What is the contraindody of the lace mulberry surgery?

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What is the contraindody of the lace mulberry surgery?

2022-01-15 12:06:59 17 ℃

Female friends do not do this surgery during menstruation, because the body is particularly special, may cause infection.

Female friends want themselves to be more sexy, but there are some people in life because of the endocrine influence in the body, so the color of the labia is relatively deep, which will affect their own charm, so love beauty will go to make labols and red surgery, but This surgical also has a certain contrast, so it is necessary to do a good job before surgery, this can avoid some risk.


1. Female friends are not doing this surgery during menstruation, because the body is relatively special, and it may cause infection.

2. If there is a high blood pressure or heart disease, it should avoid this surgery, because it may cause a series of complications, causing harm to the body.

3, if you do a large-scale care, you need to avoid surgery, so as not to cause greater harm to your body.

4, itself has skin inflammation or a crowd of scar body, and it is also necessary to avoid labilocketing surgery to avoid harm to the body.

After treatment, the vulva is cleaned, and oral antibiotics is infiltrated, which can accelerate the healing of the treatment site. Postoperative surgery should be heard from the doctor to avoid intimate life in the short term, otherwise the infection is hurt, and it is harmed to the body. After surgery, you should change your underwear and avoid wearing tight pants to prevent breeding bacteria, otherwise it will cause infection in the treatment site. Eat more vitamin food after surgery, avoid eating some spicy, greasy foods, otherwise it will extend the time of recovery, you can eat more protein or fruit, which helps to recover in the surgical site.

The above is the introduction of the related content of the lips and bustling taboo people. It has not chosen a more regular hospital in surgery, because there is a professional doctor in the hospital, and the surgical instrument is more sophisticated, so you can avoid cross infection. The occurrence of the phenomenon makes itself a safe guarantee.