What is the dampness of Chinese medicine?Can you cause which strange diseases?(Good text collection!)

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What is the dampness of Chinese medicine?Can you cause which strange diseases?(Good text collection!)

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What is the dampness of Chinese medicine? Can you cause which strange diseases? (Good Wen Collection!) What is the dampness of Chinese medicine? Can you cause which strange diseases? (Good text collection!)

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How is the phlegm of Chinese medicine formed in the human body, how to identify, analyze these strange diseases formed by phlegm, and choose a suitable legal counter. This article will be a clear and clear, worth collecting.

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What is the strange disease that Chinese medicine speaking?

Due to the decrease in the humorification of the human spleen, or the liquid fluid is obstacted during the fluid in the body, the water is not norm the human body, but will form an abnormal accumulation in the body to become a pathological substance. This abnormally accumulated water solution, Chinese medicine is called "drink".

Among them, it is called "phlegm", and the other is called "drinking".

Therefore, "phlegm" in the sense of traditional Chinese medicine is not a single one refers to the generation of the lungs, and can be discharged from the body through cough, and can be seen by the phlegm, Chinese medicine "phlegm", including because of water Metabolic obstacles are generated, in line with pathological products of 浊, viscous, and thick.

For example, obesity, Chinese medicine is called "phlegm". Since this "phlegm" is not like the phlegm of the lungs, we can be visually realized, so Chinese medicine is called "invisible phlegm", and it is produced in the lungs, and can be discharged through the cough, and you can see The phlegm is called "tangible". Both of them constitute the concept of Chinese medicine "phlegm".

"Tangible" is mainly present in the lungs, which may be produced by the imperative obstacles of their own hydrogen fluid, or may be generated by the external evil invasion. After this sputum, it can be observed by the cough, it can be observed, therefore Understand.

We are more familiar to "Tangzhi", which will often come into contact with it when he has a cold cough, but have we noticed such a detail: the same, the sputum coughing in the lungs, there is also a trait Various differences.

For example, some sputum is white, some are thin and thin, some are white foam shape, some sputum is yellow and thick, some are gray black, some are yellow green ... Why? It is also a sputum, but will there be so much change?

Take a closer analysis, the traits of all kinds of sputum are summarized, nothing more than two aspects: one is thick, thin, foam; second, the color is white, yellow, yellow, yellow green difference.


What do you mean by different textures and colors?

Let's look at a daily phenomenon and dissolve the sugar in the water. Get a colorless and transparent liquid, if these colorless transparent sugar water is placed on fire heating? We can see that the sugar will gradually become thick, and the color will gradually become a light yellow, dark yellow.

This phenomenon has encountered a sputum in the body. It turns out that the thickness of the sputum and the depth of color is closely related to "hot" in the body. There is hot in the body, then the phlegm is yellow, and the body is free, then the phlegm is thin, and the higher the thickness of the yellow, the higher the heat of the body.

According to this truth, Chinese medicine has grilled the color, or the sputum is known as "cold", and the color is thick, and even the yellow-green phlegm is called "hot phlegm".

Because the essence reflected by the cold and hot phlegm is completely opposite, the treatment of cold and hot sputum is completely different. Treatment of cold and warmth, common drugs have dried ginger, fine, ginger half summer, tangerine peel, white mustard, Lai Zizi, etc., the treatment of hot phlegm should clear the phlegm, the commonly used drugs have Zhejiang, Chuanbei, Tianzhu Huang , Bile Nanxing, melon, pollen, etc.

But whether it is cold or hot, Chinese medicine has a "chemical" word on the treatment, what is the meaning of "chemical"? When there is no tap water before, if the water is more turbid, we will often add a small amount of alum in the water cylinder. After a while, the water will become clarified, and the alum has played the role of the ecstasy, deposition, depositing in the water, this is "change".

Chinese medicine is equivalent to the role of "alum" in the treatment of various sputum, which can make turbid decomposition and deposition. Thereby removing a disease caused by turbidity.

