What should I pay attention to during the reduction of platelets reduce hormones?

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What should I pay attention to during the reduction of platelets reduce hormones?

2022-01-15 12:07:06 3 ℃

In the treatment of platelet reduction, hormones are one of the early main medications, and it is very effective for lifting a platelet value, but the standard is not true. Because of the problem of side effects, such drugs are not suitable for long-term applications, and patients need to gradually reduce hormonal drug after treatment.

What should I pay attention to during the reduction of platelets reduce hormones?

For the reduction of hormonal drugs, platelets reduce the biggest concern is that the condition is repeated! It is afraid that the platelet is afraid to drop again, and it is worried that the medicine is long-term eating. So, how to reduce hormones in time under the premise of ensuring efficacy?

Hematologists have more expected patients to maintain low-dose hormone therapy, and can consider stopping drugs for some patients with completely alleviated platelet reduction patients. Patients with low-dose hormone therapy are relatively low compared to general amount of patients. However, hormonal drugs are not to be reduced, and they are stopped, and they still need to consider these aspects:

First, if the platelet value is too low, there will be serious risks of hemorrhage, so we want to reduce hormonal drugs, provided that platelets are maintained in relatively safe range, reducing bleeding risks. (If it is a patient who is hormone therapy, it is necessary to comply with the treatment plan.)

Second, many patients have obvious adverse reactions during long-term hormones, such as polyprotic, hormone faces, obesity, etc., which may lead to strong displacement, and stop drugs. At this point, pay attention to the declaration of the hormone, if the reduction is improper, it is easy to cause repetition of the condition, even rebounded, increase the difficulty of treatment. Therefore, the patient must follow the doctor's mind to slow down the drug to stop.

Finally, some blood sides reducing the case of hormone dependence in patients. That is, the use of drugs will rise, and the drug is lowered. At this time, the blood board reducing the patient should not stop the drug. It can intervene in the auxiliary treatment, promote the increase of platelet count and maintain stability, and gradually reduce the dose of the drug.

In addition, during reduction, it is necessary to pay close attention to the patient's condition, monitor the number of platelets, and observe the extent of decline. If there is no activity bleeding or fresh bleeding, you can reduce it according to plan, if there is a disease, The amount of drug is judged by the doctor according to the situation.