What are the similarities between 1 mysterious germs and new crown viruses every 2 people?

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What are the similarities between 1 mysterious germs and new crown viruses every 2 people?

2022-01-18 12:10:22 49 ℃

Every time you see the virus spread data

All tightly involved in the heart of Xiao Tian

New crown this disgusting virus

It seems to be in the world we live

It has become a "resident virus"

What kind of "virus jig" is this

Smell the wind!

Savage new crown

Novel coronary virus pneumonia is an acute infective pneumonia

Its pathogen is a new type of coronavirus that has been previously found in humans.

New crown viruses can constantly adapt to hosts during replication



Novel coronavirus pneumonia is an acute infectious pneumonia, and its pathogen is a new coronavirus previously discovered in humans. The World Health Organization is named "2019 Coronary Virus".



Delta is a new crown virus variant strain. In October, 2020, in October, India, the communication rate increased by nearly 100%, which was doubled.



And the new "poison king" Otki is coming, than Delta poison, more contagious, can bypass part of the immune system, earliest in the southern African countries, let the world sound alarm again.

Some people have done a metaphor - "Okeki variant, has become a mother, it doesn't know, it and Delta gap, and Delta is as big as the original virus, even more"!

New crown virus is very high

Many patients are infected without knowing

That has a pathogenic infectious

There is one person infected every two people.

In CCTV and major official media platforms

Everything is reported to this

It is Helicobacter pylori

Pathogenic factor related to numerous gastrointestinal diseases

"Nethong" that is a gastric disease

"Net Red Bacteria" Helicobacter


It is a loyal younger of the big devil.

Is Class I caused carcinogenic factor!



This is a kind of bacteria, a stubborn bacteria, potential carcinogene, the largest bacteria - Helicobacterium, referred to as HP, is the human gastrointestinal gratitude! It can grow in the high gastrointestinal environment, and it is slightly destroyed in the stomach in the stomach.

New crown virus and Helicobacter pylori

Strong and our total survival

Their propagation method is still similar to

Let's take a look together

New crown virus spread

By propagating via respiratory foile, direct contact with the nasal mucosal secretions, saliva, sputum, etc. of the infected person, or indirect contact with the contaminated towels, bedding, bin, and teacups, etc., can also be infected.

Helicobacter pylori propagation pathway

By the exit pathway, the oral pathway is spread. Eat together, kiss, use unclean tableware, maternal and child spread, saliva spread, etc. It is possible to infect Helicobacter pylori.

Little friends in life on weekdays

Be sure to pay attention to protection

Timely blocking of all virus pathogens

Once infected

Will bring serious harm to the body ...

New crown virus infection symptoms

Fever, fatigue, dry cough, gradually breathing difficult; some patients have a slight symptoms, and even have no obvious heat.

Severe symptoms are: acute respiratory distress syndrome, sepsis shock, difficult to correct metabolic acid poisoning, excising dysfunction.

Helicobacter pylori infection symptoms

1. The upper abdomen is discomfort, fullness, pain (general pain is not regular);

2. It will feel full of abdominal flus.

3. 嗳气, nausea, vomiting;

4. 异 异, bad breath;

5. Unregistered in the stool, constipation, diarrhea, or constipation and diarrhea alternate;

6. As the disease progresses, transform chronic gastritis, digestive ulcers, gastric adenocarcinoma, etc.

"Virus Jun" and "Net Bacteria"

Their destructive power cannot be underestimated

But with the advancement of medical technology in my country

Virus pathogen detection equipment is also fully upgraded

Acquisition of risks

Individualized diagnosis

New crown virus detection method

At present, the detection method of new coronaviruses is mainly concentrated in nucleic acids and antibody detection. Nucleic acid detection is the "gold standard" of new coronavirus detection, has an early diagnosis, sensitivity and specificity of high; antibody detection as a supplementary means of nucleic acid detection, has convenient operation and quick detection.

Helicobacter pylori detection method

There are many ways to detect Helicobacterium, exhaled test, blood test, HP test strip test, clinically we recommend exhalation test to detect Helicobacter pylori infection, no pain, non-invasive, fast and simple, no cross-infection advantage.

See here

Dear friends

It should be known that two viral pathogens

Strong and similar

In fact, new crown virus and Helicobacter pylori

Effective control can be obtained as long as the prevention method is proper

About detection fees

New crown nucleic acid test costs 39 yuan (our hospital is not open)

Helicobacterium pylori carbon 13 exhaled test original price 468 yuan, activity price of 98 yuan

(Project includes: C13 exhalation capsule drug, C13 exhalation test, report interpretation)

(Health care action is in progress ...)



Love yourself to love your family

Wish everyone

Health and health, good year!

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