Western medicine is aware of phlegm, in fact, it is also divided into two kinds: a infectious sputum, such as bacterial, mold, mycoplasma, and chlamydia infection; second is the oozing sputum, often due to the secretion of the respiratory mucosa cells It is formed.

Among them, the use of antibiotics causes a certain effect on bacterial infection, and the sputum, mycoplasma, chlamydia infection, sputum, the Western medicine, how to treat and treat these "phlegm" disease Woolen cloth?

Chinese medicine believes that microorganisms such as mold, mycoplasma, and chlamydia are present in the air. Under normal circumstances, it will not cause damage and influence on the human body. Only when the water is over-accumulated in the body, it has formed an overworked internal environment, these microorganisms will A large number of derivatives, breeding, resulting in damage to the health of the human body, producing various diseases.

Therefore, for such diseases. The "moist" of the inner environment is the true root cause of this type of disease. It is like a moisture in the rainy season, and mold is a lot of reproduction, so things are easy to mold. Since you can realize that the wet environment is the main reason for mycopathy, is the human body is different? So, how is the humidity caused by the humid environment? In daily life, damp tends to link with rain, if clear sky, sunlight, of course, will not form a humid environment.

There is a saying that "the sun is empty, the haze is self-discrimination", which is this truth. The sun can drive removal of moist, mainly by its calories, so we have the effect of using performance thermal drugs in the treatment of such phlegm, moist "haze", this Eliminate the root causes of water and humidity in vivo, eliminating microbial survival of molds such as molds, so that the sputum and oozing sputum caused by the infection of mold, mycoplasma, and chlamydia have a fast efficacy.

In the Han Dynasty, the Shengzhongjing has already proposed the principle of this disease in "Golden Chambers", which is "Sick Drink, when the warmth of the drug", this is still so beautiful, thereby, We have to admire the ancients to explore the mystery of life and disease.



The above is described in shape, then "invisible phlegm" is what we have to judge the existence of "invisible phlegm"? There are four basis for "invisible phlegm" in the case of Chinese medicine.

1 obesity. The "fertilizer" said that there is more "invisible phlegm" in the human body in the human body, because fat has "phlegm", viscous, thick characteristics, it is accumulated in the body The crystallosis in the water and moisture is coacer.

2 The tongue is thick. The thick tongue is the most intuitive performance in the body.

3 lumps. Any mass color is not red, protocols the surface of the skin, which is tiered, and it is soft or tough. In terms of water, mucus or sticky samples, it is called "sputum" in traditional Chinese medicine.

4 pulse. The Chinese medicine is divided into more than 20 kinds of pulse, which is divided into more than 20 kinds. The pulse is one of the Chinese medicine to describe the pulse of the pulse is "flowing and fluent, such as the beads", means that the pulse we touched Like the beads scrolling so fluctuated on a smooth tray, the emergence of pulse is one of the characteristic features in the body, and is one of the main purposes of Chinese medicine diagnosis "phlegm".

According to the understanding of the Chinese medicine, the concept of "invisible phlegm" can be more specific and intuitive with the micro-inspection of Western medicine. For example, Western hyperlipidemia, cysts, lymph nodes, bone tuberculosis, etc. These diseases have embarrassment, viscous, thick features, and thus can be considered caused by phlegm, so that Western medicine Check the extension of Chinese medicine, smell, ask, and cut.

Through the awareness of the mechanism of phlegm, we can link these diseases and the overall balance of the human body to find a fundamental treatment for disease. For example, hyperlipidemia, cysts, lymph nodes, these diseases are in line with the characteristics of Chinese medicine, and the root causes of them are of course also the emptying of the spleen, and the water and humidity is related to excessive accumulation, so they can help The method of transporting, phlegm is taking the treatment. And since the root causes of "phlegm" are eliminated, the treatment effect is long.

Here I can give two examples. A hyperlipidemia patient, taking sustained, strength, etc. The tongue is full of white, and the pulse of both hands is fine.

