What does the process of HIV primary screening positive, waiting for the results of the retrieval?

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What does the process of HIV primary screening positive, waiting for the results of the retrieval?

2022-01-15 18:06:29 3 ℃

Small A is a friend I have seen in the consultation clinic two years ago. I first saw him anxiety, the brow wrinkled, and the forehead formed a Sichuan word. After the sitting, the body is pouring, and the hands are not stopped. The first sentence of the opening is that the doctor, I first sieve positive, is it the possibility of diagnosis? what should I do? The sound is helpless, and even a little crying.

Don't worry, the initial sirness is not necessarily infected, can you talk about the specific situation? If it is a chemical lighting method, sometimes the sensitivity is too high, and there will be false positives.

I have had an unsafe behavior before two months. I didn't care, but I didn't think about AIDS. I suddenly saw the popular science propaganda about AIDS a few days ago, I started to worry, and then I went to the hospital to test it. The result is the initial sirness. What should I do if I have been diagnosed? I am only 25 years old, and I haven't had a graduation of college!

Don't worry, talk slowly, let's analyze the possibility. What kind of group is the other party? Understand the infection situation?

The other party is a stranger who knows the software software, we have talked to the software, after a while, I feel that I have a good feeling, so I will see it online. The other party looks healthy, very sunshine, is not like a infected person. I have always been cautious, telling the other party to test another behavior, but the other person insists that he is healthy. Hey, I am clear that there is a voice telling yourself that you can't, but I'm seeing to have a good feeling, I can't hold it. One impulsive, not only did not detect, the condoms were not used.

PS: The safety awareness of quick testing beforehand is very good, but because there is a window period, even if it is detected, there is no risk. Because the person infected in the window period, the test strip did not detect, but it also contagious. Therefore, safety measures are not forgotten.

Since then, I didn't put this matter at all, I didn't think about AIDS, I thought that he looked so sunshine, it could not be infected, so he continued to calm and stayed.

Occasionally, I saw an article saying that there is a probability of a behavior infection with no protection measures, and suddenly the act is flashing in my mind, I started particular worry. So, I went to the nearby hospital to do HIV antibody test, and I was restless, and I didn't stop the test results on my mobile phone until I saw that the test results were positive, and the psychological defense collapsed.

Special self-blaming these days and ask yourself if you have not detected beforehand? Why not take protection measures? There are also resentment, why you may know that you are infected, but you have never told me? But my heart seems to be lucky, maybe the result is not accurate, may be false positives, so I still have hope to turn over. Because I know that I will finally go to the disease, I want to know the results as soon as possible, I will run over.

PS: Don't try to judge whether a person is infected by appearance, because this is not accurate. After infection with HIV, in addition to some of the people will have a symptom of acute symptoms such as colds, most people are in the subsequent symptom infection period. At this time, there is no external symptom that can be used to determine. Employment infections or tumors will appear unless made to the AIDS. Attach the detailed video interpretation link, want to know more, click the next link to link https://page.com.qq.com/page/ofkwlwnilpnrpzxd-rbpmn5Q0?share_channel=6

Well, I know. One behavior is not necessarily infected, perhaps it is a false positive result. For example, the chemical lighting method, the reference value is 1, even if the result is 1.01, it will also determine if there is a reaction, will it be this situation?

He took out his mobile phone, let me see the test report, it is a qualitative method, and the results are antibody positive. Exclude problems with high sensitivity.

Is there any special situation? For example, is there a fracture? Or have there be an autoimmune disease?

These conditions have not occurred in recent days. Doctor, is it that I have a great diagnosis? Said, tears will flow quickly.

PS: There are some special states, there will be antibody false positives. I have experienced patients with pregnant women, fractures, lung cancer patients, autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus. Over-antibody fake positives have appeared. What happens will appear, attached to video links, want to know more, click on the next party link https://page.com.qq.com/page/ozu1mxq3-ggslx4d5lvz56EG0?Share_Channel=6

Don't worry, what we can do now is to wait for the results of confirmation, maybe it is false positive. Even if it is really positive, no matter how anxious, you can't change the fact. At this moment, what we can do is how to think about the next life.

Listening to this, he looked at me with a pair of loving eyes, and I was particularly uncomfortable. I comforted him not to urgently, the probability of infection in one behavior is not high. In the side, he encouraged him, even positive, stick to antiviral treatment, life will not be too much affected, AIDS has become like diabetes, high blood pressure, although can't be cured, but insist on taking the law for a long time.

He finally cried after a long time, I stood up, gently patted his shoulders, trying to give him some strength and comfort, let him know, and some people are willing to listen to him, some people allow him to be fragile. After crying, he asked, Dr. Wang, can you really live to normal life? Will you die soon? I am still young, and my parents need to take care, there are still many wishes, I don't want to die soon. Said, he cried again.

I will interpret him again. If you are infected, take the law to take the medicine, the virus get effective inhibition, maintaining CD4 in 500, does not affect the expected life. At the same time, put down the psychological burden, don't worry about others' eyes, because no one can see that he is infected, and works as usual.

That afternoon, he stayed in the office for a long time, we have been talking about how to respond to physiology and psychology in the future. After listening to my explanation, he seems to be a little relaxed, but still take it. Finally, after all, he still sent him uneasiness, maybe he is still full of fear. In fact, my heart is also regrettable, struggling. A 25-year-old child, when he just stepped on the society, it may face a hierarchy that lives to him. But the next road, no one can go for him, in addition to encouraging him, comforting him, he may have to bear it alone.

As me, I hope he can slowly get out of the haze and face it actively.