Is the orange is high blood lipid?Doctor: nourishing blood vessels, keeping "four eating, five do not eat"

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Is the orange is high blood lipid?Doctor: nourishing blood vessels, keeping "four eating, five do not eat"

2022-01-15 18:06:55 8 ℃

Lead: Many people are now suffering from blood lipids, blood fat includes cholesterol and triglyceride, human metabolic energy requires triglyceride participation, bile acidic steroids, and hormone cytosol film synthesis to use cholesterol. The two substances are too much in the body, which will make the blood stick, allowing blood vessels to block phenomena, causing various cardiovascular disease.

When the following is the following cases, it may be a high blood fat

1. Intermittent abdominal pain, especially after meals, should be influenced by high blood lipids.

2, reduce hearing, may be increasing the oxidative fat, depositing the inner ear, damage the inner ear cells.

3, abnormal metabolic blood fat, can cause contraction muscles, easier to cramps on the legs.

4, raising blood lipids, easy to cause retinal thrombosis, causing blind or low visualization.

5, the body is high, it is easy to cause oculipine, and it is characterized by yellow flat round ridge in the eyelid.

6, very spirit at night, often yawn during the day, sleepy.

Is oranges "hair" "hair"?

Oranges are like many people's favorite, with rich vitamin C ingredients, which can play a strong antioxidant effect, and clear the body in the body. Some people indicate that there is a higher sugar content in the orange. After consumption, the body will be accumulated in the body, which is easy to increase blood lipids. Can you eat oranges when there is a high blood lipid?

In fact, people with high blood lipids can eat some oranges properly. There is too high blood lipid content in the blood, which is easy to cause some complications, so that the body is severely damaged, and the diet should be low-sugar, high fiber, low cholesterol, low fat, low calorie.

The orange dietary fiber content is rich, which can promote the excretion of the body and metabolism, dilute the cholesterol level in the blood, and achieve the effect of improving high blood lipids. And there are more vitamin content in the oranges, and it can prevent atherosclerosis plaque problems to some extent. When people have high blood lipids, the right amount of oranges are good, but to avoid excessive excessive consumption.

Orange juice can be squeezed while eating oranges, and can also be able to reduce blood lipids in the body.

Doctor: angiogenesis, may wish to do "four food, five do not eat"

[Four eat]

1, hawthorn

Eating hawthorn is advantageous for lowering blood fat, there is flavonoid compound, vitamin, and various organic acids, which can promote blood circulation, expand blood vessels, help digestion. A lipase inside, can significantly promote the digestion of the olette meat food, accelerate the decomposition of fat, prevent the deposition of cholesterol in the vascular wall, can also prevent food.

2, onion

Studies have shown that people with coronary heart disease have a half onions a day, which can play significant lowering blood fat. Inside the onion contains sulfur amino acids, prostaglandin A, sulfur compounds, etc., can help remove free radicals, reduce peripheral blood resistance, expand blood vessels, prevent cellular vascular walls, reduce atherosclerosis, high blood lipids.

3, kelp

Eating the kelp can serve as a lower-proof step, the effect of lighter is swollen, and the kelp is rich in brown algae ingredients and dietary fibers, which can promote excretion of cholesterol, and inhibit absorption in the body, reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood.

There are more tales in the kelp, obesity, fatty liver, hyperlipidemia, suitable for eating, can remove fat in the blood to prevent atherosclerosis, improve vascular elasticity.

4, mushroom

There are nearly 20 trace elements, proteins, multiple vitamins, amino acids, and amino acids, which can inhibit the cholesterol in the body, which can help reduce blood lipids in the body to prevent atherosclerosis . The sputum ingredients in the mushrooms can also inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver, dilute the level of cholesterol in the blood, which will help blood pressure, reduce the risk of hyperlipidemia.

[Five do not eat]

1, shrimp

There is more cholesterol ingredients in shrimp, and too much to eat too much blood lipids, increase the probability of fatty liver and atherosclerosis.

2, pork waist

There are also more cholesterol levels in pork lumbles, often excessive edible, angina, coronary heart disease, improve risk of coronary atherosclerosis.

3, Yaozhu

The cholesterol content of Yaozhuang is high, and the excessive consumption will rise to increase the level of cholesterol in the body. There are people with heart disease, obesity, fatty liver, and high blood lipids to try less.

4, sheep kidney

The cholesterol content of the sheep is not low, often consuming unfavorable cardiovascular, which is easy to cause atherosclerosis, blood fat abnormalities, especially those with cholesterol methammia to avoid edible.

5, duck egg

There is a higher cholesterol level in the duck egg. If you eat one, you will make the cholesterol content that intake in the body, you should try less than fatty liver, arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, should try less.

Conclusion: If the blood lipid level is high in the body, the diet should be used to make a meal match, develop the habit of persistence, maintain a comfortable daily mood, can effectively stabilize blood lipids in the body, prevent complications. Do you have any other views? Leave a message in the comment area.

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