips are purple.

Five, chest tightness is short

Because the lungs are important places in gas exchange, the harmful gases in the lungs can be discharged outside when the fresh oxygen is inhaled. If there is any other lung problem such as lung cancer, the tumor will squeeze the lung tissue, thus blocking the trachea Resulting in a short tightness short tightness short tightness short tightness short tightness.

Six, chest pain

From the perspective of medical perspective, the lungs are organs without peripheral nerves, so in early terms of lung cancer, patients have no pain feeling.

However, as the condition is aggravated, the lung cancer tumor begins to deteriorate, and cancer cells are slowly diffused. When the patient will have chest pain symptoms, and this pain is very sharp.

All in all, before lung cancer arrive, there will be a variety of different performances, such as those mentioned above, the sound of hoarse cough, the lip is purple, chest pain, and weight loss, the long-term smoking group is high Pay attention to it, it is best to go to the hospital in time to check. If lung cancer occurs, it must be used in conjunction with the doctor to avoid sustainable development and harm your health.