CCTV's famous host died of illness!Have to say, many people who have been anti-cancer medical examination is wrong!

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CCTV's famous host died of illness!Have to say, many people who have been anti-cancer medical examination is wrong!

2022-01-15 18:07:19 13 ℃

On January 10, CCTV host Zhang Zegun issued a news, and CCTV's famous host Zhao He is dead. Zhang Zequn mourned: "The economy is half-hour concerns about the people's livelihood, and the holiday will go to the fake, and I am deeply mourning.

Zhao Ge lived in front of CCTV Finance and Economic Channel, the deputy director of Finance and Economics. In 1982, he was admitted to the Broadcasting Department of China Communication University. In 1987, he went to the CCTV Economic Channel as a "half an hour" host and edited. Zhao He has once been one of the founders of CCTV's "3.15 Party" for 10 consecutive years.

According to the colleagues who have worked together with Zhao Ki, Zhao He has been fighting with cancer for several years, but it is unfortunately, but in the end, it has not been able to overcome cancer.

About cancer, you must know these

"I have never thought about it, and cancer will come on me (side)." This is the first reaction when most cancer patients or family heard the diagnosed news, did not reply, then confirm, then in pain .

The official journal of the US Cancer Society published "2018 Global Cancer Statistics" report, this article evaluates 36 of the 36 cancer incidence and mortality rates in 185 countries. Among the world's new 100 cancer patients, the Chinese account for 21. In other words, there are more than 10,000 people diagnosed cancer every day, and there are 7 people to cancer per minute. In average of more than 6,000 people died in cancer every day, nearly 5 people died in cancer per minute.

Why many people have found cancer to death for several months


Tumor is highly malignant

There are some cancers that have been found, the development speed is very fast, and many treatments cannot achieve good results, such as pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, gallbladder cancer, cholangiocarcinoma, small cell lung cancer, thyroid cancer, etc., these tumors are highly malignant. For the means of radiotherapy, targeted therapy, etc., the effect is not good. Therefore, the cure rate is relatively low. Taking pancreatic cancer as an example, most of the pancreatic cancer patients have died in half a year, and pancreatic cancer is known as the king of cancer. And patients with liver cancer can survive for more than 5 years.


Discover late

No matter what kind of cancer, it is diagnosed in the late stage, most of which is no cure opportunity. Most of the tumor final, widely transferred patients, the median survival period is only about half a year. Taking gastric cancer as an example, the cure rate of early gastric cancer is extremely high, can exceed 90%, if gastric cancer has been widely transferred, 5 years of survival rate no more than 10%.

Most cancers, especially internal cancers, such as liver cancer, gastric cancer, intestinal cancer, esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, etc. There is no obvious symptoms and signs of early times. If there is no regular medical examination, it is likely to miss the best treatment time. Therefore, everyone should regularly check each year, early detection of cancer, can achieve good therapeutic effects.



There are some tumors, which can endanger the life of the patient in a short period of time, such as tumor rupture, causing large bleeding; patients with lung cancer, can block the airway, to be a few minutes; gastric cancer and intestinal cancer and other tumors, causing stomach Intestinal perforation; patients with tumor is a high risk of thrombosis, thrombus blocking pulmonary artery, causing pulmonary embolism, will endanger life.


other reasons

Everyone knows that cancer is good in middle-aged and elderly people, elderly patients may merge some other diseases, such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke, etc., there are some patients, may not die from cancer, but die from other diseases .

There are also some patients, it is much more sick, and when surgery or chemotherapy, a blow may have a strike on the body, and it is possible to die in complications.

In summary, cancer should detect early treatment, in order to achieve a better effect, if the advancement of the cancer, the overall treatment effect is not satisfactory.

Anti-cancer medical examination, be sure to do this

1, lung cancer medical examination must do this

"2018 Global Cancer Statistics" show that lung cancer is still a global morbidity and a malignant tumor first in mortality.

Lung cancer is easy to focus: smoking in more than 20 years or less than 20 years old, or smoking more than 20 smoking people, often contacting the cigarette or smoke; the people who have long lived in the serious region of air pollution.

Preventing lung cancer must first quit smoking to avoid exposure to pollute the environment, followed by early screening.

Some people are confused: there is X-rays in the physical examination, and it should be possible to screen the lung cancer. In fact, X-ray films have a screening effect of lung cancer, and it is said that when X-rays can diagnose lung cancer, many are already in the middle and late.

Really effective early screening method is CT examination. Maybe someone will say, do CT, radiation, so scary! In fact, the low-dose CT scanning used in lung cancer screening has no effect on patient health (pregnant women, children choose CT to take care of the doctor), and there is no legend.

2, liver cancer medical examination must do this

my country is a "liver cancer big country", nearly 90% liver cancer is closely related to hepatitis B. Liver cancer is also a deep killer, which may be no symptoms in the early days, and once symptoms are often in the middle and late.

Liver cancer is easy to focus on: hepatitis B, hepatitis C virus long-term carrier, people with liver cancer family history, long-term alcoholic smokers, chronic liver disease and cirrhosis patients.

The simplest method of liver cancer is found is a regular medical examination, especially paying attention to the two items: B-ultrasound + blood testing methylfamin.

