A phlegm, specialize in searching for the old cold sputum in the body, and sending it to the elderly.

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A phlegm, specialize in searching for the old cold sputum in the body, and sending it to the elderly.

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Hello everyone, I am a Chinese doctor.

Have a filial daughter, heard the old father cough every night, the old father always had cough before going to bed, and each cough, this daughter is very worried. Father is very good to you, now my father is old, I need a child to take care of it, but I face my father's cough. I have been to the old father has been to many hospitals, and it is a big hospital. The hospital diagnosis is the old chronic bronchitis. Many elderly people have, can't be cured, can only raise, don't smoke.

The daughter is very wonderful, and the old father didn't smoke forever. So the daughter had no choice but to give the old Liu, when she said that the old father got a slow branch, the old Liu Qi did not know how to start, because the Chinese medicine did not see the disease, a disease name, Chinese medicine There are too many reasons.

Later, she said that when her father coughed, she had a special viscous white sputum. I needed a lot of effort to cough up, coughing out, I can stop a while. Also accompany your chest tightness, there are also some mild constipation. People are old, the appetite is naturally too big, and there is also a white coating.

She said, I will understand, this is the old slow branch caused by the cold. Because the sputum blocked in the lungs, the lungs did not declare, the lungs did not declare their reverse, so coughing. There are more phlegm, especially sticky, blocked in the lungs, can not chest tightness. The cough caused by this phlegm is more serious, standing still. Because it is not easy to go up when standing, it is easier to go up when lying down, so coughing.

The old father's phlegm white, the tongue is also white, explaining the cold, so the old Liu recommended this daughter with a very simple diet, because the old father doesn't like to eat Chinese medicine, this square is special It is tailored to the middle and elderly people, called three sons to raise a soup.

Later, the daughter took the three sons to raise soup to the father, and the first day of the first day was obvious. The old father coughed out a lot of sputum, and the coughing did not have to be so hard, and coughing easily. It used for three days, the stool is also smooth, the chest is not bored, the old father said, I feel that my chest has never been so clear, that feeling like a dirty room coming once a big sweep . Finally, I took a half-month three son to raise soup, and the old slow branch of my father for many years, and the cough of Zero Star is gone. Since then, the old father can sleep, and the daughter is also peaceful.

This three son raised the soul of the middle-aged and elderly people, which is the kind of cold, very difficult, difficult to cough.

Three sons raised the soup as simple, the seeds of three foods: 6 grams of Zizi 6 grams of Purple Suzi 6 grams of white mustard

Who is invented by this three child? Listen to this name, I knew that this is a Square that honoring the elderly, contains great filial piety and compassion, this square is also a big filial son invention.

This big filial son is a medical family of the Ming Dynasty. The specific name old Liu has forgotten, surnamed Han, is a special filial person. His father is a general, in the future, the sword is often injured. So the Han Dafe doctor vowed to study medicine and treat his father. So, where did his father go, he will follow, he is the most intimate military doctor of his father. After the father of the father, because of the past, the body was born, and the cold invaded, he often coughed at night. The Han Dafa medical family invented this three son to raise soup, cured the cough of the old father. Because this square is very effective, the filial piety of Han Dafu medicine is added.

Middle-aged and elderly people are more likely to eat, they will be more likely to eat, and they will be sputum for a long time. In addition, the stool is not smooth, and this phlegm is not rolled out, so this is awkward It has been blocked in the chest and blocked in the lungs. In the lungs in the lung, the lungs will take these sputum, so cough.

The loam in this quarter is radish seed, which is the seeds of white radish. What is the role of white radish? The three major roles, the main role is to eat, this is similar to the role of chickens, helping our spleen and stomach, so that the food that is eaten more is more digested. The second large role of radish seed is to lane. Radish seed has a grunge, which can lubricate the intestines, so that the stool of the dry junction is smooth. The third role is the phlegm, radish seeds are warm, and it is white sputum, cold.

Then the second taste is Zi Suzi, what is the purple Soviet? It is the seeds of Ziwu, and Zi Su Xiaoyang should be familiar with it. When the people in the countryside will usually use purple Soviet, and they will take the buddy of fish and shrimp. Aspus leaves are Xin Wen, you can solve the cold, and it is very effective in the early days of cold cold. The stem of Ziwu is called Supud, and the sodi has a role in the chest, but it can be dried, and the gas can be dredied. The seeds of Ziwu are Ziwu. The biggest role is to fall, can solve the lungs, let the lungs fall, so they don't cough. The principle of Purple Suzi and asthma is to altave. Of course, Zi Su also has the effect of thaneous coldness.

Finally, white mustard, white mustard is something? Everyone has eaten by the pickles? A vegetables called mustard are usually used to make pickles. This white mustard is the seed of mustard. White mustard is also Xin Wen, compared to the loose and purple sons, white mustard is more embarrassed, and the divergence is more powerful, be good at talents, can dredger the full body meridians, the best at searching the body, no matter where It can be searched. The biggest role in White mustard is the old cold sputum for ten years. The three sons raised a soup is a phlegm, and the hero of the phlegm is white mustard.

These three-flavored drugs are Xin Wen, Xin can be scattered, cold and cold things, it is necessary to die. These three-flavored drugs are seeds. There is a sentence in Chinese medicine. It is said that all medicinal medicinal medicines that are seed classes are declined. Go down, you can fall in the three-flavored medicine, let the lungs decline. The same seed is essential, there is a little oil, you can lubricate the large intestine, digestive.

This three-flavored drug can be xik. The most important thing is the most important white mustard. After the white mustard, Zi Su is to fall, and the phlegm falls, then the Lai Zi is done, and all these sputum is all over the stool. There is no measuring, there is a lot of strange diseases.

This is the three sons, and if you have an old man, you can try this patrio because of the cough caused by the cold.

Of course, this square is just a standard, because the lung is a sticker, the spleen is the source of sputum, and the phlegm inside the lungs is just the standard. If the spleen and stomach are not good, the sputum is still constantly produced, this time Spleen is a cure. Use the three sons to raise the soup, you can use the spleen four gentleman soup.