I diagnosed the spleen deficiency and can't be transported, causing the phlegm to condense, staying in the blood, affecting the blood of blood.

Give healthy Chinese medicine 7 doses: 30 grams of fried Atractylodes, 15 grams of party participation, 10 grams of tangerine peel, 10 grams of licorice, 15 grams of licorice, 6 grams of tonarin, 10 grams of gallbladder, 15 grams of Jiawa 5 tablets of ginger.

After the patient took 7 posts, he felt the spirit, the appetite was obviously improved, and the dizziness has been reduced for a large half. The stool has been basically shaped, so I let the patient take 7 posts according to the original. The patients have been basically not obvious, and blood lipids have been reviewed within the normal range.

Another squat cyst is coming to consult because of fear of surgery.

Chinese medicine believes that the formation of cysts is the result of condense in some part, and the incidence of turbidity is a direct relationship with the energized water and moisture function of the spleen, so by improving and enhancing the water and moisture of the spleen. Ability to remove the accumulation of turbidity in the body, thereby eliminating cysts.

Based on this idea, I have opened a spleen and swollen square to the patient: 45 grams of fried atractylodes, 15 grams of Alisma, 15 grams of talc, 10 grams of pig, 15 grams of 苓, Guizhi 10 Gram, 20 grams of half-summer, 10 grams of Nanxing, 30 grams of coix seed, 10 grams of green skin.

The patients in this square were continuously taken for about a month, and the snoring cyst was completely eliminated. During the period, the drug was slightly decreased, but the drug was substantially the above drugs. It is not difficult to see from these two examples that the theory of Chinese medicine is completely tested.

The spleen is insufficient to have a water and moisture, resulting in a water and humidity accumulation in the body, and the 浊 material in the water and humidity will condense to form a sputum in some part of the human body, such as the cyst, lymph nodes, bone tuberculosis, etc. Meridian blood vessels, with the body's blood, reaching all of the body, as mentioned earlier, etc. These 浊 物 物 物 物 致 受 受 受 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 病 理 理 理 病 病 病 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理For example, in the head, affect the brain blood supply, there will be dizziness, forgetful, lethargy, even coma, half-length, language unfavorable, etc.

In the meridian limbs, it will lead to the blood supply disorder of the limbs, thereby appearing in a numbness of the limbs, the hand and supens, the hand, the blood, it will lead to insufficient blood supply to the heart itself, and the heart is palpitated, heart rate, cardiagy, etc. Symptoms, such as the coronary heart disease of Western medicine, there is a close relationship with the sputum in many cases.

In addition, the phlegm will also affect the human mental state. If the sputum of 浊 气 hinders the normal spiritual thinking activities of the human body, people will make people talk, depressed, depressed, sorrow, and other depressed mental disorders. disease. Since Chinese medicine believes that "heart" is the master of the human body, this class is called "心" in the spirit of "turbid".



Regarding the swing of the sputum, the Mediterranean doctor of the Yuan Dynasty said: "The phlegm is the thing, and the gas is lifted, there is everywhere." Diseases or diseases in the treatment of diseases are responsible for "phlegm".

Therefore, there is a statement of "more sickness" in Chinese medicine. Zhu Danxi also proposed the theory of "there are many people in a hundred diseases". This has added new ideas to diagnosis and treatment of disease. Although some diseases are correct, the medication is also related to the drug, but the clinical effect is not ideal. At this time, we will It can be considered to add a method of adding phlegm, and many times can achieve unexpected effects.

A vertigo patient I have treated, dizziness has been more than a year, after a long time or sedentary, if you suddenly stand, you will be black, or even syncope.

I feel farther every day, my spirit is soft, my speech is low, my face is pale, my appetite is normal, the size is normal, the tongue is light and white, the two hands are weak. Weak. In the past month, dizziness seems to have a signs of aggravation. Western medicine diagnosis: insufficient blood supply to the brain.

I still thought about it. Is this not a typical medium? Qi deficiency is sang, causing blood and blood to rising heads, is this not easy to rule? So I gave the patient 5 post-qi soup. After the completion of the prescription, I was quite confident that the 5 paintings were finished, you will definitely have obvious improvements.

