Qi is a woman's life, and the moxibustion is a big qi and blood, insist that younger 10 years old!

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Qi is a woman's life, and the moxibustion is a big qi and blood, insist that younger 10 years old!

2022-01-18 18:05:04 35 ℃

First, blood, the root of women

Chinese medicine has a sentence called, "men's cultivation, women's blood".

Women should want to be old, want youth to stand, you must raise blood, blood is a woman's root

Those women who look not old, must definitely be full of blood.

But more women, blood is withered, because women have too much place to breathe.

After pregnancy, the baby is tall night, insomnia, sulking, and is getting angry.

Once the woman is qi and blood, people will soon be embarrassed, aging, all day without fine, the hair is a lot of stains, spots, gynecological diseases.

Second, the two performances of qi and blood

There are a lot of performances in the woman's blood, today we only say two very simple, everyone can self-examination.

Look at big fish

Extend your palm, touch the meat of big fish.

Is it sagar? Is it full? Is it elastic?

The more the recess is more dry, the more severe the blood deficiency.

See the color

As the saying goes, "people are old and yellow", the normal eyes should be clear and translucent, if it is white, yellow, there is blood, it is definitely qi and blood.

Third, these habits, big gas

Modern people have little qi and inert, because there is too much place to consumption, especially the following habits:

1, stay up late

In the Chinese medicine theory, the night is Yin, the day is Yang. The blood is Yin, and it is also a time to nourish blood at night, and the best way to nourish blood is to sleep early.

So the staying up late is very angry and blood, and it's a sick.

2, pursuit of stimulation

Modern people like to pursue stimulus, let them live a short excitement, such as sitting on the mountain car, bungee, including stir-fry stock, playing games, etc.

But everyone doesn't know that excitement is that blood is consumed, even in advance.

Just like those Japanese people, the salary has been used in a few days, and it is very excited when used, but the days behind it is difficult.

3, emotional consumption

Chinese medicine believes that emotions are consumed to have a lot of blood in human body.

Especially exciting emotions, anger, excitement, troubles, envy and hate, etc., will accelerate the consumption of blood.

So we have to cultivate, let yourself stay away from unnecessary emotional consumption.

4, overnutrition

Honestly, many modern people have more nutritious, many family life improvement, no matter whether the old man is still a child, there is a tonic.

But no one thinks, absorb nutrients need to consume blood, especially when you have already nutrition, you have no difference in tonic and junk food.

Even if you want to make up, you should learn from the Chinese medicine, first adjust the cycle, the yin and yang is balanced, and the circulation is smooth, and nutrients can absorb smoothly.

Fourth, moxibustion

"Certified Standard" said: "The spleen and stomach, the father of blood, also".

Modern people make up blood, how is it eaten, the first thing is to ensure that they have a good spleen and stomach.

The spleen and stomach is the top day, the source of blood and blood, the spleen and stomach function can be strengthened into the intake of water valley into qi and blood, the human body is born with a gas-blooded liquid, and the gas-free liquid is refined.

The medium is falling into the blood, and the blood is losing, and it is possible to use moxibustion and spleen and stomach, make up the gas, and can effectively raise the blood.

In terms of acupuncture, the focus is in the middle, Guanyuan and Zusanli, each acupoint time can be controlled for about 30 minutes, with the prolonged moxibustion time, and then consider whether to add acupuncture points or extend the time. There is time you can also moxibustion, because Bai will be added, enhance the human spleen and stomach function.

In this way, in this way, when you feel that you have a spirit, that is, the blood is enhanced in the body.

In addition to everyone who is familiar with, there is also a very effective spleen and stomach strong and universal intersection - Gongsun points, and the moxibustion can be greatly qi blood, which is not old.

Five, eat one thing, big qi blood

In Chinese medicine, there is a kind of baby, specializing in women, can still raise the menstrual blood! This is a flower dress!

The peanat is known as the king of blood, which can supplement the blood of the years, and raise the vulnerable internal organs.

Including people's hair loss, white hair, can also eat flower boy, people who have just finished surgery, TCM will recommend eating some peanats, because it is blood, the effect is good.

So when everyone peels, don't throw the peanats, it is best to cook the peeling peanuts to cook for 1-2 hours, easy to absorb.