Did you reach 4 standards to normal menstruation?

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Did you reach 4 standards to normal menstruation?

2022-01-18 18:06:23 52 ℃

Author: Yu Qi (Beijing Union Hospital)

About menstruation, we will have heard a lot of names, such as strengthen blood, uterine bleeding, more menstrual period, menstrual abnormalities. In order to facilitate communication, it is conducive to standardization, and the current international recommendation is unified to use the concept of "abnormal uterus bleeding".

What does an abnormal uterine bleeding mean? When it comes to "abnormal", we must first know what "normal menstruation" is.

1. Normal menstruation needs to meet the following four basic features

Cycle: 21 ~ 35 days. That is, since the first day of menstruation, the next time the next time the first day of menstruation. The "menstrual period of the menstruation in the doctor is the first day of the menstrual period, or the first day of the day.

Fessment: 2 to 7 days. That is, the number of days after menstrual blood.

Planted: 5 ~ 80 ml. That is, the total amount of blood loss of menstrual period.

Menship regularity: adjacent two menstrual cycle changes within 7 days, and there is no bleeding during the non-interval.

We usually say "Menstruation Disorders" refers to the loss of menstrual period, and the neighboring menstrual cycle has changed more than 7 days.

2. So what is an abnormal uterine bleeding?

If it is breeding age, non-pregnant women (women do not include women before youth development and postmenopausal bleeding) are all any of the four basic elements of the normal menstruation, and blood is from intrauterine, all of which belong to abnormal uterine bleeding . include:

Cycle is abnormal: Frequent menstruation <21 days; menstruation rare, 35 days;

Abnormal menstrual period: Extension of the menstrual period> 7 days; during the shortening of the menstrual period <2 days;

Abnormal weight: more menstruation> 80 ml; less menstruation <5 ml.

If you have an abnormal monthly basis, you need to find a doctor's help, and the menstrual volume is very difficult to judge. International Defining Monthly Survey> 5 ml is a normal menstrual quantity, which means that there is no need to worry too much about less monthly. As for many months, there are not many months, usually the patient "calculated by themselves", that is, if you feel more, affect your life, that is much. For the main concern for abnormal uterine bleeding, the menstrual amount and frequent menstruation are all two categories.

3. What are the causes of abnormal uterine bleeding?

Doctors often mention the inter-period bleeding, breakthrough bleeding, bleeding, bit blood bleeding, what does it mean?

Inter-period bleeding: has a normal menstrual cycle (21 to 35 days), random or fixed time during menstrual cycle.

Break through bleeding: If you use female, progesterone, compound short-term oral contraceptives, etc., the doctor will choose to stop the drug according to the patient's situation. After the drug is stopped, the drug retreat will occur within two weeks. . The blood that did not stop the drug during the drug was called a breakthrough bleeding.

Bleeding: The amount of bleeding has arrived in need to use the degree of sanitary napkin.

Point bleeding: The amount of bleeding does not require sanitary napkins, only the degree of pad, described as a bit bleeding.

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