The real and effective early screening method is - B ultra + blood test methyl fetus. Many human tests have made abdomen B-ultrasound, just don't know. In fact, only B-ultrasound is relatively easy to miss, B-ultrasound combined with methylfin protein testing can effectively screen the cancer.

How to check with methylene fetus? The methylfin protein test is also a material extracted from the blood, so the first step is to take blood.

Important reminder: high-risk populations, it is recommended to screen once every half of the year. If an abnormality is found, CT or magnetic resonance check can be further considered.

3, breast cancer medical examination must do this

Breast cancer has become a top malignant tumor that threatens my country's health, and the growth rate of incidence has ranked first in the world.

but! Compared with other malignant tumors, whenever possible early detection, the survival rate of breast cancer is quite high.

Some people think that breast cancer is a patient, unmarried or old age (35 years old and above), has a family history of breast cancer, and menstruation is less than 12 years old or more than 42 years. This kind of woman is easy to be breast cancer. Stare.

In fact, men will also suffer from breast cancer, but they are very rare compared to women.

General screening can be initially judged by a breast B-ultrasound. B is a common image check, but it is always a smile. If the initial screening is discovered, it is generally recommended to make a molybdenum target, more accurate judgment whether the breast is healthy.

4, colon cancer medical examination must do this

Culture colorectal cancer is also known as colorectal cancer, including colon cancer with rectal cancer, colorectal cancer has ranked third in the morbidity of malignant tumors, and the mortality is ranked fourth.

Condensed intestinal cancer is easy to focus: obesity, diabetes, habitual blood, there is a class of cancer family history or martial artisan, presence, etc..

The terrible place of rectal cancer is that early often often misunderstanding is only indigestion, and the blood is blood, which makes people mistakenly hemorrhoids. It is not easy to be aware.

In fact, screened colorectal cancer - colonoscopy. Although the screening posture is a bit uncomprogrammed, I think that you can save you from the fear of cancer, it is also worth it.

Important reminder: high-risk group, don't neglect. The high-risk population is recommended to make a bowel detection every 2-3 years.

5, gastric cancer medical examination must do this

Compared to European and American people, Chinese people are more favored by gastric cancer. Reason, who told me that Greater China is so delicious.

The early symptoms of gastric cancer are hidden, but it has been found that early treatment, still does not affect the enjoyment of food culture.

Gastric cancer is easy to focus on this person: there is Helicobacter pylori infection, excessive drinking, smoking, and long-term salt, smoking fried, marinated food, there is a crowd of stomach cancer family history.

The real and effective early screening method is gastroscopy. Many people are afraid of the pain of gastroscopic, in fact, there is a painless gastroscope to choose from.

Important reminder: high-risk group of gastric cancer should be a gastroscopy every 2-3 years. If the gastroscope finds a suspicious lesion, the test is taken to check the pathological examination, followed by the results of the biopsy, and the corresponding follow-up review and processing plan.

6, esophageal cancer medical examination must do this

In addition to the environment and genetic factors, eating is too salty, hot, love, drinking, staple, etc., is also a common cause of esophageal cancer.

Esophageal cancer is easy to focus: 40 years old and include the following one, there is a history of housekeeping with digestive tract cancer or symptoms. The crowd from the high-risk district of esophageal cancer (including the three provinces of North China, the northern part of Sichuan, north of Jiangsu, etc.).

It is mentioned in esophageal cancer, and many people don't know what to do. In fact, the best way is to do endoscopy.

Really effective early screening methods are endoscopy.

Important reminder: It is recommended to make ordinary endoscopic examination of esophageal carcinoma, parallel, mucosa iodine or electron-dyed endoscopic, etc., there is no suspicious lesion under endoscopy, periodically follow-up; The biopsy is performed, and the corresponding follow-up review and processing scheme is taken according to different pathological results.

7, prostate cancer medical examination must do this

The incidence of prostate cancer is often gradually increased after 55 years old, and the cause is related to family genetic, sexual life and eating habits. Although there is no symptom in the early days, it is often accompanied by compression and even metastasis.

The real and effective early screening method is - Color ultravine + PSA screening.

Important reminder: only use color ultrasound possible screening, color ultrasound + prostate-specific antigen (PSA) projects to screen the prostate cancer effect.

8, cervical cancer medical examination must do this

Cervical cancer is one of the most common gynecological malignant tumors. Pathogen factors, sexual life factors and bad habits are caused by cervical cancer.

Fortunately, there is currently an emergence of vaccines that prevent cervical cancer! Ten prices, 4-price and 9 valence cervical cancer vaccines are available for women.

What should I do if I have been recommended for a vaccine?

In fact, the regular woman inspection can play an early screening. Many people tell cervical cancer, first think of HPV examination, in fact, HPV is an examination of the cause. Truely effectively checking cervical cancer is TCT examination.

In addition, the diagnosis of the vaginal mirror and pathological diagnosis can also be used as two or three steps of cervical disease.

Effective screening method: TCT, vaginal mirror and pathological diagnosis.

Important reminder: TCT is a liquid-based thin cell test, which is currently used in clinical purposes.TCT cervical anti-cancer screening can reach more than 90% of the detection rate of cervical cancer cells, and it can also discover precancerous lesions, microbial infections such as mold, trichomonia, chlamydia, etc.Said so much, in order to make everyone better

Trima specializes in providing a screening table

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