Go to the supermarket to buy, these 4 kinds of less, don't have nutritious and waste money, the shopping guide is rare!

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Go to the supermarket to buy, these 4 kinds of less, don't have nutritious and waste money, the shopping guide is rare!

2022-01-18 12:09:36 43 ℃

Chinese people like to eat noodles, especially in the north, fried soy sauce, beef noodles, onion oil noodles, knife noodles ... every day is not too much. And the hangs, but also the main foods that are standing in many families, which is not only easy to store, the price is cheap, and there is not much cooking skills, a pot of water, a side, an egg, three or two vegetables, you can Available ~

Nowadays, the types of hanging faces are also rich. Some people will take them directly when they purchase; some people will choose egg noodles, vegetable noodles, children's nutritional noodles and other nutrients; others choose high quality, Think of the quality is more secure ...

However, today's national medical master should tell you that there is no "small secret" hidden in the hidden face, maybe it is spent!


Buy a noodles, you have to look at both


See "sodium" quantity

In addition to the production date and shelf life, the sodium content is also important in addition to the production date and shelf life. When you use it, we will all get salt, but in fact, many sodium-containing amounts of sodium are not low!

The hair is added to the production process (sodium chloride), one hand, in order to make the noodle easier storage, it is white, and on the other hand, it is also conducive to shorten the cooking time.

That is to say, when the noodle is cooked, even a spoonful of salt is not placed, you are also ingesting salt, adding salt, soy sauce, sauce, chili sauce, etc., it is easy to make you a day's salt intake Extra-standard (per person per day, salt intake is not more than 6 grams)!

For example, the sodium content in a noodle is 700mg / 100g, and a bowl of noodles have a bowl of noodles, that is, 1.75 grams of salt (400 mg sodium = 1G salt) in a bowl surface, this content has reached a day. The desired salt content is required! If you add a variety of condiments, the amount of salt in one day is easy to exceed.

Long-term salt intake, not only increases high blood pressure, osteoporosis, will also increase the burden of heart, kidney, cardiovascular.

Therefore, it is preferred to choose a sodium noodle surface (sodium content) or low sodium-hidden surface (sodium element content of 500 mg / 100 g).


Two sodium sodium carbonate is also sodium bicarbonate

Usually the ingredients of the noodles are simple, that is, flour, water and salt, and some hanging surfaces will be added "sodium carbonate."

Sodium carbonate also called edible base or soda, many people will confuse it and small soda, in fact, both of them are not the same.

Compared to small soda (sodium bicarbonate), sodium carbonate is higher, and excessive intake will damage the acid-base balance of gastric juice, which may cause indigestion, etc., especially patients with gastric disease, will make discomfort symptoms Increasing. Therefore, there is no need to recommend a noodle surface with sodium carbonate.


Egg noodles, vegetable noodles, miscellaneous faces ...

Which is better?

Many people prefer to buy a variety of "fancy hanging noodles" than ordinary noodles, such as chicken egg noodles, vegetable noodles, miscellaneous tops, think they are more nutritious, or healthier, but the facts are true Is this?


Eggs are not necessarily eggs, and there may be no vegetables in vegetables.

Many eggs are added to eggs, but the whole egg powder. Because if you use fresh eggs, the process requires strict, and it is possible to produce odors and volatile.

Chicken full-egg powder is a dry egg product made from a series of steps that have been separated, filtered, homogeneous, sterilized, dry ... and other processes. If the operation is not rigorous, during the production process, the nutrients of fresh eggs will actually lose.

Not only that, the amount of egg powder in the hood is quite small, generally only 0.5% to 5%.

At this point, it is necessary to think that "why is it called the egg noodle, this is not a deceive consumer?" In fact, the country has no relevant production standards for the product of egg noodles. Eggs are added to eggs or eggs, and plus plus less, they are determined by the enterprise.

So don't want to use the eggs to add nourishment, I want to eat healthier, not as good as cooking, add an egg alone.

Similarly, like a variety of vegetables, such as the spinach surface may be a spinach powder; carrot noodles may be carrot powder ... The amount of add is limited, the nutrients are relatively low, if you want to eat vegetable noodles to supplement vitamins It is better to add some vegetables.


Miscellaneous grains, it is not necessarily "true and miscellaneous"

Nowadays, there are more and more health workers, and thus like buckwheat noodles, oat noodles, mung bean noodles, corn, and other miscellaneous tops. In contrast, they have low sugar sugar index, low fat content, and high food fiber.

However, these miscellaneous tops have the case of nutritional value, and the key to the material ratio and process.

At a look, is it the first place in the ingredient table

In the ingredient table, the more the position is often, the higher the content, so when buying a heterocenary, the ingredients are best first, and the higher the proportion, the better, preferably above 50%.

I have a "fine" word before the thick grain powder.

We have been saying that many rice are "refined" work, even if it is coarse grain, after fine grinding, it will also lose the nutrient elements and minerals, and the ordinary white surface is different, such as: Fine buckwheat powder, etc.


Nutrition and strengthening, according to demand

Some nutrient-enhanced noodles are nutrients such as iodine, iron and zinc in the production process. This type of hanging is generally specifically added, and can be purchased according to its own situation.

However, consumers in general diet and nutrition basic balanced consumers are not necessary to choose such hanging surfaces, usually balance the diet. 4

Noodle practice

Many people are not as good as eating, eat and eat, and eat face only with chopped green onion, sesame oil, such as breakfast, eat a bowl of onion. This is actually unreasonable ~ people who will live, even if it is just a bowl, there is a simple nutritional match.

With 150 ~ 200 grams of vegetables: like spinach, oil wheat, lettuce.

Women can match 30 grams of meat, men can match 50 grams of meat, preferred fish and shrimp seafood, red-lean meat; or add eggs.

With 10-15 grams of bean dry, bean skin and other soy products.

It is also possible to add the above-mentioned ingredients when it is not cooked, and the other individual with a few dishes, as in the same time, only the staple food is replaced with noodles.

No negligible hood storage

1. Improper preservation of the noodles will deteriorate, so that even if the special activity does not purchase too much, its storage time is not too long (refer to the storage conditions on the package).

2, buy a small package, it is best not to keep the time after opening the time, avoid oxidation, and then tight the bag after each time you finish it.

3. The big packaging is a good choice for a small package.

4. Sealed containers that are suitable for the long shortline of the hair surface are more conducive to the storage of the plastic bag and paper packaging.