Vanish cold and wet, measure your cold and wet?How to remove the cold and wet in the body?

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Vanish cold and wet, measure your cold and wet?How to remove the cold and wet in the body?

2022-01-15 18:06:17 3 ℃

As the saying goes, "Ten people nine wet, cold and dampness." "Yellow Emperor" believes: all the roots of all diseases are cold! "The cold wounds, wet,", the two meet, it will become "cold and wet". People who are wet and heavy, it is easy to be troubled by various diseases. When you have repeated eczema, low backache, leg and sour, menstrual irregular, cold limbs, inexplicably difficult ... Symptom, it is likely you The body has been "cold wet" invaded.

Where is "cold and wet" come? Why is more and more people have a cold and humidity?

Many people may feel weird, why do you have so much cold and wet in your body, these cold wet come from? In fact, people in the body have a wet, and they are closely related to their own habits, but they don't realize it.

TCM believes that cold and wet include external cold and wet and humidity. The outer feeling is cold, cold, wet evil violations of human body, such as one to cold season, lack of warm protection, causing joints with joint, muscle, and bone pain as common symptoms; internal cold and dampness Festival, more cold drink, full of high nutritious food, eat more, lack of sunlight and outdoor activities, long-term closed air conditioning environment, long-term staying night, etc.

Self-test, a few symptoms of cold and wet?

Typical wipes patients have tongue and tongue, and the body has a cold and wet, the tongue will lay a thick and sticky "white frost". This is because the cold and wet invasion, resulting in a stagnation of the machine gas machine, just like a pool on the tongue, there will be "sludge" to deposit, so that the tongue is gradually thicker and brother.

The tongue coating is only the early manifestation of the cold and wet, and the real hazard is still behind. Because the cold and wet have a heavy feeling, adherent, viscous, conversation, some turbidity will be deposited in many parts of the human body, from lightly reproduction as:

1. One-level cold and wet in the skin: the outer cold and humid evil will cause blood and blood, the skin can not be honored, so it will appear skin itching, easy to allergically, eczema, acne, color spots, skin color or dark, usually Itching after feeling cold or moisture.

2. Secondary cold and wet in muscle: spleen main muscles, spleen deficiency transportation water and weak, cold and dampness. Often manifestations: muscle joint is sour, pain, body difficult, easy fatigue, low movement, obese body, limbs, limited to cold and heavy, or muscle nodules, lumps, congestion, etc.

3. Three-stage cold and wet in the bones: cold main honest, dampness, it is easy to stay in joint skeleton. Multi-performance is frozen, cervical spondylosis, intervertebral disc herniation, bone thorn, arthritis, activity and other symptoms, encouraging cold and grown weather or seasonal symptoms.

4. The four-level cold wet is in the visceral: this stage is sleepy, hurt the spleen and kidney and indulgence, with the cold limbs, abdominal pain, diarrhea, weigh edema, menstruation, etc.

5. Five-level cold and wet, body accusation: This stage is the biggest problem. The cold and humidity, the time, the rumor, become a certificate of phlegm, such physique is prone to the nodules, cysts, myometry, polyps, etc., for cold and wet, and more Long or relapsed.

"Han wet" body, how to avoid cold daily?


Ai Ye is called "medical grass" for pure yang. Moxibustion is a gentle therapy, especially suitable for women's cold and tempered. When moxibustion is not only used by Pure Yang's Ai Ye, there is a heat generated by Ai Fire, combining the two, making the moxibustion method with unique tempered cold, Wen Tong blood, warm yang's role, for women It is particularly suitable.

2. Avoid cold, eat more warm food

Don't eat too much ice cold food. And the summer is best not to enter and out of air-conditioning room, otherwise it will easily cause air conditioning, and the cold can accumulate slowly in the body, causing the emergence of cold and dampness.

People with cold and humidity can eat some warm-hot foods to improve their physical fitness, such as fried sorcellies, ginger, parsley, purple, lamb, beef, etc. At the time of the cold winter season, eat a hot lamb, mutton hot pot, is a very good cold diet.

3. Physical pain, dissipate cold and wet by means of physiotherapy and Chinese medicine

One to winter, many people's neck shoulders have various discomfort, which can be improved by acupuncture, push, cupping, scraping, etc., these methods can act as a cold dehumidification. For those with cold and wet waist, if the waist legs are relapsed or aggravated, they can be treated with the medicine for the cold and wet waist legs. It can be treated with a warm and cold, and swollen pain. The role, insistence, you can improve your waist and leg pain.

4. Strengthen sports, pay attention to keep warm

Sports can be quickly detached, and the toxins and chills in the body will also be excluded from the sweat, so many exercises can effectively regulate the cold body, and you can choose Jogging, go, play, etc..

In addition, we must do the warmth of the body before and after exercise. Chinese medicine believes that cold and wet invasion neck, back, waist, leg, ankle, etc. Nowadays, the winter is a cold winter, must pay attention to keep warm and avoid being cold in the body.

Of course, I want to completely remove the cold and dampness in the body. This is not a chartering, and what kind of method can be used. So this requires us to choose the method suitable for you, and you can take a long time to adjust it slowly.