Give menopause women's "intimate side"!Governing your face is hot, tinnitus tired, irritability

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Give menopause women's "intimate side"!Governing your face is hot, tinnitus tired, irritability

2022-01-18 18:06:34 46 ℃

I often say that women are not easy in this life.

The most dirty, it is that they are more than men, namely menopause.

Some people say that men have menopause! This is the truth. But you remember that changes in men's menopause, fluctuations, far from women.

In this regard, the woman deserves the care and sympathy of the whole society.

Here, I want to tell you a simple little doctor.

It is said that there is such a woman, the age of 47, and a small boss who operates in a certain body.

What is her problem? It is a recent time, and the face often feels heat, especially in the episode, accompanied by the month advance. The quality of sleep at night is not good, sore, fatigue, and occasionally. Sleeping until half-night, she will feel tinnitus. When she returned home, she first took a pot of cold water and put their feet in and it would feel much better. Otherwise, the two feet feel the fire.

She knows that she may go to the top year. Talking to husband and child, not having a few words. In this regard, the family also feels quite helpless. Even opportunities, husbands live in the hotel, don't go home.

Speaking here, the woman tears sad.

I looked carefully and found that the tongue red moss, or the basic no moss, the pulse is omitted.

I asked, your blood pressure is high? Does the eye have a symptom of a white eye? She said that blood pressure rarely measured, so I don't know much. But the eyes look at what is really no longer than before, and at night, I feel that I feel the hair, watching some materials during the day, watching it will serial.

I listen, I understand in my heart. I am thinking about three, I wrote a compatibility -

15 grams of sand ginseng, rehmannia, yam, scorpion, female lingeruat, mulberry, cyprogen, night bians, 2 grams of stone decimal, ink drought, Xia Blood, pearl mother each. One dose, Shuijianbi.

I told her that your problem is the liver and kidney yin. This is a common problem in middle-aged women, which is the stage that must be passed in a lifetime. Any method can only help you temporarily ease. The real savior is yourself. You have to adjust your mindset in the future, don't go through, don't think about how to get rid of discomfort as soon as possible. Your calm down is the fundamental to solve all problems.

The patient listened, I feel reasonable, promise to go back and do it.

As a result, 4 doses of medicines, feedback said that the quality of sleep at night, and the imagining phenomenon during the day was alleviated.

Later, the intermittent renewal was used for a month, and the whole person was self-propped, and I would like to thank me.

In fact, I know yourself, this doesn't need to thank you. Anyone who has learned Chinese medicine, if even this menopausal syndrome is not numb, it should be too bad.

I said the intent here.

You remember that women are as hepatum blood in this life. Women are bleeding in half a lifetime. In the next year, the kidney is insufficient, the fine is not blood, plus long-term blood loss, so it is easy to liver blood deficiency. At the same time, the woman's nephrodine, and it is also quickly deficient in menopause. Then lead to a situation called liver and kidney yin.

The blood of the liver is insufficient, she will insomnia, dreams, irritability, limb numbness, dizziness, blurred vision, is not as vision. Insufficient kidney is insufficient, she will tinnitus, upset, palpitations, forgetful, hands and foot fever, waist and knees. Yinqi life, she will be baked on her face.

What should I do at this time? My claim is to nourish the liver and kidney. At the same time, peace of mind, latent the liver yang. I have written in front of my compatibility, sand ginseng, rehmannia, yam, medlar, female, mulberry, can nourish the liver and kidney. Baizi, night, 藤, can help sleep. Stone, drought lotus, summer obscener, pearl mother can clear the blood, and the liver and Yangyang. This is the basic intention.

I personally feel that this is used to treat the menopause of female menopause, and the "intimate" square of the liver and kidney yin deficiency is. It seized some physiological features of women at this time.

This experience, I wrote it, share it with someone. I want to see the friends, I can collect it in the dialectical guidance of Chinese medicine in the future. If you can bring some help to your life, it is my greatest honor.

At the same time, I also want to say to the family of female friends, when the woman is menopause, I will hang two in the two troubles, and I am definitely unstable. At this time, care is more important than anything. At this time, if you are talking to her, I will not be a big problem. Because some diseases are, women fall in the menopause. The year is unstable, and the second half is too unstable.

All right. Just say so much.

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