A woman in Hangzhou, "Eating Apple" every morning, how many changes have occurred in the time?

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A woman in Hangzhou, "Eating Apple" every morning, how many changes have occurred in the time?

2022-01-17 12:08:11 52 ℃

Now is the thinness of the times, more and more women began to manage friends from their body, that only more and more thin is the most beautiful, and this idea is very strong. Therefore be achieved by a variety of their own way to lose weight loss results, often to buy some derivative products, diet, cutting through the stomach surgery to achieve their weight-loss results.

However, this effect is very unhealthy, is likely to endanger his own life secure, to be thin and some women feel that the United States is worth, say I do not know the process of weight loss, hurt the body slowly , the day after the break might be a series of chronic disease recurrence.

I usually find out about the apple? Almost every household has this fruit, eat, entertain guests are very good fruit, but the price of apples is also more approachable, making us more popular this fruit. We usually eat apples, in addition to the original state of the food, as well as which approach it? For example: boiled juice, puree, steamed apple and so on.

Apple does not hurt nutrients, but also timely complements our body lack of nutrition. Took a fancy to this point, many women did after some unhealthy weight loss, chosen by Apple to lose weight, and will adhere to eat an apple a day, after a lapse of several days, the body what changes will happen? let's figure it out together.

Hangzhou Ms. Yang, 26, Ms. Yang from the media company to work in a home, this job is a lot of people are very envious, relatives and friends say Ms. Yang's work brisk, clean, simple.

Ms. Yang seems to be in, and not as happy friends and relatives said, they have a very happy, because this matter recently and irritability that Ms. Yang motivation to work. In the end is anything at all? That's Ms. Yang height 161, weight is up to 143 pounds.

Ms. Yang is now compared to the previous weight is simply amazing sigh, before Ms. Yang's body weight control in about 100 kilos, but now has reached 143 pounds, so you raise are very sad, and yet can not be solved. This phenomenon occurs, it is precisely because Ms. Yang I usually eat some snacks, nothing else will pick up some snacks to spend time, and often eat puffed food.

Plus Ms. Yang often eat puffed food, coupled with work reasons, long-term sedentary. Resulting in Ms. Yang's body weight bass bass rise. Until soared to 143 pounds, and Ms. Yang because of work reasons, and too busy to exercise, you will come home from get off work, lying on the sofa to rest.

Ms. Yang is also a former enviable little thin, can be easily precisely because of this job, Ms. Yang leads to long-term sedentary, his weight a few years ago than we are heavier than 30 pounds, because not tall, weight and heavy, resulting in Ms. Yang has a great sense of inferiority.

He felt the same age girls, all of them slim, tall and good, compared himself with others is simply too much difference. That day, Ms. Yang any connection with girlfriends Tucao his own body, he has to tell you a good way to improve, Ms. Yang two take gold, and quickly asked what girlfriends are a good way? After that, the morning fasting to eat apples can improve the body. Ms. Yang heart, and the following days he would insist on eating apples, insisted after some time found his body really has changed.

[Improve] stature

Apple among the very few fat, low calorie, eating an apple will produce a lot satiety, so eating apples every day after Ms. Yang, I have felt a kind of satiety, so far not eating other foods. Stick with it long-term, the body will be improved.

[Improve immunity]

Apple among them some antibiotics and plenty of water, after being absorbed by the body, it is easy to be absorbed by the use of the human body. Up to a certain supply of nutrients and nutritional supplements. And Apple among a large number of vitamins and dietary fiber, can improve their immunity and resistance fundamentally.

[Improve] complexion

Among these nutrients Apple has a lot of minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber are for people with good help, but long-term eating too flat over a period of time, you will find that their skin has been some improvement, but the skin getting better and better, which is long stick effect.

[Improve constipation]

Apple among nutrients, after entering the body, can effectively improve the body's stomach. Gastrointestinal motility is the body's getting better, gastrointestinal vitality and activity are also increasing, which can achieve to improve the situation of constipation, constipation patients also improved significantly after eating some apples.

[Increase] state of mind

This, now due to the double impact of work pressure and ambient pressure. More and more people showed up late did not even want to get up in the state, stay up late at night, can not afford the morning, to lie down for a few minutes to lie down for a few minutes. In fact, not their own laziness, but he did not state of mind, when fasting to eat an apple, stick with it. Can effectively improve fatigue, improve the spirit, making their own energetic.

[] Do not eat the apple core

This is because the apple core among them "hydrocyanic acid", the substance is absorbed by the body or the use of future generations understand the phenomenon of dizziness, vomiting, dizziness, and will also affect the quality of sleep normal, especially some insomnia patients, eating only add to their condition, very negative for the disease, but ordinary people or people with good physique to eat an apple core will not happen.

[Stomach of poor people do not fasting to eat apples]

When the normal adult wants to lose weight, you can choose an empty stomach to eat Apple.This can effectively achieve the effect of weight loss, and it can also maintain its own health.But people who are not good in the stomach, eat apples in the usual holiday, still cautious.Because Apple's outer skin is relatively hard, Apple's fruit is also hard.If people with bad stomach are eaten an empty stomach, it is very likely to have a series of gastrointestinal diseases.For example, a series of diseases such as burning, vomiting, and gastric colic.Moreover, people with gastrointestinal diseases can not eat apples on an empty stomach.Otherwise, it is easy to cause the seriousness of the condition, which is not conducive to the improvement of the condition.

Conclusion: After reading this article, what kind of view is it to eat Apple every morning?Is there a change in some people who usually lose weight? How to change the body?# 健 新 新年 #