After five days, the patient came to recover, but he gave me a football water. He told me that dizziness didn't improve! At the same time, he also comforts me, it may be that I have a long time, it is better to get it. I took a closer to ask the patient's situation, and the conclusions concluded were still in the empty deficiency. Since there is no mistake in the syndrome ID, why didn't you have effect?

At this time, I remembered that the words of Zhu Danxi "there are many people in a hundred diseases", the heart suddenly turned over, the doubts in my heart also declined, since it was qi deficiency, it will cause water and moisture to cause a water and moisture, turbid Born, turbid is turned to the brain.

The previous treatment is invalid, it is only considered qi deficiency, but does not consider the turbidity of the meridian blood, so I reopeously reopened a pneumatic compound: Astragalus 15 grams, party ginseng 15 grams, fried Atractylodes L2 Gram, ginger half summer 10 grams, 苓 10 grams, 6 grams of tangerine peel, 10 grams of Chuanxiong, 3 grams of Meihu, 3 grams of Chaihu, 6 grams of orange, 6 grams of Nanxing. Still serving 5 posts.

After five days, the patient said, this time the medicine is really a five days, my head is already unhappy. Later I let the patient take the fragrant sand six monarch pills to consolidate, take a month, follow-up patients, dizziness has not been sent.


Quirk Meniele syndrome is also sputum

Here, I want to mention Menieler syndrome (I used to be called Meil's disease).

The clinical characteristics of this disease are: occasional dizziness, easy to attack, vertigo, patients will spend the four weeks of objects, as if there is a feeling of rotation on the car boat, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, head fainting, activity Leading the degree of vertigo vomiting.

So, when the episode, the patient often closes the eyes, not daughters, some patients will feel the feeling of clogging and oppression in the ear, or with eye tremor.

Western medicine believes that this disease is increasing inner ear orthopedic fluid, and the earlock dizziness caused by rising pressure.

According to Zhang Zhongjing, "Golden Chambers", "Spirit", is the meaning of nausea and vomiting, and the sputum is a disease that is vertigo and nausea and vomiting.

Zhang Zhongjing believes that "the heart has a drink", this is very similar to Menieler's syndrome, and the understanding of modern medicine on the Meidie syndrome, it is believed that this disease is produced in the inner ear. The "Alisma Soup" treatment in "Golden Chambers" has been used to achieve a good clinical efficacy.

The composition of the Alisma Soup is two flavors - Alisma and Atractylodes. Alisma, "Shen Nong Herb" recorded its effect is "The main wind is cold and humidity, dissociation"; Atractylodes, Jin Dynasty doctor Tao Hongjing said that it is called "Music Water, Feeds in Shui Shui Shu" ", And call it" warm stomach and gum ". The two flavors are combined, and the Yusi is very small, and the water is mainly drinking in the diarrhea. It can also go to the water to accumulate the standard, and it can be spleen. Although the medicinal flavor is rapid.

I have treated a surnamed female patient, 43 years old, suffering from Meni's syndrome more than three years, this time, due to the fattening of disease, consciously turning, nausea and vomiting, can not eat, water intake is spit. Close eyes and static casual moves slightly, and there is an exacerbation.

The head is stunned, the voice is low, she ran to the door and vomiting twice during the treatment, the vomit is a water sample, and the self-report has not been eaten in the day. It is still a pan and polish, pale pavement. .

I use the "Drinking the Inner Ear" ideas, with Zsomi Soup: 30 grams of Alisma, 45 grams of fried atractylodes. Use a bowl of water, concentrate into a half bowl, warm suit.

And the patient, don't drink it, drink a bite, first, for about 5 minutes, if there is nothing, drink a bite, so slowly to drink this half a bowl of medicine.

The patient didn't spit, gradually asleep, until the next day, wake up, wake up, the disease is ill, after adjusting the spleen wet medicine for two days, the body is full, and there is no recurrence.