Massage small finger than 28 flavors!Under 50 per day, the 1 month of miracle happened ~

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Massage small finger than 28 flavors!Under 50 per day, the 1 month of miracle happened ~

2022-01-15 12:06:58 3 ℃

Our hands have 6 meridians, with the whole body, organizational, organ communication, about 99 acupuncture points, can reflect the health of the whole body.

Massage or pressing these acupuncture points, can almost relieve systemic diseases.

Small refers to the health of the organ

Clinically, doctors have a common secret weapon - thumbs up, pressing a small thumb, preventing a variety of diseases.

Small refers to the heart of the heart, headache. The question of the heart kidney is closely tested by small tube, little finger, kidney, uterus, and testicular relationship.

Small finger and rough straight, it must pass three times or with the third close, this is good, if less than the third level, even bending, explaining the innate kidney and heart is not very good.

If the small finger is small and short, the female friend's gynecology is prone to problems, and the menstruation is not adjusted. If she is particularly small, her fertility function will have an obstacle; male friends can easily have kidney deficiency, and the backache is wet, and the kidney is not good.

If the little finger is insufficient, the impact on the entire body is the largest. The other four fingers are very good, but the little finger can't, explain the innate short. So the maintenance of people's physical fit is to see the little finger, usually have more little fingers.

The ancients said: "The little finger is three levels, people can live in everything."

The small thumb is still a health signal that comes with the human body. It can be used to diagnose the heart, bladder, uterus, testicles, kidneys. If the little finger is purple, it is necessary to pay attention, this is a warning signal issued by internal organs, the most Go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Massage for ten minutes every day, tube

Frequently pressing a small thumb to prevent and conditioning:

Cervical spondylosis, shoulder inflammation, headache, insomnia, waist disc protruditory, backache, limb numbness, tumor, palpitations, hypertension, sexual dysfunction, energy recession, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, menopause disorders, constipation, melancholy Symptosis, ink for forcity, neuronal, anxiety, vision, obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, frequent urination, closing urine, prostatic hypertrophy, hepatitis, white hair, etc .;

This is a massage that other thumb cannot be achieved.

Like senior people with prostate hypermissions, there is no urination, and even closing the diaper, at this time, use the left hand to pinch the right hand, with the right hand, pinch the left hand and thumbs, but not only the urine is also greatly reduced.

1, strong kidney

The right small refers to the kidney and the second yin, the left small refers to the bladder, and also passes through the lungs, ventilaty, and the kidney, so the massage thumbs can be strong.

There is a small fingering method of exercise is quite favored by men because of the practice of taking the small fingering method can be strong kidney, some people can use this method for a long time, in 70 years old can also give birth.

2, anti-barrier

Massage little thumb can be strong kidney, Chinese medicine believes that "kidney, its Hua is issued." The life of hair is rooted in the kidney.

The most direct performance of kidney is to look at the hair. The hair grows well, indicating that the kidney is good, the kidney is good, there is a black want, so often massage the thumb can eliminate the white hair.

3, prevent opinion, cataract

The small finger has a very effective acupoint that is very effective for treating eye aging and eye closing membranes, called old eyes. If the elderly use the thumb and forefinger to pinch the small finger base, you can prevent cataract, old anthropical eyes.

Small thumb massage method, super simple!

The key massage is located on the palm side of the nephew and the second design of the second design (here is the finger massage acupuncture point, not "life door" in the acupuncture points).

The renal governance is located in the palm side. The life is located on the palm side small finger second design.

Gently, then loose your hands, press the second down, do it, you can do about 50 times a day.

When watching TV, massage the thumb is most convenient, you can massage while watching TV, which can not only gradually eliminate white hair, but also prevent the treatment of backache pain.

Special reminder: the correct massage method is done, loosely. Don't use your strength or press it for a long time, you will have a strong stimulation, but it will cause harm to the body.

The small thumb corresponds to the heart, the small intestinal meridian, reflects the condition of the kidney, and circulating system. Press the little thumb every day, able to strengthen the kidney, prevent the old eyes, can also nurse the heart, anti-cancer ... is amazing!

Such a good health method, can do anytime, anywhere, don't hurry to send it to WeChat friends, remind everyone to press it every day?

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