Although the bath is cool, don't put it too much, the key points of the 10 bath are all sorted out.

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Although the bath is cool, don't put it too much, the key points of the 10 bath are all sorted out.

2022-01-15 18:07:17 22 ℃

Busy for a day, return home to wash a hot bath, cool!

Worry, stress seems to be held together, more cool, more cool, and forget time, forget yourself ...

But the bath is really not too input!

Time, way, way, and the operation after bathing.

This article, Tiger brothers take you "immersive bath".

1. A few days to take a shower?

As long as you are willing, there is no hard regulation for a few days, and the South and North classmates don't have to argue.

Every day, it will not "wash out the problem", no problem in 2 ~ 3 days.

If it is the winter in the north, hardly sweating, there is no need to wash every day.

If you are engaged in heavy physical labor, or people sweating more, it is best to wash every day.

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2. How long is it suitable for each bath?

Within 20 minutes [1] is best, especially friends with cardiovascular disease, pay more attention to time!

Time brother also reminded that when the old man took a shower, it is best to have someone.

3. When is the best in one day?

Nothing is the best, in addition to the following three times, the time you want to wash is the best time:

Available in an empty stomach: I usually pay more attention to the low blood pressure. [1], the blood sugar is low in an empty stomach, the hot breath is easy to low blood sugar, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, etc.

I just drank alcohol bath: It is easy to hara in the appearance [2].

Don't take a bath before going to bed: Otherwise, it is not conducive to quickly entering sleep.

Is it too mud every time I take a shower?

Don't have to get every time! Good skin is not friendly.

But this is the link between the northern friends, and the Tiki also likes it.

If you really want to 搓, there are 3 small suggestions here:

Don't use hard: Wash it again every day, especially in winter, be careful. The skin is like a wall, and it will make the skin barrier to damage the skin barrier, resist the virus, bacterial invasion, easy to lead to dermatitis, eczema; even secondary infection [2].

Bath ball is soft, and the cleaning ability is not bad, you can use it!

The bath towel is special, and it is commonly used for disinfection.

2. How to choose the bathing article?

Don't be made up of the "flowers" of the merchant, the details are as follows:

body wash:

Body shower gels don't have to use: hands, armpits, buttocks, can be used, and other parts of the water is sufficient.

Naecte your navel, you can't recommend it frequently!

Snakement cream:

Don't often use frillary cream: oily, aging skin 2 to 4 weeks, 1 time; dry, sensitive skin is best not to use [3].

It is already enough to use the shower gel, as for milk, vinegar, wine, or don't wipe it up.

Bath salts, you can consider it when you need deep cleaning, and you don't have to use it every time.

3. Is water not hot, better?


Don't fall into the trap of "hot", the water temperature is much slower.

Wipe the skin

Skin care is not divided into men and women, unrelated season, basic moisturizing moisturizer is sufficient.

Keep warm, wipe the skin to 70% dry (no water drops), apply the moisturizing product immediately.

2. Blow hair

Long hair, short hair, preferred natural dry is best.

But if you are going to sleep, you have to sleep, your hair dryer can be used, but you should blow this:

Blow dry hair first, then blow the end.

The hair dryer should be far from the hair.

Blow in the direction of hair growing.

The hair is blown to all the way, and it is possible to touch it.

Image Source: Station Cool Heilo

Finally, the Tiki brother is still two sentences:

1, @ All girls, can wash your head during menstruation!

2, bath, take a shower, you need to be alert to carbon monoxide poisoning, it is best to do this: the kitchen opens the window, the bathroom door is sewing, the mobile phone set on the waterproof bag into the bathroom.

This article is sacrificed to the time of the gods (Tencent's medical she knows), don't forget something, look, then share it!

Review expert: Ma Xiaolei

Peking University International Hospital dermatologist


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