Shanxi: All patients who have been treated with hot clinics need all nucleic acid detection

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Shanxi: All patients who have been treated with hot clinics need all nucleic acid detection

2022-01-15 12:07:17 3 ℃

In response to the severe complex situation of the total domestic excessive domestic excudular partition, the "Taiyuan position" is striving to build a "Taiyuan position", and do a good job in the infection control of medical institutions. On January 13th, the Municipal Health Jian Committee burst into medical institutions. Epidemic emergency disposal work is further deployed.

Comprehensive implementation of prevention and control measures in new crown pneumonia epidemic

Each medical institution should adhere to the "personality" "medical affected", "medical institution", "entrance", "entrance". Strictly implement the pre-test system, arrange medical staff with professional ability and experience asking the patient's symptoms and epidemiological history, seriously investigate all patients, family members, etc., guiding patients and accompanying people to properly wear masks, check "double Code ", sweep the field code and measure body temperature, inquiry with epidemiological history, ensure that all patients visit patients will last after the pre-examination. The Municipal Health Jiterary Committee will pay the relevant experts to carry out a comprehensive examination and inspection, and serious accountability of the problematic medical institutions to ensure that the rectification is in place.

Comprehensive implementation of the standardization management setting management

The medical institutions should standardize the set "three districts and two channels", people flow, logistics, and air flow and other regions of the hospital strictly physically isolated. All patients all patients all detect nucleic acids and feedback detection results within 4 hours to 6 hours. All patients must stay before the results of the test results.

Comprehensive implementation of patients and their accompanying perspective management

Each medical institution must strengthen the management of the disease and strictly implement the nucleic acid detection and negative procedures. At the same time, strengthen the 24-hour access control management of the ward, prohibiting unrelated personnel, and the patient's hospital stay has closed-loop management, and must not go through the ward. Strictly implement standardized protection measures, regular nucleic acid detection.

Comprehensively implement the prevention and control training and emergency drills of all employees

Various medical institutions should regularly organize all employee prevention and control training. Developed in the medical institutions, new crown virus nucleic acid detection positive personnel close contact, the nucleic acid sampling point in medical institutions found that new crown virus nucleic acid detection positive personnel, medical staff, hospitalized patients, management personnel, security, logistics and other personnel) Emergency Plan under different situations such as new crown virus nucleic acid detection. Conducting desktop programs and on-site drills, the Municipal Health Jianjian Committee will organize relevant experts to watch guidance.

Comprehensive implementation of the masses basic medical requirements

The medical institutions should further improve the operational mechanism of medical services during the exhibition of epidemic prevention and control, maintain reasonable medical order, and meet the basic medical needs of the masses. During the epidemic prevention, the medical institutions must never refuse with any excuses, and shall not investigate the nucleic acid 48-hour negative proof as a medical treatment, transfer patient and receipt.